Monday, June 29, 2009

Inthaku Nuvve - Snehithude

I wanted to write about the song day before yesterday just after I wrote about it in the Orkut Community of Shreya but because of exams, I could not. And one of the big reasons of not writing the post was power cut in Delhi, that too in “not so good season”.Anywayz now there is no power cut, so thankfully I can write the post now.

From the title of the song, many fans must have guessed correctly that its a telugu song. The song is a solo by Shreya which runs for 4 minutes 44 seconds. Music is composed by Shiva Shankar.When I heard the mukhda(starting) of the song. I was quite sure that it would be a peppy + romantic number but I was proved wrong when I heard the antaras(stanzas).I have been hearing this song continuously for the last two days and I am completely in love with the melodious track, specially the antaras of the track are mindblowing.The song starts with some “ Who are you” sung by chorus. The way Shreya sang Guchhi Gucchi in the starting of the song is very cute. There are some lines in the mukhda which reminded me of some lines of the song “Thendralum Maruthu”.I am sorry I am not able to write the Tamil lines here because I am very bad at it.Anyone can find the similarity between the lines though. The plus point of the song is of course soulful singing by Shreya ,light instruments and the composition itself(I said everything huh?).She has sung the antara with deep feelings and that’s one of the reasons I am getting mad over the song. After the first stanza, you’ll get to hear some lines sung by some other singer. It seems that the composer has done a lot of hard work in making the antaras.After the second stanza starts, you will feel the same magic which you must have felt in the first stanza.Note the way Shreya ends the line Nuvvala…………Neerputunte(Sorry for the wrong spellings but I felt it was necessary to write the lines).

The song also has a sad version sung by Shreya and Karthik which runs for two and a half minutes approximately, having only one antara .Its equally soulful and touching.

Well, that’s all I can say about the songs.

Hats off to Shreya and also the music director for giving the fans such a beautiful song.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prem Kahani

We get to hear some more Kannada songs by Shreya.She is back with Ilayaraja in the Kannada Movie “Prem Kahani”(hindi titled in kannada?).She has sung two songs in the album.Lets discuss about the songs.

Rangu Rangu – The first track in the album is Rangu Rangu which is a duet sung by Shreya and Ilayaraja himself.Its a peppy duet.Raja has used his favourite(I guess) instrument violin(which I could only hear in the song except some normal beats).The song somehow remineded me of Oduthey Oduthey which was sung by Shreya and Karthk Raja,though the tune is completely different and as we know.Shreya can render any kind of song flawlessly,so she proves it again by singing this track.She is marvelous in classical,romantic or peppy songs.You name it,and she can sing it.

Aa Shringaru – The last track is titled “Aa Shringara” which is a solo by Shreya.This song has a strong Ilayaraja touch,though its composed by Ilayaraja only.Frankly telling,I did not understand in which category I should put this song.It is so different and impressive in its own way.Its tough too.The notes changes mostly in every line,specially in the antaras and Shreya has rendered it,as usual,beautifully.I am glad that Raja chose Shreya for this song.She must have been the only choice for Ilayaraja for this type of a song.I cannot describe this song anymore.Just hear it and feel tha magic of the magical Shreya – Ilayaraja combo!

Bejanagi Premisu

Here comes another Kannada song by Shreya from the movie “Chamkaisi Chindi Udaisi”.Music is composed by PB Balaji for whom Shreya also sang in Inba.Remember the song En Vizhigam Meethu?

Anywayz,the track is titled “Bejanagi Premisu”.Its a duet sung by Shreya and Tippu who sounds somewhat like Naresh Iyer in some lines.The song is neither peppy nor romantic.Its somewhat the mixture of both.The beats are western.The song starts with some Aaha Aa…. (voice very similar with Alisha Chinoy).Shreya moulds her voice according to the song and sounds superb.As I told,Tippu is sounding like Naresh Iyer in some lines.PB Balaji has worked hard on this song,specially on the stanzas.Adding Aaha to the song has made the song more impressive.Overall,I liked this song.Hope you’ll like the song too.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shreya singing Girdhar ke Rang

Most of you must have seen Shreya’s performances in TVS SAREGAMA.Once she sang Girdhar when she was a contestant in SAREGAMA.I am not going to post that video here.I found a rare video of Shreya recently singing the same song.She also plays harmonium while singing.Shreya is the queen in every genre,be it classical,romantic songs or peppy numbers.Our Queen rocks.Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shreya in Macau

Recently,I found a new video of Shreya in which she talks about IIFA and her song “Teri Ore”.She also sings the song.

Kyun Hota Hai Dil Deewana

Some days ago,I informed you about Shreya’s song in Shortkut – The Con is On.Music was released yesterday.Shreya has sung one song in the album titled “Kyun Hota Hai Dil Deewana”.Its a duet with Javed Ali who also recently won IIFA Award for Jashn-e-Bahara.This is the second duet of Shreya with Javed Ali.First one was Hansani from Malamaal Weekly.Music of the movie is composed by Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy.Shreya has sung many songs for the trio,the last one being the soulful Tere Naina which still sounds refreshing.So,lets see if Kyun Hota also gives the same effect.

The song runs for less than 4 minutes.When I saw the name of the track,I thought it would be a romantic number,but I was wrong as it is more of a Kajra Re(from Bunty aur Babli) type of a number.This is not what we usually accept from the trio – Shreya combo.She has mostly sung romantic or slow numbers for the trio.The compose has used the same instrument in the starting which was also used in Kajra Re and Hoth Rasiley.Not only this,the tune also sounds somewhat like Hoth Rasiley but the song is not like Hoth Rasiley,though it falls in the same category.Shreya has sung this song with ease.We all know she can sing any type of song with ease.The antaras are also made suitable for the situation.Javed Ali has given ample support to Shreya in the track.The song is picturized on Amrita Rao(for whom Shreya has sung many songs including the ones in Main Hoon Na and Vivah and her voice suits perfectly on Amrita Rao).I don’t know how to describe the song.I am happy that the trio used Shreya for this song.

Ps:I hope the readers didn’t miss my last post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Will my dream come true?

Some people say that DREAMS never come true but I have always believed on hard work and Lord Shiva which are the only two ways to convert our dreams into reality.Well,if you ask about my dreams,then many of you would guess correctly.Isn’t it?Yes,one of my biggest dream is to meet none other than “OUR QUEEN – SHREYA GHOSHAL”.I cannot express in words how much happiness I get when I see the most deserving Shreya winning the awards and accolades.Since Devdas,I became a mad fan(I would have become earlier if I had seen her performances TVS SAREGAMA) of Shreya.I was,I guess,12 years old when I heard her in Devdas and got to know what is real devotion.I may sound crazy to some of you but my life would be incomplete if I don’t meet Shreya atleast once in my lifetime.I have been praying to Bholenath(that’s what I call Lord Shiva) for long that I must get an opportunity to meet Shreya atleast once and guess what,he heard prayer very soon and yesterday,I got the news that she is going to perform in Delhi at Siri Fort Auditorium on 26th July.I could not believe my eyes when I read that article.I immediately called the person whom we are instructed to call for booking tickets.He said that 1200 tickets are already sold out and more tickets will be available after 10 days.Now,I am waiting these 10 days to end.I really hope that I get the tickets and get to meet Shreya unless the security guards allow me to do so(that is what I fear.The must allow her fans to meet).I have planned everything.The first thing which I am going to do after meeting Shreya is “touch her feet” and take her “blessings” which has become the most important need of my life.I have many other things which I will tell only after I meet Shreya.I request all of you to please pray for me.



Die – Hard fan of Shreya.

Baawri Hoon Main - Dekh Bhai Dekh

There’s a saying “Sabra Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai”.I think its very true because after the strike has ended,there has been atleast one two songs of Shreya in a week(touchwood).I would like it to continue in the same way.In the last post,I mentioned about Shreya’s upcoming projects and Dekh Bhai Dekh was one of them.The music is released and Shreya has one solo in it..Music is composed by Shadaab Bhartiya

I saw the trailor of this song on television some days ago.Since the,I fell in love with this song.The song runs for 5 minutes 40 seconds.It starts with the chirping of birds and continues with a wonderful tune played on flute.The composer has used typical instruments like “Dholak” which is mostly used in this type of a composition.The song is a melody(not exactly) with a slight folkish touch,specially in the stanzas.Dholak sounds very catchy at 1:00 after Shreya sings “Jhooli Main”.She sings Dhi Ta Na somewhere aroung 1:45 which is very impressive. Shreya starts with the song singing “Jee Karta Hai Ud Jaoon”As I told,the composer has used Dholak as a main instrument in the song.Shreya takes small small harkats in the song(which is one of her specialities),specially in the line “Ab To Jhoola Jhooli”.Note the way she stretches the word “Jhooli” between 3:15 – 3:20.Overall,the song is very fresh and nice.Hope you all would love it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

IIFA stays with us !

What I prayed to Lord Shiva came true.Well,it had to happen.The only deserving singer among the nominees wass Shreya.She had to win IIFA.I just got the good news from a News Channel and I was dancing with happiness.Shreya sang Teri Ore with so much feel that the audience could not find any other singer who deserved IIFA Award.Definitely,Thanks to Pritam for choosing Shreya to render Teri Ore.So,Shreya adds one more award to her kitty.

Many Many Congratulations Shreya :)

You once again made your fans feel proud

Always your supporter and a die - hard fan


Kyun Phoolon Ke - Kambakkht Ishq

Finally,the wait ends.Music of the most awaited movie Kambakkht Ishq is out and our Shreya has sung two songs in the movie.No,the song is same but there are two versions of the song.One is a duet with Shaan and other is the solo of Shreya,though there is hardly any difference in the songs.As we all know,Shreya has sung for Anu Malik after two and a half years of time.Phew….I had to wait a lot as this combo has given some memorable songs,be it Main Hoon Na songs or be it Soona Soona from Krishna Cottage,etc.

Lets talk about the solo as the duet is also completely same.Only the lines of Shaan(which are very less) are deleted from the song.So,if we talk about the duet or the solo,it means the same.Th first word came to my mind when I heard the song was MARVELLOUS.The song is so impressive that I was completely lost in the song.After Tere Bin for Jashnn,this song has increased my expectations for the album Blue in which Shreya has sung for Lara Dutta.Anywayz,let me come to the song again.The duet runs for 5 minutes 31 seconds and the solo runs for 4 minuttes 32 seconds.The song has a ANU MALIK STAMP on it(if you have heard his albums).Its a sad but a sweet song.The song starts with a beautiful tune played on Piano.The song ascends with lovely western beats which adds more colour to the melody and the whole feel of the song.The antaras of the song are simply mindblowing.There is a line in both the stanzas “Dil Kahe Ye Kyun Hua” after which Shreya comes back the line “Kyun……………” .I found it very impressive.I am not able to find suitable adjectives for the song.Hats off to Shreya for rendering the song amaizingly.What I think is that this song definitely deserves a Filmfare or a Star Screen next year.This can only happen if the producers promote the song.Please don’t miss the song.Its a masterpiece.

Ps:Here are some Upcoming Projects of Shreya: Blue,Short kut – The Con is On , Anubhav , Dekh Bhai Dekh , Chal Chalein , Mr Singh Mrs Mehta , Prem Ka Game,etc.I will update more soon.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Finally,the music of the most awaited movie “Jashnn” is out.I was expecting a lot from the music(only songs of Shreya) of this movie.Shreya has sung two duets in Jashnn,one with Shaan and other with KK.There is a correction in the information I gave about Jashnn.The music of the song “Tere Bin” is by Sandesh Shandilya,not by Toshi - Sharib,though Nazrein Kahan is by Toshi – Sharib.

Tere Bin – This one is a duet between with Shaan.The song is a romantic number full of emotions and feel.Shaan starts with the song and the first line “Tere Bin Kahan Humse” is so impressive that you will love the whole song.What can I say about Shreya??She,as usual sounds like a Nightingale in the song.The song does not has traditional instruments.Sandesh has used light instruments in the song.Shreya has sung some great songs with Sandesh before too.Last one was Pyar from a Punjabi Movie Jag Jeyondeyan De Mele.Anywayz,I think this song is one of the best songs of Shreya in 2009 .

Nazrein Kahan – Second and the last song is a duet with Shaan.Sadly,Shreya does not have much to sing in this song.The song is sung by KK,Sheya has sung only 2-3 lines in the song including some background vocals,though the song is very good.

Hope you people wil enjoy the songs!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Humko Kehna Hai - Kissan

I informed about Shreya’s song in Kissan some days ago.Shreyas is back with Dabboo Malik after Kisse Pyar Karoon,though many people did not find the songs appealing.They didn’t promote the songs at all.Anywayz,hope it does not repeat again.Shreya sings mostly in every movie of Dabboo Malik.I am happy because she is also back in Kambakkht Ishq with his brother Anu Malik.I will give more information about the song very soon.Lets talk about the song.

The song is titled “Humko Kehna Hai” and is a duet between Shreya and Shaan.It runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds.Its a sweet romantic number.with some Punjabi lyrics.It has a touch of 90’s songs.Shreya sounds very sweet in the song,specially when she sings Punjabi lyrics in the song.The song starts with a harmony by Shreya .Chorus plays a very important role in the song.Dabboo Malik has put Punjabi touch to the song by adding instruments used in Punjabi songs only.Shreya sings the first stanza and Shaan sings the second one.The song sounds more good when Shreya sings “Dil Ki Dewaar Pe……”

There is a line at the last one of first stanza “Dil Kehna Hai” after which chorus sings “Ranjhana” which also repeats in the second stanza.It makes the song more beautiful.Hope you will enjoy the song!

ps:I am very sorry if you find me posting little late.There is only one week left for my exams to start.I hope readers will understand.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morning Walk

As I informed some days ago about latest Hindi releases of Shreya,I also mentioned about Morning Walk.Finally,the music has released and Shreya had three songs in the album,one being a solo and other two- duets.Music is composed by Jeet Ganguly.Shreya also sang in Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang for him.I am very happy to hear new Hindi songs of Shreya after quite a long time.Thanks to that producer's strike.Anywayz,lets talk about the songs.

Bhor Bhaye – Its a 4 minute 56 seconds track.I must have told u all that its a semi classical number.We all know Shreya is extraordinary at rendering classical songs.The song is sung by Shreya Ghosha,Ustad Rashid Khan and Jui Borua.The song is supported by western beats like Tera Vo Pyar from Ru Ba Ru.Ustad Rashid Khan starts with the song and the song has an amaizing beginning.The chorus renders after Rashid Khan rendering “Door Andheri Khidki Se……………….”.Shreya starts after Rashid Khan rendering the same line “Bhor Bhayi” and I being a fan of classical numbers,was completely spellbound.Not only the tune,but the song also has a wonderful meaning.Shreya renders the stanza with realistic feel.She is the only einger who can do that .Jui Borua who seems new to me,sings at the end rendering English lyrics as background and Shreya and Rashid Khan continues the song with a outstanding sargam.I really loved the number.I have no words.I knew that this song would rock and I would request the youth to give equal importance to classical numbers as they give to peppy numbers.Dont miss the song!

Dolna – It’s a solo by Shreya and runs for 5 minutes 32 seconds.Shreya solos have always been special for her fans.Its a sad song with a semi classical touch.The song starts with an wonderful alaap which lasts till 40 seconds.The feel of the song is quite similar to that of Dhoop Kajli(again solo by Shreya.Most of you may not have heard it).Again,the song has deep lyrics by Nida Fazli.The song is supported by great instruments like Sarangi.Shreya can sing any type of song easily.It seems as if she was really feeling the emotions of the heroine while recording the track.She has the best control in her voice.Note the way Shreya sings "Dolna" at the end.I just loved the track but I wonder if they will promote the song.

Meethi Meethi Baatein - The kast track is a duet between Shreya and Shaan.Its a romantic number.It falls in the category of Shikdum(that was also a duet with Shaan) from Dhoom if I am not wrong.The song is completely different from the above two tracks.The song has some funny lyrics "Chai vai chodo".Shreya sounds very cute when she says"Acha" in the first stanza.

I am very touched with the tracks,specially the first two tracks.I hope they will promote the songs well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dhadakta Dil - Detective Naani

Here comes the first Hindi song of Shreya after the irritating strike.I think I didn't inform you all about Detective Naani.Anywayz,this movies was slated to release in 2007 but for some reason,the producers are releasing it this year.Shreya has sung one duet with Shaan titled "Dhadakta Dil".Music is composed by Jolly Mukherjee who is also known as "King of Strings".He is known for working with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra, where he combines percussion sampled from Bombay (such as the pakhvaj) with strings from Madras.

The song runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds.The song is a romantic melody,little different from usual romantic songs.Shaan starts with the song singing "Koi Aaye Ya Na Aaye........".Shreya continues with the song after the symphony ans is sounding extremely sweet.Jolly has used simple instruments which suits the song perfectly.Shreya sounds very cute when she sings "Chodo Tum Ae Jaane Ja" in the second stnza.The song is simple but very lovely.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally,the strike ends!

Some of you might be thinking that there has been a decline in Shreya's hindi songs.I also told you the reason i.e.PRODUCER'S STRIKE which has finally ended recently.But still,inspite of the strike,there were a few Hindi releasesd of Shreya:Maruti Mera Dosst,Kal Kissne Dekha,etc.

Anywayz,as I told you that this is not only in the case of Shreya.It affected every singer,every music director,every actor.So,since the strike has ended,Shreya is back with a bang in Bollywood.Today,I got the news that Shreya has sung in Mahesh Bhatt's Jashnn which is expected to have a mind boggling music.The music of Jashnn is composed by Toshi and Sharib.If you remember,Toshi Sabri was a contestant in Voice of India(1st season) and he is very talented.His song in Raaz-The Mystery Continues was a huge hit.His brother Sharib Sabri is also very talented who participated in SAREGAMA Challenge 2005.

The next movie in which Shreya has sung is Morning Walk.The music is composed by Jeet Ganguly.Shreya has also sung a thumri in Morning Walk and I am eagerly waiting for it.

Next one is Kissan and the music is composed by Dabboo Malik(brother of Anu Malik) who also composed for Kisse Pyar Karoon.

Here is the full information:


Song1 - Nazrein Karam - Shreya Ghoshal and KK
Song2 - Nazrein Karam(Kilogram Mix) - Shreya Ghoshal and KK
Song3 - Tere Bin - Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan.

Morning Walk

Song1 - Bhor Bhaye - Shreya Ghoshal,Ustad Rashid Khan and Joi Barua
Song2 - Dholna - Shreya Ghoshal
Song3 - Meethi Meethi Baatein - Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan


Song:Humko Kehna Hai - Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan

ps:I am sure the songs will rock.There's a lot more to come by Shreya this year.Shreya will surely sing in 3 Idiots which has music by Shantanu Moitra.