Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to Shreya and her fans! :)

Hello friends.Wishing Shreya di and all her fans a very Happy New Year

May this year brings lot of happiness, success and good health in everyone’s life

God Bless u all

And yes, I have not posted the reviews of many recent songs because of my final exams. I need to write good reviews which needs time.I am tweeting in the fanclub though. So, please cooperate guys :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shreya's recent interview at Radio City Studio!

Shreya was recently interviewed at Radio City Musical-e-azam.. She sings her various songs like Urzu Urzu Durukut, Chori Kiya Re Jiya and some oldies like Bahon Mein Chale Aa!! Here is the video!!

Sanju Weds Geetha (Kannada)

Finally, the most awaited post is here! I know I am late in posting but you all know the reason! Anyway, lets leave all that and come to the point!

Shreya has three beautiful solos in an upcoming Kannada Movie "Sanju Weds Geetha". Getting three solos by Shreya in one single movie is an rare opportunity for fans. Music has been composed by Jassie Gift. Lets come to the songs now!

The first track is titled "Gaganave Baagi". The track runs for 4 minutes 43 seconds. It starts with a beautiful alaap sung by Shreya, followed by a nice harmony. Shreya starts with the song and the moment I heard the first line of this track, I just fell for it! Believe me! Its so well composed and ofcourse sung by Our Nightingale. These type of tracks are rarely made. The beats, the instrumentation are so rare and beautiful! The tune which plays at the background starting from 0:57 just takes my heart away! Its one of the major beauties of the track. The interlude is beautifully composed , supported by santoor. The antaras are so beautiful and pure. The instrumentation, composition, singing of course is just AMAZING! I don't have words to express my feelings about this song. If any music lover miss this song, then he is in a big loss!!

Coming to the second track, its titled Omme Baaro which is a 4 minutes 50 seconds track. Just like the previous track, I fell for this track as well. The track starts with a haunting tune played on synthesizer, followed by a beautiful piece played on violin. Shreya starts with the song, supported by light western beats in the background. The saxophone in the background sounds amazing and adds Midas touch! The beats at the background changes in the antara and the way Shreya has rendered each and every word of this antara is totally mesmerizing. The antara ends with a beautiful alaap which takes my breath away Hats off to Shreya!! The more I hear this song, more addictive I become! I am so happy that Kannada Music Industry has such great composers. Hats off!!

Last track is the title track titled "Sanju Matthu Geetha". Its a solo but it also has a duet version in which one antara has been taken from the solo. So, better we talk about the solo! It runs for 4 minutes 39 seconds. The moment I heard this track, I was taken into a new dreamland. The song is so lovely, dreamy and beautiful. I don't have adjectives to describe the songs of this movie. Shreya has completely rocked the song as usual. The first interlude has a beautiful tune played on flute, followed by a well composed antara. Just like the above two songs, this song is also an masterpiece. Hear them to know what I actually mean!!

I am so addictive these songs. All the three songs are masterpieces. Those who have not heard, for God's sake, please listen them otherwise you gotta miss something big!!

Hats off to Shreya and the composer!! :)

ps: I request Kiran Raj to please post the lyrics and translation as comments.

You Are My Love - Kellafateh (Bangla)

Hello friends. I am back with a new post. Its for another Bangla track. The track is titled "You are my love" from the movie "Kellafateh". Its sung by Shreya and some chorus singer (don't know his name). Music is by Jeet Ganguly again!

The track runs for 4 minutes 47 seconds. Its a nice melody with a slight western touch at places (I am talking about the male singing here). It starts with a soothing sound made by bells, followed by the lines by the chorus singer! Shreya starts at 0:51 with her soothing voice. The English lines by the other singer adds a new touch to the song. The interlude before the first antara is very sweet. The background music in the antaras are very impressive and do I need to say that I am spellbound by Shreya's singing? Her voice, emotions makes this song more lively.

Overall, a very nice romantic track! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Mon Pakhi (Bangla)

I am back with new posts. This time, I am going to talk about Shreya’s new Bangla track. Its titled “O Mon Pakhi”. Its from the movie “ “Mon Je Kore Uru Uru”. Music has been composed by Jeet Ganguly.

Shreya has sung this song with Soham (who also sang Pal Mein Hi with her) and Rana Mazumdar. The track runs for 4 minutes 13 seconds. Its a romantic track. It starts with a beautiful interlude and Soham starts with the song first. The mukhda is supported by light instruments like guitar. One of the major parts of the song is the line "Haye Rabba" which gets repeated in the song many times. Shreya starts singing from the first antara with her soulful voice. Shreya starts with a beautiful sargam and she sings the further lines according to the same sargam. Rana's line are impressive as well. Its a very sweet Bangla number. Hope you all will like it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Isi Life Mein

Isi Life Mein comes from Rajshri Productions House!! It has four songs by Shreya. Music has been composed by Meet Bros Anjan Ankit. Shreya has sung four songs in it. Lets come to the songs!

The first song is Ramji 24*7 sung by Shreya, Kavita Seth & Debojit. It runs for 4 minutes 15 seconds. Its a very different type of song which I have never heard before. It starts with chorus singing by kids, followed by Shreya's cute humming. Kavita Seth starts with the song and the way Shreya sings "nai nai nai.. " is very very sweet, specially the one after "Pizza ka swad bhula dena". I guess this is a song made for kids. Its a nice celebration track. There are very cute hummings like "oye hoye" by Shreya in between. Both the antaras are sung by Shreya with some support by Kavita and Debojit.

Next song is an romantic track titled "Tere Pyaar Mein". Shreya has sung this song with Kunal Ganjawala. It runs for 7 minutes approximately. Its an amazing romantic track with full of emotions and feelings. The first interlude continues for a minute and Shreya starts the song with her angelic voice. The first line itself is very soothing. The line "main khili...tere pyaar mein" gives me goosebumps. The background music is also superb! Kunal has given good support. Interludes between antaras are very nice. The lyrics are nice as well. Instrumentation is very soulful. Shreya has completely rocked the song!!

The other two songs are Isi Umar Mein and Lol (Live Out Loud). Shreya hardly has two lines in both the songs.So, I wont talk about those songs but still, both the songs are peppy!!

ps: Posts about Sanju Weds Geetha and 2 bangla tracks coming in few hours!!

Tees Maar Khan

As I announced on Twitter and Facebook, I was having some problem with font of the blog. So , it was another reason for not posting before! Finally, its resolved and I am relieved!

So, let me start with the review of Shreya’s songs from Tees Maar Khan which is making waves among everyone. Music has been composed by Vishal - Shekhar. Shreya has two songs in this movie… one being a qawwali and other is a duet with Sukhwinder Singh. Lets discuss about the qawwali first!

The qawwali is titled “Wallah Re Wallah”. Its sung by Shreya, Kamal Khan, Shekhar and Raja Hassan. It runs for 5 and 5 minutes 30 seconds. As I had already guessed, Shreya has less lines in the song as there are many singers.Its a male dominated song. Shreya comes in the last antara. So, I'll say just a few words. Vishal - Shekhar has done a nice job but they use a lot of technology and that sounds quite artificial. I don't know if many people agree with me but sometimes, I feel that. Shreya has done a mindblowing job with her lines at the end. Her lines are an great addition to the song! Versatile Shreya can sing anything!

Next song is Bade Dilwala sung by Shreya & Sukhwinder. Its a peppy song with funny lyrics. Thankfully, Shreya has more lines to sing here. Shreya sounds totally amazing here. The way she gives her own touch in this peppy song is amazing. The last antara is sung by Shreya. The lyrics are "volume dhadkan ka badne laga hai..fever sa jaise chadne laga hai...." Funny song with amazing rendition by Shreya and the male singer as well!!

Aadha Ishq - Band Baaja Baraat

Its been a long time that I posted something in the blog .Well, my final exams are dancing on my head and as I always say, I do not just want to write the should come from the heart. So, here I go!

I am going to write about Shreya’s new Hindi song “Aadha Ishq” from Yashraj Film’s “Band Baaja Baraat” . The song is a solo which is composed by Salim – Sulaiman.. The track runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds. It starts with an outstanding compilation of harmony between Shreya and a chorus singer, followed by another harmony having Salim – Sulaiman stamp!! The moment you hear the song, you will get to know that its composed by Salim – Sulaiman. The track is very fresh, emotional with a romantic feel to it. Shreya’s angelic touch adds more outstanding touch to the song. The track is all about love, romance and usual Yashraj films touch. The thing which I like about this duo (composers) that the mix up western and Indian classical touch amazingly! You will get to know that after you hear this track. The antaras are fabulously sung by Shreya (needless to say). I like the way Shreya has modulated her voice in this song by giving a western as well as Indian touch to the song. The good thing is that the song is promoted quite well and if the movie does well at the box office, then who knows the song may get nominated in the upcoming awards ceremonies!! Fingers crossed!!

Shreya is the best and makes her fans proud always! :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aromale from Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya (Officially Released)

Shreya ‘s track from Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya was officially released recently. Small trailers of this song kept coming day by day but finally, the full version has been released!! The song only has beautiful alaaps. The way Shreya takes harkats in every bit is soo amazing!! I bow to you Shreya!! Way to go!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Met My God - 3

It was 26th October, 8pm and I was simple chatting with one of my friends and he suddenly told that Shreya is coming to perform near his place (Noida) and I didn’t believe him. I thought he must be kidding with me. But things were completely different. After he told me many times, I actually believed him and sent an sms to Shreya’s mother regarding this and I got a reply from her after 1 hour that “Yes, we are here”. And I was completely shattered because just one day ago, I had tweeted Shreya to come to Delhi. Shreya’s mother told me that she completely forgot to inform me about this as she was very busy and I was in tears. I was not able to talk to anyone. I was totally broken and I thought that I keep informing others about Shreya’s concerts near their place but when it was my turn, I wasn’t aware of it! Reason is that there was no news related to this concert at all and even Shreya didn’t tweet much before that day. But I had full trust on Lord Shiva and Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and I kept praying with tears in my eyes while sleeping and suddenly I got an sms “U can meet”. I didn’t even ask her to meet and she herself sent that sms to me.I was completely overjoyed and called her. She told me the hotel’s name but that was 2 hours far from my house and if I had gone there, then it would have been midnight and there could be a possibility of Shreya resting at her room. So, I asked her mother if I could meet her at the airport and she had no problems in it. She gave me the time of the flight (10am) and I reached there at 8:30am and Shreya was there after 15 minutes. Now, the conversation follows:

Shreya: Hey..How r u? (while hugging me for the first time. My God hugged me for the first time.)

(*Thank God I didn’t cry this time!! ;) )

Me: Howz your foot now?

Shreya: Aah, Its better now.

(Then I gave her the chocolates which I had got in hurry the day before the meet as all the shops were closed at that time. Shreya had some talk with my father..We clicked some snaps)

Me: I keep telling people about your concerts but I didn’t know when you were coming here :(

Shreya’s mother: Ya, Nishant ko to sabse pehle pata chalta hai :P

Shreya: Hahahaha..Ya, I keep tweeting but I didn’t update about it.

(Then I asked Shreya for the autograph)

Shreya: Arre, tumhare paas to ek hai na already.. ab ek aur? (while laughing)

(She gave me her 2nd autograph and she had written that “So, we meet again and its always nice to see u Nishant….Lots of Love – Shreya” )

Shreya: Ab mere sign acche nahi hote to main saath mein naam bhi likh deti hoon ;) (while kidding)

(I was totally dumb.I didn’t know what to say.Before meeting Shreya, I always keep hundereds of questions in my mind but I go blank after I meet her)

Shreya: So…acche se padai karo..

Me: Yes didi :)

Finally, it was the time for her to leave but she turned back again and said to my father, “Uncle, Nishant ko zara daant ke rakho..Twitter pe bahut time nikalta hai” ;) (She said this jokingly). And finally she left.

Finally, I thank my Lord Shiva, Guruji, my parents and everyone who keep blessing me :). Thank u loads people..Plz pray that you get to read the Part 4 very soon ;).. Hope you like this article.

pps: Today, I met my spiritual Guru “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”. He had come for some event and there was so much of queue but he held my hand and took me in and we had a talk for 5 minutes.I am thrilled. No one can harm me now. I want to say to all of you that u must have full faith on God. Then, no one can harm you and you will always succeed :)

Yedi Kallachi (Tamil)

Next post is about Shreya’s new Tamil song from the movie “Thenmereku Paruvakaatru”. Music has been composed by “NR Rahnanthan”. Shreya has sung a duet with Vijay Prakash.

The song is titled “Yedi Kallachi”. It runs for 5 minutes. The song seems to be a traditional south Indian song. The track has that village type feel of South India (just guessing). Vijay Prakash starts with the song first. Instruments like Violin has been used in the song. Shreya starts with the song from first antara with her mesmerizing voice. I am addicted to this track and liked it in first hearing itself. Shreya has changed her tone of pronunciation to suit the theme of the song. Shreya’s humming before the last antara is very very sweet. It just takes you to another world. Its one of the most finest Tamil songs of Shreya. Hats off!!

Tu Hi Tu Hai - Ramayana

This is the post regarding Shreya’s new duet song in an upcoming animated movie “Ramayana – The Epic”. The song is titled “Tu Hi Tu Hai”. Music by “Shaarang Dev Pandit”. It’s a duet by Shreya and KK.

The song runs for 6 minutes 47 seconds. It’s a very sweet romantic songs with nice rhyming lyrics. The starting interlude continues for oen and a half minutes approximately. Shreya sounds sweet as usual. The nice thing about the song is that lyrics are simple, yet very impressive. Many “shudh hindi words’” are used which we rarely get to hear these days. The song runs very smoothly with a “feel good” effect. The antaras are very sweet supported by Tabla. I just love when Shreya sings “sundar chavi hridaya basi..darpan hua rom rom dekhoon bas tujhe”. Whenever I hear this song, I get a big smile on my face which every Shreya song brings on my face anyway ;).

Do not miss this song pals!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shreya wins "The Central European Bollywood Award"

As I told on Twitter, Shreya has won “The Bollywood European Bollywood Award” for Zoobi Doobi. This is her first award for this song.

Hearty Congratulations to Shreya :)

God Bless her always

ps: A very special post coming tomorrow..So, stay tuned!!

Live Again (Full song)

I posted the link of this amazing motivational song on Twitter when it thought of posting here as well..

Here it is:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

De De Thoda Sa Pyaar - Mallik Ek

Mallik Ek is an movie based on Sai Baba’s miracles and Shreya has sung a solo in it and you can always expect a devotional song in an movie like this but this is not the case here. The song sung by Shreya is a peppy number with a Maharashtrian flavor.The track runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds. Music has been composed by Anup Jalota. These type of songs are very very rarely made these days. Shreya, as usual rocks the song!!

I don't have much to say about this song.To be frank, I don't think they are going to promote the songs well!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Goddess Shreya Ghoshal talking about me!!

I just don’t know what to say. Some days ago, I heard from my friend Sehrinaz (who met her) that Shreya was telling nice things about me. Shreya said that “Nishant is a nice guy..he is like a leader” .I don’t have words to express my happiness. These words coming straight from my idol is more than a dream come true. Thank you so much Shreya di and all those who keep blessing me :)..I am truly touched and completely speechless!!. I already posted the video on Twitter before. Shreya starts talking about me around 0:25

Shreya wins "The Central European Bollywood Award"

As I already tweeted about it, Shreya has won The Central European Bollywood Award for Zoobi Doobi from 3 Idiots.

Hearty Congratulations to Shreya :)

God Bless her always!! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shreya talks about her first song with a band!

In this video, Shreya is talking about her new song with a band called “Agam”. The song is for a good cause. The song will release on 25th October.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Action Replayy

I am sure many readers would be waiting for this post. Well, yes, this post is indeed very special. Shreya has sung two solos in an upcoming movie “Action Replayy” starring Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar. Music has been composed by Pritam.

Firstly, lets talk about the song which is making waves around music lovers. Its titled “O Bekhabar”. It runs for 4 minutes 28 seconds. The song is already very well promoted. After seeing the picturization of the song, I got reminded of Wada Raha from Khakee, though this song doesn’t have any similarity with Wada Raha. It’s a very very beautiful track. The song has a lot of romance and happiness. Again, Shreya sounds angelic in the song. As we already know, her voice suits perfectly on Aishwarya Rai. It starts with Shreya singing the lines “O Bekhabar O Bekadar… “ followed by a mesmerizing tune played on santoor(hope I am correct). Shreya starts again at 0:47. I don’t have words to praise this track.Pure bliss has been poured into this song. Its very divine and beautiful. Its one of the best tracks of 2010. The lyrics are very well written by Irshad Kamil. Please please do not miss this track at any cost!! I really hope that Shreya gets lots of awards for this song next year.No siger could have done justice to the feel of this song other than Shreya.

Next and the last song is "Baaki Main Bhool Gayi". It has a retro kinda feel in it. Its a short track having duration of 3 minutes 43 seconds. Its a song in which the girl is explaining her condition after falling in love. It starts with a punjabi type music which contunues in the song till the end. Its a very unique song which I've never heard before. It also has a lot of 70s flavor and do I need to say anything about Shreya? She is rocking as usual. The antaras are very beautifully made. The way the ryhthm goes smoothly in the antara is very appealing but I don't understand why the same antara is repeated twice in the song.Overall, nice track!

Hats off to Shreya and Pritam for giving us O Bekhabar. Amazing!!

Lag Ja Gale - Hisss

Since last one and a half years, I was aware that Shreya has sung in Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss – The Nagin. As the title of the movie suggests, the movie is all about snakes. There has been many movies based on Nag and Nagin. Lets see what this song has in its kitty!!

Finally, the Shreya – Anu combo is back after the beautiful “Kyun from Kambakkht Ishq”.As the movie is about snakes, so the song would be composed accordingly. The song falls in the same category of the very famous nahin tracck "Main teri dushman". The track has a duration of 6 minutes and its a solo by Shreya with some chorus singing. The track starts with the same evergreen nagin tune supported by nagada and dholak. Shreya starts with the song at 0:54. It has a haunting feel to it. The feel in Shreya's voice is amazing. I won't say that the song has antaras, but it has many phases. The theme changes when the theme changes from a haunging track to a romantic track at 2:24 and this is my most favorite part of the song and then, the song comes back to its original level again. It has chorus singers reciting prayers in the second interlude. The tempo of the song increases at the end and the song is already promoted but not quite well. Hope the song gets its due.

ps: The song also has another version by Sunidhi Chauhan and I am sorry but I didn't like that version at all. Shreya's version is pure bliss!!

Neeyum Naanum - Mynaa (Tamil)

Finally, here comes a new Tamil track of Shreya. I think it’s the first time that I am continuously posting so many posts one after another. Anyway, coming back to the track, its titled “Neeyum Naanum” sung by Shreya and Benny Dayal. Music has been composed by D.Imman. Shreya earlier sang Unnaimathiri and Aaradi for D.Imman which will always be one of my favorite Tamil songs by her.

The track has a duration of approximtely 5 minutes. Its a very very beautiful melody and has a carnatic music flavor to it. Shreya sounds angelic as usual. The moment the interlude starts at 1:23, you know that its an D.Imman composition! Benny has done good job but his voice is quite harsh in some places. I liked the way Shreya sang small alaaps at the background when Benny ends the first stanza. The second interlude is unbeleivably brilliant.Its a perfect blend of carnatic and light western music. The second stanza starts after a beautiful flute piece. The ending of the song is brilliant, supported with shehnai and Shreya singhing alaap at the background. Every song which Shreya has sung for D.Imman is brilliant and unique in its own way!!

Dabi Dabi Khwahishein - Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun

Finally, I am writing about one of my recent favorite song of Shreya. Its from the movie “Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun”. Music has been composed by Nikhil.

The song is titled “Dabi Dabi Khwahishein”. It has three versions, one is a solo, other is a duet and third one is sung by three singers which involve Shreya, Shaan & Farhad Bhiwandiwala. So, better we talk about the solo because in the other two versions, Shreya’s lines from the solo have just been dragged and dropped!

The track runs for 6 minutes 47 seconds.Its an awesome melody sung beautifully by Shreya. The song has a slight western flavor. It has some English lyrics sung by Shreya which is the major part of the song. Its a feel good song. The way Shreya sings "Main to anjaan thi...tune awaaz di..dil ko udaan ko tune parwaaz di" is truly fabulous!!There is a ray of hope and happiness in the lyrics. The first interlude is awesome supported by electric guitar. The antaras are perfectly made. I liked the way Shreya ended the word "odh loon" with a classical touch. The song has both romantic and western flavor. It has three antaras. The second interlude is again an masterpiece supported by saxaphone. Second interlude has some amazing urdu words and note the way Shreya sings "tera hi sama" at 4:18. The last stanza has a beautiful alaap by a chorus singer ad then, Shreya starts with the antara.I am completely in love with this song. Hope no one will miss it!!

Thangaliyalli - Veera Parampare (Kannada)

Next post is about a new Kannada song from the movie “Veera Parampare”. The music has been composed by S Narayan.

The song is titled “Thangaliyalli” and Shreya has sung it with Karthik. It runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds. It starts with a chorus singer singing some western tunes followed by a tune played nicely on Guitar. Shreya starts with the song first with her honey soaked voice. It’s a light westernized melody and the lines by the chorus singer repeats after every interlude. The song is a nice blend of Indian and light western music. The way Shreya lifts the song with the first word is very impressive. The song has been supported by saxophone, electric guitar, etc. The interludes are nicely made according to the theme of the song. Karthik has given good support to Shreya. Hope you’ll enjoy the track!

Prem By Chance (Bangla Movie)

Lets talk about Shreya’s new Bangla song from the movie “Prem By Chance”. Music has been composed by Rupankar.

The track is titled “Uri Uri Hoy” and its a duet by Shreya and Shaan. Its a peppy track which runs for 4 minutes 12 seconds. Shaan sings the whole mukhda and Shreya starts the song with the first antara. The song has been supported by saxaphone, drums and other light western instruments. Shreya starts at 2:10 with her versatile vocals. Again, our queen has modulated her voice to suit the need of the song. Its a simple peppy song but the main thing about it is the westernized harmony by Shreya at the end. Dnt miss it! Shreya rocks :)

Pyar Ka Namak - Life Express

This one is another new song of Shreya from a movie titled “Life Express” but the sad part is that they are not promoting the song at all. It has music by Roopkumar Rathod.

As the title suggests, the song is titled “Pyar Ka Namak”.Shreya has sung this song with Udit Narayan. The tracks runs for 5 minutes 50 seconds. Its a usual romantic song. It starts with a flue piece followed by Udit's voice. I didn't like the way he pronounced the first word of the song. Shreya starts singing at 1:16 with her mellifluous voice. The song is supported by light instrumentation. It has simple easy going theme, like a usual romantic song. Its supported by Piano, flute, etc. Shreya has sung many songs for/with Roopkumar Rathod and my favorite of their combo would be Jaane Jaan from Zeher. Hope you all will love this track!