Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chori Chori - Kis Hudh Tak..

It’s the time to write about Shreya’s new Hindi song from the movie “Kis Hudh Tak”. Though the track list was out many days ago but the songs some more time to release. Shreya has one duet with Abhijeet in this movie. Lets talk about it now!

The song is titled "Chori Chori" and music has been composed by Abid Shah (never heard of him before). Since its a low budget movie, you cannot expect the song to be promoted well. Even the trailor is not on the music channels till now. Its a 3 minutes 35 seconds. Its a romantic song with simple instrumentation.We have heard songs like these before in the compositions of Dabboo Malik. The song has a flavor of 90s melodies and Abhijeet, after a long time has finally sung a song and I could feel the stretch in his voice in the first antara. Shreya, as always is sweet in the song but I am not too happy with the composition. Its a simple romantic song and Shreya has sung second antara.Though the tune is good, but there's something which is missing. Shreya rocks as usual :)

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Sehrinaz said...

Hellow Nishant;

I just heard the song, the song is too siple, doesn't have the "it" thing. Abhijeet isn't at his best. Can't get the 'feeling' when you listen to the song. What was the music director thinking while he was recording it?? Shreya gave a sweetness to the song, but couln't save the song! To bad actually when you have these 2 talented singers you have to create magic not waist the song like this. Next time better. :))