Friday, June 19, 2009

Shreya singing Girdhar ke Rang

Most of you must have seen Shreya’s performances in TVS SAREGAMA.Once she sang Girdhar when she was a contestant in SAREGAMA.I am not going to post that video here.I found a rare video of Shreya recently singing the same song.She also plays harmonium while singing.Shreya is the queen in every genre,be it classical,romantic songs or peppy numbers.Our Queen rocks.Enjoy !


G.Shyam said...

hai dude ur postings r good and i want the link of the video in wich shreyaji sings giridar song.

Nishant said...

Thank You G Shyam :)

After clicking on the video,you can get the link.

Anywayz,here it is:

Enjoy and Keep Visiting :)