Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shreya nominated in Idea Bangla Music Awards.

Our Nightingale has been nominated in “Idea Bangla Music Awards 2010” for her fabulous songs "Jao Pakhi" and National Award winning song "Pherari Mon" from Antaheen. I am glad that these songs are nominated. Both of the tracks are close to my heart.

All the best Shreya..You'll win it for sure :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life is a song for Shreya Ghoshal

At 26, she’s already one of the leading playback singers of the country and her four national awards prove that there’s no fluke in it. In the city for her first public concert, Shreya Ghoshal talks about her journey from a Bengali girl-next-door to Bollywood’s music sensation.

The singer who catapulted into the limelight when she won the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contest naturally favours reality shows. “These shows are not just talent hunts. They are TV programmes too and hence are packaged with masala and emotional content. While the SMS system may not necessarily recognise the most talented participant, the exposure with millions watching one performing on TV for so long is always there. A lot of contestants are doing concerts, if not singing in films or recording for private albums. Success comes to everyone who makes it to these TV shows,” she says.

Shreya feels that she has a long way to go and a lot more to achieve. “National awards are the most prestigious awards for an Indian artiste and I never expected to get them as I never sang for awards. I want to create ground-breaking music. People should remember me for my work.”

Shreya goes on to inform that she is toying with the idea of coming out with a non-film private album. “Every playback singer should do non-film songs or an album. The problem is that unlike earlier, there are very few non-film music producers these days. I think one has to devise a creative way to promote non-film music.”

She has, in fact, a day dedicated to her in the US state of Ohio and that puts her right next to Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore. “It was a surprise to be bestowed with the honour of June 26 being declared as Shreya Ghoshal Day in Ohio,” she says.

The singer made her debut in Tollywood with Nuvvemmaya Chesavo in Okkadu and says she’s loves the city for various reasons. “I’ve done plenty of Telugu songs and loved working with composers like Devi Sri Prasad, Radha Krishna and others. I also hope to meet one of my favourite composers, M.M. Keeravani. I also feel that the Hyderabadi audience make artistes feel loved. Also, I love Hyderabadi biryani!”


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Words which made me say : "My Blog is Complete"

Second birthday of my blog is three months after and it has been my luck, that because of my devotion and respect for Shreya , I met her and is being followed by herself on Twitter ! What more could a craziest fan ask for. It has all been blessings of God that made me meet her. Now, you must be thinking why I am talking about all this now. Well, even if I want to say Thanks to Shreya , I will not be able to say that whole my life because she herself called me to meet her the very first time. She started following me on Twitter. She is just not an amazing singer but a wonderful human being. Wonderful is a very small adjective. That’s why I call her My God. The one whom you respect so much is no less than God! Let me come to the point now. Some days ago, Shreya asked me about her Telugu song Prema Prema (2005). She wanted to know when it released and all. I told her that it released in 2005 and it was from the movie Sree. After sometime, I asked if she would like to see my blog and she agreed and asked for the link. I gave her the link and after five minutes, she said “Very well written. God Bless U”. I am really touched by her comment. I always waited for her comment on my blog and finally the day came! Thanks a lot Shreya. I can’t tell you much I respect you. Just wanna say that “My Blog is complete now” as Shreya has herself blessed it now.

May God be with you always Shreya (di).

Loads of Love

Your Devotee Nishant :)

Chita Pata Pata - Matthe Mungaaru

Some days ago, I posted a video here in which Shreya was recording a sweet Kannada song for an upcoming movie “Matte Mungaaru’. The song is finally released. I didn’t know that the song would release so soon. Music is composed by X Paul Raj

Anyways, the song is titled “Chita Pata Pata” and it’s a duet by Shreya and Karthik. It runs for 4 minutes 52 seconds. I simply loved this song when I saw its video ( about which I was talking in the starting).Its a romantic melody, having very slight shades of Galiye Nodu Baa. The first line of the song itself is so mesmerizing and impressive. Shreya starts the song with her soulful voice and Karthik continues with the song. The instrumentation of the song is light and instruments like Guitar have been used. There is something very catchy about the song which I cannot describe ( Well , that’s the specialty of a great song , right? ).

The first interlude has a soft piece played on Guitar followed by some violin piece. Shreya starts with the antara and the Guitar piece in the background play a good role. The whispering of “Chita Pata Pata” after the first stanza is quite amazing. Wish that was also kept in Shreya’s voice. The last antara has some Hindi lyrics as well (like pal pal pal har pal) .Shreya’s humming after the second antara is very mesmerizing. I am sure this song will top the charts soon !

Pal Mein Mila Jahan - Ashayein

I read an article one year ago and it was mentioned that Shreya has sung in an upcoming Hindi Movie “Ashayein” .Well, it was one year (or more) ago. And I eagerly waited for this movie to release as the concept of the movie was good .I was sure that Shreya must be having a very special song in it. So, lets talk about that special song!

The track is titled “Pal Mein Mila Jahan” and it’s a Shreya solo.It also has another version by Shankar Mahadevan. Music is composed by Salim – Sulaiman. Its a sad track and who else than Shreya could have done justice to this ! Afterall , she is the queen of expressions. The track runs for 5 minutes 30 seconds. Shreya starts with the song. As the title of the song suggests, it has got so much feel and emotions. The instrumentation have been kept very light by the composers and I am completely bowled over with Nightingale’s singing in the song. As I always say, Shreya puts different expressions in every word. Her small humming in the first interlude is so peaceful. It’s a very rich composition which needs a big applause .I must say that Salim – Sulaiman are very talented composers and every track of Shreya with them is so special and unique! I liked thw way Shreya put a fabulous harkat in the word “chooti” in the line “Haathon se ye jannat chooti”. The second interlude will make you cry. The violin piece , followed by a small Piano piece at the background is amazing. The lyrics of the second antara are even more fabulous. Shreya ends the song slowly with her sweet voice.

I bow to you Shreya. Thanks for giving us this song. Hats off to Shreya and Salim – Sulaiman. Hope to hear

more new songs by this wonderful combo!

Your loss if you miss this wonderful track !

Shreya's song trailer in Pancharangi (Kannada)

Few days ago, Kiran Raj informed me about Shreya’s song in Yograj’s Bhatt’s Pancharangi which has music by Mano Murthy. Yes ! The same team of Mungaru Male. So, we can expect nothing but fabulous melodies by Shreya. For a change, I found a peppy number sung by Shreya in this movie in Youtube. Its only a trailer. So, I can’t talk about it now. I am posting the video here. Hope Shreya will have more tracks in Pancharangi.

Megher Palok

These days we are getting to hear many great Bangla songs by Shreya. Here comes one titled “Megher Palok” from the movie “Natobar Not Out” . Shreya even tweeted about the song some days ago. Music is composed by Debjyoti Mishra.

The song runs for approximately 4 minutes. Its unique in its own way. The starting interlude of the song is very soothing. I felt as if it’s a composition of Ilayaraja (only starting). Shreya starts with the song at 0:38 singing in her honey soaked voice. The song is simple , yet very difficult to sing ! The song has a lot of expressions and only Shreya can do justice to that. The composer have kept the instrumentation very light and has focused more on the voice. I really liked the way she sang “Niti nritya ..keje nache “ (sorry for wrong spellings). It has only one antara which is fabulous and as I said , it includes a lot of feel and expressions. Shreya’s singing from 2:31 , followed by her beautiful alaap takes me to some another world. This song also has some difficult words which I’ve never heard. I repeat again , the line “niti nritye ..keje nache” really impressed me a lot. Its one of the best Bangla songs of Shreya till date. Fabulous singing by Shreya , as usual :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kannanai Thedi

The song, about which I wanted to write some days ago , but could not write for some reasons. Finally, I am posting about my recent favorite song of Shreya “Kannanai Thedi” from the Tamil Movie “Marupadiyum Oru Kadhal”. Music is composed by Srikanth Deva. Shreya has earlier sung Mudhal Mudhalaga( again , one of my favorites) for him.

Kannanai Thedi is a kind of a song for which I wait every year. Though I don’t understand the language, but I think its dedicated to Lord Narayana / Krishna.The track runs for four and a half minutes. It starts with a beautiiffffffffuuuuuuullll carnatic alaap by Shreya. When you will hear that alaap , you will know why I have stressed so much on the word “beautiful”. The track is completely based on Carnatic Music supported by Tabla , flute , etc. I always get goose bumps whenever I hear the line “Yaaroda Enna Solvaen” (hope I spelled it correctly). in the mukhda. Its so beautifully sung by Shreya. The first interlude has a beautiful piece played on Sitar. The stanzas are very beautifully composed and sung which shows the complete devotion to Krishna. My favorite is second interlude which includes a mesmerizing alaap by Shreya. These type of songs are really missing these days. Hope we get to hear more of these :). Even Shreya tweeted about this song some days ago and she, as usual , got great replies from her followers

Hats off to Shreya and Srikanth Deva for gifting us this masterpiece. Hope we get to hear more songs by this combo soon :)

Ogo Bodho Sundori

Hello friends.I am here with my next post “Ogo Bondho Shundori”. The video of the song came many days ago but the music released recently. Shreya has sung the title track with Babul Supriyo.

It’s a sweet romantic track supported by traditional instruments like flute. The song runs for 3 minutes 40 seconds. It starts a music piece played on Guitar followed by a beautiful piece played on flute. Shreya sounds very sweet and as they say in Bangla , there is something very “mishti” about the song which I am not able to express. It has only one antara which is very cutely sung by Shreya. She puts different feel in every line she sings.

The song is very cute. Hope you all will enjoy the track.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shreya wins Radio Mirchi South Award

Some days ago , I was going to post the nominations of Radio Mirchi South Awards and I didn’t know that the same day , Shreya had also won the award. So, all of you must be knowing that Shreya tweeted some days ago that she has won Radio Mirchi South Awards for Na Naguva Modalene (Manasaare) and Chanthu Thotille (Banaras).

Its no surprise.She had to win this. I am glad she won for Na Naguva which happens to be one of my most favorite songs of Shreya.

Hearty Congratulations Shreya :)

God Bless u always :)

ps: My post on Kannanai Thedi coming very soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dochey (Lyrics)

I found the lyrics of Dochey in AR Rahman’s community in orkut.

So, thought of posting it here..

Pallavi 1 /Mukhda 1

U one..Make the bad guys Cry

U one..Make the bad guys Cry

U one..Make the bad guys Cry

The Cheddavallu Cry

Dochey…dorikindhi Dochey

Andamaina Nidhi Dochey

Andariki andanidhi Dochey -2

Saagaram nenoi..Navikudu Neevoi

Idhuladavoi…Inke Dochey……Dochey dorikindhi…

Vendi Ganulunnai..Paidi manulunnai - Shreya

Idhuladavoi..Inke Dochey.. - Shreya

Charnam1/ Stanza1/Antara 1

Vendi Ganulunnai..Paidi manulunnai - Shreya

Kempulenno naalo pongenoi.. - Shreya

Neelage Naalona Nindenoi..ooooo - Shreya

Sudigundamoi..Jalagandamoi - Shreya

Palu aapada apesina..Aa Ashalatho.. - Shreya

Anveshanatho..Aapal Aapal Adugey - Shreya

Vethikey..vethikey..twaraga vethikey.. - Shreya (with other two singers)

Sariga vethikey.. - Shreya (with other two singers)

Siri sampandana antha Dochey…Dochey dorkindhi.. - Shreya

Charnam 2/ Stanza2/ Antara 2

Alchippaluntayi - Shreya

Uthagavaluntai.. - Shreya

Natthagullalunna Cheravoi.. - Shreya

Muthyalee Aapaina..Eravoi..ooooo - Shreya

Badabagnule..Jadipinchina - Shreya

Nadi deevulalo nadakaagina.. - Shreya

Nee korikane..Diksuchikatho - Shreya

Keratam Neevai Dhukey - Shreya

Vethikey Vethikey..Athiga Vethikey - Shreya (with other two singers)

Sukhasandrala Saaram Dochey…Shreya (with other two singers)

Dochey Dorikindi…

Courtesy: AR Rahman’s community in Orkut !

Shreya is A Divine Gift to the modern world” and as “A talent so rare that it needs celebration.” , says Ilayaraja

One of the most celebrated playback singers of the Indian film industry will be in Auckland to present a sterling evening of melody, fun and entertainment.

Shreya Ghoshal, arguably the most resplendent singing star of the present-day cinema, will mark her debut under the ABC Entertainment (which has a record of quality shows including those featuring Jagjit Singh and Pankaj Udhas) and Perfect Harmony Productions Private Limited banner at Telstra Clear Pacific Centre in Manukau City on August 20.

Shiv Prasad, another winner in the Sa Re Ga Ma series, Stand-up Comedian (more than six feet tall) Nitin Bhandarkar and a band of musicians will join her in presenting the concert.

Her ability to evoke the sentiments of the song sequence, bringing forth the vicissitudes of human emotions in her voice has seen Shreya’s meteoric rise in less than ten years. Beginning with Devdas, a colossal multi-starrer for which she rendered five songs, including Bairi Piya and Dola Re Dola, she has rendered hundreds of songs for almost all frontline music directors in the industry.

Ilayaraja, the first Asian composer to score a symphony for the Royal Philomornic Orchestra in London described her as “A Divine Gift to the modern world” and as “A talent so rare that it needs celebration.”

If Shreya was stunned at the stupendous calibre of the music director, she did not hide. She rendered a song with Illayaraja for debutant director Katha Thirmavalavan’s Tamil film Ajanthaa, stated to be the first film to be shot simultaneously in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

“I am very privileged to work with his Grand Master of Music. He composed nine songs for each version – that is a total of 36 tracks in one week. More than a music director, he is an institution,” she said.

Her list of films is long, and the scores are longer. But music buffs would say that some of her all-time hits should include Teri Ore (‘Singh is Kinng’), Mian Agar Kahoon (‘Om Shanti Om’), Salamm-E-Ishq (Title song), Ye Ishq Hai (‘Jab We Met’), Zoobi Zoobi (‘3 Idiots’), O My Love (‘Amanush’) and Un Perai Sollum (‘Angaadi Theru’ in Tamil).

As well as Hindi and Tamil, Her mellifluous voice has been heard in a number of other Indian languages including Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Punjabi.

The popular Zee TV programme attracts thousands of aspirants from many parts of the world each year, adding to the treasure house of singers.

But it all began when Shreya saw a poster in Rawatbhata, near Kota in Rajasthan, where she was raised (her father is employed at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), announcing a national level music competition in Delhi.

“I was just ten years old then (1994). For the first time, I stepped out to land in the competitive world. I did not win; I was of course sad, but convinced myself that I would try again. I went on to win the sub-junior title at the next competition,” she said in an interview last fortnight.

Shreya credit the late Kalyanji (of the Kalyanji-Anandji fame) for honing her musical prowess. Following her episode in Sa Re Ga Ma, the famous composer (he was a judge), taught her the nuances of music, despite his chronic ailment.

She recalls with gratitude his parting advice: “Don’t go with Show Business. You have talent. Pursue Saraswathi (Goddess of Learning), Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) will follow. If you pursue Lakshmi, Saraswathi will desert you.”

Has Shreya betrayed her master?

“Not at all,” she said, adding, “I never take on too much work, because then the purity of voice is lost. If you are stressed and disturbed, it will show in your singing. You have to be honest and sincere about your music, not anything else. You have to be in the water and not be drowned. If you get carried away, then you are gone.”

This 26-year-old says neither the fame nor the numerous honours that she has attained, including National Film Awards (4) and those of Filmfare (5), Filmfare South (2) International Indian Film Academy (4), Zee Cine (3) and Star Screen (3).

“My music is beyond films and a playback career. I would not be worried if I do not get a call. Experimentation today is only limited to finding exotic, new textures, voices and timber. Indian films will never say no to Indian melodies. I would say I have a good chance. Flavours might keep changing but the heart of Indian music is the same,” she said.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dochey - Komaran Puli

Finally, the music of Puli has released and as I informed many times earlier, Shreya has a song in it. Someone told me two years ago that Shreya would be singing in Komaran Puli and since then, I was eagerly waiting for the audio.

AR Rahman has composed the music and this is the first time when Shreya is singing a original Telugu track for him.I mean , the rest were bilingual.for eg. Telugu Version of Barso Re , Munbe Vaa, Mannipaaya , etc. Lets come to the song.

The track is titled "Dochey" which means "Steal" (Thanks to my friend for telling the meaning).Hope I am correct!.The track is sung by Shreya , Lady Kash and Krissy.The track runs for 4 minutes 18 seconds.It has all shades of a peppy , jazz and a melody track.It has AR Rahman stamp all over. This kind of a rich track can be composed by him only.The track starts with either Lady Kash or Krissy singing "U One..Make the bad guys cry" and then the other singer continues the song with a peppy+ jazz style. The first interlude is amazing.I always have to think a lot when I have to write about a song by Rahman - Shreya combo. Shreya starts singing after the interlude and takes the song to other level (you can call it a melody).The antaras are so well composed and of course , beautifully sung by our Nightingale.I seriously don't understand how to explain this track. Rahman's composition are so complex that everyone would think twice before writing about it.I am very impressed with the echo at 2:08(which again happens at 3:34 in the second antara). Shreya moulds her voice at 2:36 to suit the theme. The second interlude is fabulous and again , very complex.I am completely addicted to this track.I am hearing this track on repeat mode.Shreya really deserves a Filmfare for this !!

Hats off to Shreya and Rahman !! :)

Shreya sings a Telugu song for Salim - Suleiman

Recently , Shreya recorded a Telugu song with Indian Idol 5 contestant which will be picturized on Shruti Hassan and Siddharth. She even tweeted about this song.Salim – Suleiman has composed this song.Lets see what does Shreeram feel on recording with our Nightingale.You can see Shreya rehearsing the song here:

“Since childhood, I had dreamt to be a playback singer so it's a dream come true. I never thought my first break will be with Salim-Suleiman and Shreya.

How was the experience of recording with Shreya?

I consider myself lucky that I am doing playback with Shreya Ghoshal. This is like my first break.

When I first met her, I was surprised to know she had heard me in Indian Idol. She said I was one of her favourite contestants and she appreciated my singing. She felt I was apt for this particular song.

Though we didn't record together, it was a pleasure to meet her after my recording.

Source: Rediff

Shreya's performance in Sera Bangali

Posted few videos of Shreya’s performance at Kolkata in Sera Bangali..So , thought of posting in the blog too..

Here are few of them…You can find rest of them at @ultimateshreya in Twitter (fanclub I created for Shreya)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ee Preethi - Preethiya Loka

This is my third continuous post and this time, its about a very new Kannada track. Its from the movie “Preethiya Loka” .The song is titled ‘Ee Preethi Bandakshana”.Its a duet by Shreya and Karthik. Music is composed by Sai Kiran.

If I am not wrong, Shreya is working for the first time with Sai Kiran. The track runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds.Its a romantic track. It starts with a symphony played on Guitar. The song reminds me of amazing Kannada romantic tracks of Shreya like Saviyu Saviyu. Karthik starts with the song and Shreya sounds angelic and I am really addicted to this track. The instrumentation is light and flows very well with the theme of the song. The antaras are very well composed and of course, sung amazingly by our Nightingale. The emotions she puts in every line is worth a standing ovation, rather more than that. The second interlude involves a harmony by the singers in which Shreya sings in low notes and Karthik in high notes followed by a beautiful tune played on tune. I don’t know what is the correct word to praise the stanzas. Should I say haunting or romantic? Note the way Shreya sings Ninanna with her beautiful smile at 3:40.

Overall , a perfect romantic track. Kudos to My God Shreya for rendering this song !!..Hope you people don’t miss this song.

Sol Pechu - Thillalangadi

I am here with my new post and this time, its about a Tamil song. Many of you must remember the article which had mentioned about Shreya’s duet with KS Chitra in Thillalangadi. I didn’t trust the article fully because these days, many fake news are track lists are entertaining people. I also asked Shreya about this song when I met her for the second time. She was sure that it was recorded quite some months ago. Let me come to the song now.

The track is titled “Sol Pechu” and is sung by Shreya , Chitra and Yuvan . Music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. I am happy to see Shreya back with Yuvan after Anukoledenadu. Its a peppy track which runs for 4 minutes 55 seconds. The track starts with singing by Yuvan and Chitra follows after him. To be frank , I am not too impressed with Chitra’s singing this time.She sounds too shrill at times in the mukhda , specially at 1:25. Anyway , Shreya starts singing at 1:05 and completely overshadows the other singer with her flawless singing. The first interlude is rocking which also involves singing by Yuvan. The antaras are amazingly sung by Shreya and Chitra also sounds nice in the antaras. The stanzas are not too long. Nice to hear Shreya with Chitra this time. Its the first duet by both of them. If Yuvan had used little less of technology in the mukhda , then Chitra wouldn’t have sounded that shrill in the starting. Shreya is, as usual , amazing in the song. I am really impressed with the song and I hope they promote it well.

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

Finally, I am posting about my favorite song from Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta. I am extremely sorry guys….was not well, so couldn’t write in the blog. I was also tweeting very less but I am fine now. So, I am here with my next post.

The music of Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta released when I was in Bangalore. Anyway, let’s talk about the song. Personally, I was eagerly waiting for Shreya’s songs in this album because it has music by Ustaad Shujaat Hussain Khan and I knew that it’s going to be something really mind-blowing. Shreya has sung two songs in the movie, one being a solo and other a duet with Udit Narayan.

The first track which I am going to write about is my current favorite which is titled “Baar Haan Dil Mein Ik Sawal Aaya”. I also gave the youtube link of its trailer some days ago. It’s a Shreya solo and it has all shades of a ghazal, romance and sadness. It runs for 5 minutes 9 seconds. It starts with an amazing symphony and then Shreya starts with the song. Though its completely a ghazal but its theme is both romance and sadness. The lyrics are very deep and as expected, Ustaad has completely done justice with the composition and what to say about Shreya , she has put all her heart in the song (which she already does). The composition flows very well with the lyrics. The composer has used light instruments Like Santoor , Tabla , etc.The antaras are amazing and Shreya puts small harkats flawlessly in every line. I really liked the way she rendered “Dil Hai Bezaar, Jism Bejaan Hai..Koi Ehsaas Hi Nahi Baaki…Na Ye Aankhein Ye Soch Ke Hui Nam” .Overall, a masterpiece. Hats off to Shreya, composer and the lyricist!

Next song is titled “Behoshi Nasha Khushboo” which is a duet by Shreya and Udit. It’s a very long duet which runs for 8 minutes. It’s a romantic track, but not a usual romantic track which you hear nowadays. It starts with a very mesmerizing symphony played on flute. Udit Narayan starts the song with his heavy voice. Though he is not my favorite but he sounds good to me in this track. Shreya follows the same lines with her honey soaked voice. The song is supported by all amazing classical instruments like Sitar, flute, etc. The interludes are not too long.The first antara is sung by Udit Narayan. Note the singing by Shreya from 03:45 – 03:54. The second interlude is again supported by a great symphony played on flute which takes you to some other world. The second antara is sung by Shreya. O God!! What emotions!!..Note the way she sings “Bheege Hai Paseene Mein”. There is one more antara which is sung by both Shreya and the male singer. I am really impressed with the songs, specially with the solo.

I hope we get to hear more of these in our Nightingale’s voice :)...I really hope that these songs get promoted on television, unlike the amazing Bahara :(

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally back !! Hearty Congratulations to Shreya for "Shreya Ghoshal Day" in Ohio

Hi Shreya fans.. I am finally back to my real work i.e. blogging about My Idol Shreya. I really missed blogging , tweeting Shreya , writing posts in orkut community of Shreya. Though I didn't miss the tweets from Shreya because most of the time , Kiran Raj and Supreet was there to send me tweets of Shreya as sms.

In this vacation , I got a big news that some lady had announced "Shreya Ghoshal Day" in Ohio on 26th June. Many Many Congratulations to Our Queen. She truly deserves even more than that.Two days ago , I even told her mother that for them , may be 26th June is a Shreya Ghoshal Day but for me , every day is a Shreya Ghoshal Day and she really found it very sweet.Once again , Congratulations to Shreya :)..God Bless her always

ps: Will post about Mr.Singh Mr. Mehta tomorrow !