Thursday, March 24, 2011

Premalekha Raasene (Telugu)

Hi all Shreya fans! I am finally back..was too busy with college..also couldn’t tweet much..Thanks for cooperating! :)

This post is for a new Telugu song of Shreya.This song released quite a few days ago but as I told you, couldn’t post. The song is composed by Salim - Sulaiman. Yes, you must have guessed that this song is gonna be the one Shreya recorded with Sreeram but No!! As I heard, the song with Shreeram was deleted from the movie because of some reasons. I was eagerly waiting for that song but felt very bad when I heard that it got deleted. Thats replaced by another song which is sung by Shreya and Salim.

The track runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds. Its a romantic track, with a little qawalli touch. It starts with a romantic tune, followed by qawalli kind of a dholak piece supported with Salim's voice. This song is a typical Salim - Sulaiman merchant. The instrumentation, singing ofcourse, synchronization is superb. Shreya starts with the song first in her mesmerizing voice. The first interlude involves a superb tune played on harmonium, supported by Shreya's small alaap.The antaras are very soulful, accordingly composed to suit the theme of the song. Hope you guys didnt miss this superb number!! Definitely one of the best Shreya has sung in Telugu!

ps: I dnt beleive in being formal when I am writing about any song. I simply write what I feel about the song! Hope you all are happy with it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to "Our Queen - Shreya Ghoshal"

Its a celebration day for me and every Shreya fan in the world.Its the day when our Nightingale and living legend Shreya Ghoshal was born.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Shreya di :)..You are the most humble human being I have ever met in my life..YOU ARE THE BEST..Beleive me when I say this. :)

Your Encyclopedia -


ps: Guys, I will write the pending posts in some days..I have been very busy for the past some days..Anyway, the wait is over now! So stay tuned :)