Sunday, October 31, 2010

Met My God - 3

It was 26th October, 8pm and I was simple chatting with one of my friends and he suddenly told that Shreya is coming to perform near his place (Noida) and I didn’t believe him. I thought he must be kidding with me. But things were completely different. After he told me many times, I actually believed him and sent an sms to Shreya’s mother regarding this and I got a reply from her after 1 hour that “Yes, we are here”. And I was completely shattered because just one day ago, I had tweeted Shreya to come to Delhi. Shreya’s mother told me that she completely forgot to inform me about this as she was very busy and I was in tears. I was not able to talk to anyone. I was totally broken and I thought that I keep informing others about Shreya’s concerts near their place but when it was my turn, I wasn’t aware of it! Reason is that there was no news related to this concert at all and even Shreya didn’t tweet much before that day. But I had full trust on Lord Shiva and Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and I kept praying with tears in my eyes while sleeping and suddenly I got an sms “U can meet”. I didn’t even ask her to meet and she herself sent that sms to me.I was completely overjoyed and called her. She told me the hotel’s name but that was 2 hours far from my house and if I had gone there, then it would have been midnight and there could be a possibility of Shreya resting at her room. So, I asked her mother if I could meet her at the airport and she had no problems in it. She gave me the time of the flight (10am) and I reached there at 8:30am and Shreya was there after 15 minutes. Now, the conversation follows:

Shreya: Hey..How r u? (while hugging me for the first time. My God hugged me for the first time.)

(*Thank God I didn’t cry this time!! ;) )

Me: Howz your foot now?

Shreya: Aah, Its better now.

(Then I gave her the chocolates which I had got in hurry the day before the meet as all the shops were closed at that time. Shreya had some talk with my father..We clicked some snaps)

Me: I keep telling people about your concerts but I didn’t know when you were coming here :(

Shreya’s mother: Ya, Nishant ko to sabse pehle pata chalta hai :P

Shreya: Hahahaha..Ya, I keep tweeting but I didn’t update about it.

(Then I asked Shreya for the autograph)

Shreya: Arre, tumhare paas to ek hai na already.. ab ek aur? (while laughing)

(She gave me her 2nd autograph and she had written that “So, we meet again and its always nice to see u Nishant….Lots of Love – Shreya” )

Shreya: Ab mere sign acche nahi hote to main saath mein naam bhi likh deti hoon ;) (while kidding)

(I was totally dumb.I didn’t know what to say.Before meeting Shreya, I always keep hundereds of questions in my mind but I go blank after I meet her)

Shreya: So…acche se padai karo..

Me: Yes didi :)

Finally, it was the time for her to leave but she turned back again and said to my father, “Uncle, Nishant ko zara daant ke rakho..Twitter pe bahut time nikalta hai” ;) (She said this jokingly). And finally she left.

Finally, I thank my Lord Shiva, Guruji, my parents and everyone who keep blessing me :). Thank u loads people..Plz pray that you get to read the Part 4 very soon ;).. Hope you like this article.

pps: Today, I met my spiritual Guru “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”. He had come for some event and there was so much of queue but he held my hand and took me in and we had a talk for 5 minutes.I am thrilled. No one can harm me now. I want to say to all of you that u must have full faith on God. Then, no one can harm you and you will always succeed :)


Sehrinaz said...

I am speechless yaar, I know exactly what u felt. U have 100's of questions and whe Shreya is standing before u, u get an black out. Kya magic does she has :)) It was so nice of her to invite u, but that makes her special na? Always caring for her devotees. Will pray u'll meet Shreya again on the 15th. Make this time good preparations, like a camera that rolls good pics and write ur questions or else u will get another black out. Oh and please this time give Shreya a hug and SMILE on the picture. :)

KIRAN RAJ S said...

Hey Nishant,

Perfect way to celebrate an Anniversary :) Remember? I had wished you 'Many more Happy Returns of the Day' on 21.10.10...Never knew my wishes work so well ;) Just kidding yaar...It goes without saying that you deserve it to the core...

As I have told you before...I am a big fan of yours...when it comes to your dedication towards Shreya...Only thing is I don't know what my place is...considering that you would have many fans like me :)

Keep up the good work and I am sure God and Shreya will always bless you...

VijayGadwal said...

Wow :) was waiting for this post!
So good to read the turn of events :)
good that you're getting another opportunity to enjoy her concert this month :) and i'm sure that will be part-4 ;-)

Nishant said...

Thanks guys :) :)

If u bless anyone wid full heart...den prayers are heard ofcourse :)

Nikita said...

Great post Nissh! U put evrything down so well dat it makes for such a delightful read always :P Anyway....loads and loads and loads of congratulations for evryyyything :) I am so happy for u...u hv evolved soo much in dese past few years...and i am proud to say dat i hv been witness to dis transformation of urs :P And im very sure dat u will meet her again on the 15th :) No 1 can stop u nw ;) Way to go!
And ur confidence in God, is inspiring, to say d least...Thank u :)

Nishant said...

Thank u so much Nikita :)

SK said...

dude you have been caught napping again... shreya is on facebook and your blog has no news about this... cmmon we expect more from you :)) you are our shreya news channel (SGNC)

Nishant said...

I was in college when Shreya wrote abt it..Do u expect me to write der? If yes..then hw can I?!?!

Secondly, when Shreya has herself told everyone about this..den whats the use of informing here?

sk said...

koi nahin.... chillax....

Doc said...

Neat stuff man... good to know you are realizing your dream.. Savor the moment and it will no doubt be etched in your heart forever..

Unny Krish said...

How sweet ....i could really feel your excitement .....

Mathangi.S said...

Wow!! gr8 post bhaiyya!!! i loved it!! You're soo lucky!! Hope I meet my god shreya di atleast once in my life!! want to talk with her atleast for one minute!!! tat is enough for the whole of my lifetime!!!!!!