Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anwar (Malayalam)

Finally, the most awaited songs of Shreya have released. Yes, I am talking about Anwar. The movie which was already making waves among Shreya fans and the great news is that, its Malayalam this time.

Shreya has sung two songs in the movie. One sung by four singers (though fully sung by Shreya, others singers are chorus singers) and the other one is a duet with Naresh Iyer. Music has been composed by Gopi Sundar who also composed Vennilave which still is a favorite among her fans, and will always stay.

Lets talk about "Kizhakku Pookkum". It s been sung by Shreya, Sabbari Brothers, Navin Iyer & Raqueeb Alam. It runs for 5 minutes 7 seconds. The song is a perfect blend of Qawalli and Carnatic music. The song starts with a harmony by a chorus singer followed by a background music played on harmonium. Shreya starts with the song beautifully with clappings supporting her at the background. Since its a qawalli, so you might be aware which beats this song would be having. Shreya's vocals completely melts in your heart. The composition is so rich and fresh. The chorus singing "Khalbila Thee" is an major phase of the song. The song is supported by amazing instruments like harmonium, dholak, tabla, sarangi, flute, etc. The interludes are composed fantastically by Gopi Sundar. The antaras are well composed suiting the theme of the song. I don't know what adjectives should I use to praise the singing of Shreya here. Sabbari Bros have done an awesome job in the song as well. The amazing sargam in the second interlude adds the best finishing touch to the song. I am sure the song will become a rage all over, specially down Kerala. Shreya has used different harkats.I am not surprised as she is the queen of expressions. I won't be surprised if I see Shreya winning a Filmfare for this one.

Next song is titled "Kanninima Neele" which is a duet by Shreya Ghoshal & Naresh Iyer.It runs for 3 minutes 53 seconds. It starts with a beautiful piece played on matka (which is widely used in Carnatic Music). It can even replace dholak in many songs. Shreya starts with the song first and I liked the song in first hearing itself. Everything is very impressive about the song. I really liked the way Shreya sings her first line which doesn't have the space to breathe. Its a very unique romantic song and again, one of the best Malayalam songs of Shreya. Naresh has given good company to her in the second antara. So far, all Malayalam songs of Shreya have been fabulous. Hope we'll get to hear more Malayalam songs by Shreya in near future.

Shreya's song in Jhoota Hee Sahi

Shreya has tweeted last year(when she joined Twitter) that she had sung for AR Rahman in 1-800 Love. To the ones who are still not aware, let me tell them that the title has been changed to Jhootha Hee Sahi. So, do not wait for 1-800 Love now!

The trailor of the movie was out last week and promo of the first song came out some two days ago and the great news is that the song is sung by Shreya. Its titled “Cry Cry” which is a duet with Rashid Ali. So, I am posting the trailor of that song here, though I had already posted it in the Twitter fanclub (@ultimateshreya) More talks on the song when the music will release.

Here you go:

Chori Chori - Kis Hudh Tak..

It’s the time to write about Shreya’s new Hindi song from the movie “Kis Hudh Tak”. Though the track list was out many days ago but the songs some more time to release. Shreya has one duet with Abhijeet in this movie. Lets talk about it now!

The song is titled "Chori Chori" and music has been composed by Abid Shah (never heard of him before). Since its a low budget movie, you cannot expect the song to be promoted well. Even the trailor is not on the music channels till now. Its a 3 minutes 35 seconds. Its a romantic song with simple instrumentation.We have heard songs like these before in the compositions of Dabboo Malik. The song has a flavor of 90s melodies and Abhijeet, after a long time has finally sung a song and I could feel the stretch in his voice in the first antara. Shreya, as always is sweet in the song but I am not too happy with the composition. Its a simple romantic song and Shreya has sung second antara.Though the tune is good, but there's something which is missing. Shreya rocks as usual :)

Autograph (Bangla)

Now I am going to write about new Bangla songs of Shreya. Its from the movie Autograph. Shreya has sung two beautiful solos in the movie composed by Debojyoti Mishra (who also composed Megher Palok).

The first song is “Chal Rastay” which runs for 4 minutes 14 seconds. The song starts with a beautiful piece played on Piano. The song is so wonderfully sung by Shreya.The way she has pronounced every word is trulu amazing.I am completely speechless. Fabulous composition by Debojyoti Mishra! The song has so much peace into it.The moment you hear it, you are completely in some other world. Its supported with light instruments. The background music is very soothing. It has some shades of Shantanu Moitra’s compositions. The more you hear this song, more you will get addicted. Hats off to Shreya and Debojyoti for such a wonderful song!!

Second and the last song is titled "Uthche Jege".Its again a solo by Shreya having duration of 3 minutes 35 seconds. Its not a melody exactly but sort of a melody with light western beats. Though I don't understand the language, but I guess its a song of celebration and happiness.Note the harmonies by Shreya at the end of the song. Our Nightingale is completely a rockstar!

Hope you will like both the song and please do not miss "Chal Rastay".

Eradu Jadeyannu - Jackie

Finally, I am here to talk about one of my recent favorite songs of Shreya. Its again a Kannada track from the movie Jackie and it released many days ago but I couldn’t write about it. Anyway, lets talk about it now!

Its titled “Eradu Jadeyannu” and its a duet by Our Nightingale and Sonu Nigam. Music has been composed by V.Harikrishna. It runs for 4 minutes 45 seconds. The song starts with a very beautiful tune which I find quite similar to the one played in Jiva Rangala (Shreya also won 4th National Award for this).This tune gets repeated in the whole song. Its a melody and it has a slight oldies flavor to it. The song is so sweet and Shreya's voice makes it even more sweeter.The instrumentation, composition and singing ofcourse is fabulous.If you notice, the tune played from 1:29 is quite similar to the one played in the starting of Saansein Ghulne Lagi (Aetbaar). The antaras are made perfectly.Its one of the sweetest melodies I've heard till date. The second interldue involved a great piece played on the instrument like Guitar and I really liked the way Shreya started with first antara after the interlude finishes.I am in love with this song! So, if you miss this song, you are in a loss!