Sunday, January 4, 2015


The voice that has been blessing our mind and soul for more than a decade now, the person so grounded and down to earth even after achieving success which no one singer of this generation has achieved. Yes, I am talking of none other than THE SHREYA GHOSHAL!!

It won’t be an understatement if I say that she has become an icon for millions all over the world. Considering the number of awards she has got so far, I won’t be surprised to know if she has a separate room to keep them.

As you all know, she was introduced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Devdas in 2002. The spell bounding factor in the voice of Paro was enough to make the music directors believe that “Yes, she is a rare gem and a talent par excellence the music industry has been blessed with”

Followed by hits after hits, she became one of the busiest singers of the industry. The whole industry was blessed to have a singer like Shreya Ghoshal who is perfectly classically trained and very versatile at the same time. Many critics thought that she was suited only for romantic and classical songs but her songs like Ye Ishq Hai, Barso Re, Chikni Chameli, Ooh La La, Balma and many more were enough to convert those critics into firm believers in her talent.

From classical numbers (Bhor Bhaye, Aami Je Tomar) to thumris (Chale Aao Saiyyan) to ghazals (Humnasheen) to item numbers (Chikni Chameli, Balma) and ofcourse romantic numbers, she has sung it all and proved her to be the QUEEN OF VERSATILITY as well.

What is even more inspiring that she has not only been singing in Bollywood, but she is also the reigning queen of singing in regional cinemas as well (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Punjabi, Marathi, etc.). Her regional songs, especially songs down south have been huge chartbusters since her first Tamil song “Chellame Chellam” from the movie “Album”. From Ilaiyaraja (Tamil) to Mani Sharma (Telugu) to Mano Murthy (Kannada) to M.Jayachandran (Malayalam) to Bangla (Jeet Ganguly), she has been a favorite of all the music directors. (Please note I have mentioned only a few composers. Nearly all the composers down south have applauded her). And ofcourse, her diction is even better than the local singers down south (personal statement by my friends belonging to South India)

What has been more captivating is that she has been consistent in terms of her down to earth nature. In fact, I feel she is becoming even more humble by each passing day and that’s what (apart from singing has attracted the audience towards her. No wonder she has got highest number of likes on her official Facebook page, leaving behind all the actors and actresses of Bollywood.

She has surpassed all the qualities of being a perfect singer. I believe she is perfection herself. She has accepted every challenge as a singer and won the hearts of music lovers again and again. No wonder why she is an inspiration for every other participant in singing reality shows and youngsters aspiring to become singers.

Recently Shantanu Moitra tweeted that what comes in his mind before recording with Shreya is “How can I challenge her”. I think this statement says it all.  


-       Obviously, her voice
-       Her innocence
-       The way she interacts with her fans
-       Some words from SG Dictionary ;)
-       Her giggles in some of her songs
-       The way she talks
-       Her down to earth nature…


I can write this article on and on but I’ll have to stop somewhere.

I would like to tell Shreya di (as we lovingly call her) that you are our star, our inspiration. Our day starts and ends with your songs. Please stay the same always. We fans love you more than anything else.You have become a major part of our lives.

Your Encyclopedia
- Nishant