Friday, July 31, 2009

Chal Chalein

You all must have seen the video of the sonngs I posted last time.Anywayz,the music of Chal Chalein is out now.As we know,Shreya has two songs in the movie.Both are sung by Shreya,Shaan and Krishna.Music is by Maestro Ilayaraja.Last Hindi Movie of Ilayaraja was Cheeni Kum and we got evergreen songs by Shreya in Cheeni Kum.Be it Cthe title track,Jaane Do Na,Baatein Hawa…all the songs were mindblowing.So,does Ilayaraja create the same magic?Let me tell you frankly,the songs of the movie are not promoted at all.You’ll see the promoys hardly 2 or 3 times on the music channels.The star cast of the movie is also not good.Most of the names are new in the movie.Whatever it is,we all know what magic Shreya – Ilayaraja combo creates everytime.

First track in the album is “Shehar Hai Khoob Kya Hai Ye”.Its all about the city “Alahabad”.It tells you about the streets,famous places of Alahabad,etc.It runs for 4 minutes 38 seconds.The song starts with Shreya’s humming.I have been hearing this humming since last two months from the website.I thought it would be a solo.But I was wrong.I just love that humming.Shreya starts with the song first singing “Shehar Hai Khoob………”.Ilayaraja is the master in using different musical instruments.The ending line of the song “Albela Ye Phurteela” is quite appealing.I don’t have much to say about the song as its all about Alahabad.

Next and the last track of the album is “Uff Arrey Tu Mirch” ,again sung by Shreya,Shaan and Krishna.The song runs for 3 minutes 53 seconds.It starts with some great harmony played on Drums.The song is all about the guys who are teasing the girl by saying “Uff Arey Tu Mirch Hai Laal Laal Si”.We get to hear Shreya in the starting of the stanzas.The way Shreya sings “Shahrukon Ki Amiron Ki Dhad Copy Hai” is very very cute.I guess the songs of the movie depends on the script of the movie.Thats what Ilayaraja has done here.He has composed according to the script.I hope they will promote the movie well and the songs will get their due.

ps:Shreya’s next Kannada release is Chelluvina Chilipili.I hope the music releases soon !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clips of songs from Chal Chalein

The music of Chal Chalein was released two weeks ago but still the songs are not out.But I got the clips of the song sung by Shreya.Here,I am posting the videos.Both the songs are sung by Shreya,Shaan and Krishna.I am not sure if Shreya has only two songs in the movie.She might have more.

Filmfare Nomination - Tamil

The nomiantions for Filmfare Awards(Tamil) are out. Shreya is nominated for the melodious number Thaen Thaen from Kuruvi.I am happy that the very deserving Thaen Thaen from the movie Kuruvi is nominated.This was the best Tamil song of Shreya in 2008 but I am lil disapointed as the other deserving songs like Poovinai,Charal didnt get
a nomination.Anywayz,fingers crossed.Lets hope Shreya wins the award !!

I really feel proud to be one of the biggest fan of Shreya.She always makes her fans feel proud.She has got the nominations in all the South Indian Languages except Malayalam.I hope she gets that one too next year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nominations of South Filmfare Awards

Great news for all Shreya fans…Shreya is nominated for 3 Kannada songs and 1 telugu song in South Filmfare Awards.Thanks to Kiran Raj for informing about the nominations.

Kannada Nominations:

1.Ninna Nodalento from Mussanje Maatu
2.Moggina Manasali from Moggina Manasu
3.Akasha Bhoomi from Mussanje Maatu

Telugu Nomination:

1.Merupula - Chintakayala Ravi

I am sure Shreya is also nominated in the Tamil section of South Filmfare Awards.I tried hard but could not find the nominations.Though I expect many songs such as Charal,Thaen Thaen,Poovinai,Avaram Poovukum,etc to get nominated.

In case of Kannada,.Ninna Nodalento has a bigger chance I guess and it really made me happy when I saw Shreya’s name in Telugu section.The most deserving “Merupula” is nominated.Hope she wins for Telugu too.

All the best Shreya :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shreya Ghoshal performs at Sera Bengali 2009

Recenetly I found some videos of Shreya performing at Sera Bengali 2009.Here I am posting some videos of that concert:

ps:The music of Bengali Movie Brake Fail is given by Neil Dutta

pps.I am sad because some say that there is no concert happening in Delhi and Bangalore.Some say it was fake and the website says that its postponed.Lets see what happens :(

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bhai Re - Phir Kabhi

Finally,the song from Phir Kabhi releases.I was waiting for the song of Shreya in Phir Kabhi as the music is composed by Shantanu Moita who is one of my favourite music directors.Phir Kabhi stars Mithun Chakraborty, Dimple Kapadia, Gulshan Grover, Rati Agnihotri.Lets talk about the song.

The song is titled “Bhai Re” which is sung by Shreya and Ajay Jhingran,who is also a lyricist.The track begins with a instrument which sounds and looks like gitar.I am sorry but I am forgetting the name of that instrument.Shantanu mostly uses that instrument in his songs.Remember the starting instrument in Pal Pal ?Anywayz,the track runs for 5 minutes 33 seconds.Its a typical Shantanu Moitra number.If you have heard the title track of Khoya Khoya Chand,then you will surely feel the touch of that song in Bhai Re.

Ajay Jhingran very much sounds like Swanand Kirkire.Though it’s a duet,but its Shreya who steal the show.Ajay starts with Bhai Re….. which is very catchy and then Shreya sings Chap Chapate Chan a typical Shantanu Moitra tune.The line O Piya ….. is very cute and catchy again.There is an instrument played between 1:46 to 2:05 which perfectly in the song.Shreya is sounding amaizing,as usual in the song and when it’s a Shantanu – Shreya number,then it has to be special.The stanzas are also very melodious.The lyrics are very unique but great.Hope you all will enjoy the track!

Teri Meri Ye Zindagi - Life Partner

Here comes another Hindi song.Most you must have been waiting for a Hindi song to be released.I guess I already mentioned Life Partner in “Upcoming Projects of Shreya” .Anywayz,even if I didn’t,its not a proble, now.The music has already been released and Shreya has one duet with Soham Chokroborty(the one who sang Khudaya Khair in Billu Barber recentlya) titled “Teri Meri Ye Zindagi”.Music is by Pritam.

The song runs for 4 minutees 35 seconds.It begins with “You are My Soni” which is also repeated in the song 2-3 times later.We can call it a peppy romantic number what we usually expect from Pritam .Soham,who is sounding somewhat like Shaan starts with the song .The tune of the song is very catchy.The movie stars Tusshar Kapoor,Fardeen Khan,Genelia D souza,so we cannot expect much from the movie.Soham has more to sing in the song I guess.The first line of the song itself is very catchy.The instrumentation as usual has a Pritam stamp on it.The antaras of the song are also good but I want a great melodious romantic track from Pritam next time.Overall,I liked the song.Hear the song and tell your views.

ps:Shreya also has one release “Love Khichdi” which has music by Pritam

Brake Fail(Bengali)

I hope you people still remember the Bengali movie “Antaheen” which had some mindblowing songs which will always be in my favourite songs list of Shreya.Most of you must not have heard Shreya’s songs in Antaheen.It had music by Shantanu Moitra which was out in last year.I request you all to please go through the songs atleast once.All the three songs which Shreya has sung are gems.Anywayz,let talk about the songs which she has sung in Break Fail which is again an Bengali Movie.I tried hard but could not find the music director of this movie.Will update you soon.

First song in the album is “Jodi Proshno Karo” sung by Shreya and Shaan.It runs for 6 minutes 22 seconds.Well,to be frank,I don’t understand the language at all just like Tamil,Telugu,etc.But let me tell,that Bengali is one of the sweetest language I have ever heard and all of you are aware that it’s the mother tongue of our Shreya too.Anywayz,lets come back to the song.The director has included some dialogues in the starting that continues till 42 seconds.The music director has used Sarangi after every line in the song.The uniqueness in the song is that it has no antara(stanza).It has only mukhda which repeats 3-4 times in the song just like Jao Pakhi from Antaheen.Seems like it’s a ched chad/one-on-one kind of a track.Shreya is the only versatile singer who can sing any type of songs easily.Look at the way she sings this song.Frankly telling,I dint like Shaan much in this song.I didn’t even like him in Kyun(Kambakkht Ishq) but Shreya ruled as usual.

Second and the last track of Shreya in the album is “Shorey Shorey Jaye” which happens to be my favourite.Again,it is sug by Shreya and Shaan.Thankfully,Shaan sounds good in this song.This one runs for 5 minutes 32 seconds.Again,Sarangi is used in this song which fits perfectly in the song.Its a sad song which starts with some lines “Main Janu Kyun Tere Man Ko………”sung by Shaan which are also sung by Shreya later and there’s a huge difference in the feelings Shreya has given in the lines as compared to Shaan.Anywayz,he sounds good.After some lines,Shreya starts with “Shure Shure Jaye”.The song has two antaras and the starting of both the stanzas is sung by Shaan.The lines repeat two times in the song in Shreya’s voice.Watch out for this song.It rocks!.I cant describe this anymore.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Upcoming Projects of Shreya

I have been informing about forthcoming projects of Shreya in Orkut Community.Today,I thought of writing them in my blog too.So,here are some upcoming projects of Shreya.


Music:AR Rahman

Movie:Chal Chalein


Movie:Do Knot Disturb

Music:Nadeem Shravan

Movie:Ki Ka Ku(Shreya has sung duets with Priyanka Chopra’s father in this movie)

Music:Pradeep Das

Movie:Love Khichdi


Song:Zara Sa Haskasa

Movie:Friends Forever

Music:Anand Raj Anand

Movie:Mr.Singh Mrs.Mehta

Music:Ustad Shujat Khan

Movie:Prem Ka Game

Music:Raju Singh

Movie:Chal Yaar

Music:Sajid – Wajid

Movie:Tumse Milkar

Music:Abhishek Ray

Movie:Dulha Mil Gaya

Music:Lalit Pandit

I think its enough for today.I’ll try to keep you all updated regarding the forthcoming movies in which Shreya is gonna sing.

Hope u all will like it.

Thanks !