Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Will my dream come true?

Some people say that DREAMS never come true but I have always believed on hard work and Lord Shiva which are the only two ways to convert our dreams into reality.Well,if you ask about my dreams,then many of you would guess correctly.Isn’t it?Yes,one of my biggest dream is to meet none other than “OUR QUEEN – SHREYA GHOSHAL”.I cannot express in words how much happiness I get when I see the most deserving Shreya winning the awards and accolades.Since Devdas,I became a mad fan(I would have become earlier if I had seen her performances TVS SAREGAMA) of Shreya.I was,I guess,12 years old when I heard her in Devdas and got to know what is real devotion.I may sound crazy to some of you but my life would be incomplete if I don’t meet Shreya atleast once in my lifetime.I have been praying to Bholenath(that’s what I call Lord Shiva) for long that I must get an opportunity to meet Shreya atleast once and guess what,he heard prayer very soon and yesterday,I got the news that she is going to perform in Delhi at Siri Fort Auditorium on 26th July.I could not believe my eyes when I read that article.I immediately called the person whom we are instructed to call for booking tickets.He said that 1200 tickets are already sold out and more tickets will be available after 10 days.Now,I am waiting these 10 days to end.I really hope that I get the tickets and get to meet Shreya unless the security guards allow me to do so(that is what I fear.The must allow her fans to meet).I have planned everything.The first thing which I am going to do after meeting Shreya is “touch her feet” and take her “blessings” which has become the most important need of my life.I have many other things which I will tell only after I meet Shreya.I request all of you to please pray for me.



Die – Hard fan of Shreya.


Bhanu said...

Good luck Nishanth!, i am sure you will meet her and express everything that you have been planning so far.Bholenath bohoth bhole hain...aapki khwaish zaroor poori karenge :-)...hope to see pics of you with shreya in this blog soon :-)

Nishant said...

Thank You Bhanu

Yes.you are rite.....I hope meri khwahish zaroor poori hogi :)