Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shreya sings Star Privaar title track

Shreya has sung the title track of Star Privaar Awards. Its a duet between Shreya and Shaan. I am not sure about the composer but I guess, its Lalit Sen.

You can hear the track online here:

After opening the link , scroll down and click on SPA 09 title track.

Bahara - I Hate Love Storys

Finally , one of the most awaited songs of Shreya releases.I remember Shreya tweeting about recording two beautiful tracks with Vishal – Shekhar and Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy.She recorded in I Hate Love Storys for V-S and in Stepmom’s remake for S-E-L. The track from I Hate Love Storys has released and its titled "Bahara".

Its sung by Shreya Ghoshal and another female singer Sona Mohapatra.The track runs for 5 minutes 25 seconds.Its a mixture of folk and romance.Sona has sung all the folk portions which comes as a background in the song and it blends perfectlt with the theme of the track.Shreya finally takes you to the another world by her mesmerizing voice singing "Soyi Soyi Palkon Pe...." .I got reminded of Zara Sa Halka Sa , Ishq Hi Hai Rab and Teri Ore after I heard this track for the first time and I am sure many of you would agree with me.Shreya , as usual sounds angelic in the track.I really liked the way she pronounced "Chain to hua faraar vey".The first interlude again , involves the folk singing by Sona followed by a beautiful played on strings.The lyrics are very dreamy.Basically , the song is also on the theme when a girl is dreaming.But I think Shreya could have done justice to the folk portions as well, though Sona sang it effortlessly but "Shreya ki to kuch aur hi baat hai " :). The antaras are very fresh and I liked the way Shreya extends the word "Vo".It gives new dimension to the track.The second interlude also has folk portions followed by an amazing harmony and sargam by Shreya..If promoted well , the song will be a big chart buster.I wish Punit Malhotra promotes this track well.Thanks to Shreya and Vishal - Shekhar as well for giving us this gem :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ali Maula - Le Chakka (Bangla)

Finally , I am posting about my recent favorite number of Shreya which is titled “Ali Maula”. It’s a Bangla track from the movie “Le Chakka”. Music is composed by Indradeep Dasgupta.

Shreya has sung the track with Shaan and Shadab Hussain.The track is a mixture of Sufism and melody.The track starts with Shadaab singing "Ya Ali" giving a Qawalli type of a touch to the song and you just wait Shreya to sing the same lines.But unfortunately , that doesn't happens.Instead Shaan proceeds with the song changing the theme of the track from a qawalli to a romantic track.Finally,Shreya comes at 1:43 singing with her mesmerizing voice.The first interlude has something very special for us(Shreya fans). Well , Shreya sings Ali Maula amazingly with a classical touch which will surely give u big goosebumps.The way she has sung those words is truly mesmerizing.The composer Indradip has done an awesome job but I wish it was a solo of Shreya.The track has only one antara.The song ends amazingly with Shadaab's singing.

ps:Pleas hear Shreya's tracks irrespective of language.Music has no barrier for languages.Shreya has done wonders in regional languages as well. So , please give it a try atleast !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shreya's fanclub created by me on Twitter !

Most of you must be knowing about Shreya’s fan club I have created by me. Shreya has supported me a lot. She retweeted the link of the fan club and I got 200 more followers in one day !So , please follow the fan club for latest updates of our Nightingale and if you can, please pass it on to other Shreya fans also.

Here is the link:

Dangal from Kushti (TRAILER)

Since the songs of the movie Kushti are taking a lot of time to release , I am posting the trailer of Shreya’s song from that movie till the songs releases.And I’ll talk about the song after I hear full song.For the time being , its sung by Shreya and Srinivas and yes , it stars Khali !!

Here is the link for the trailer:

ps:Many songs will soon release like Bahara from I Hate Love Storys , Khuda Mere Khuda from Krantiveer , etc.

Balukthalamma Nam Kaveri - Naanu Nanna Kanasu

Hello Shreya fans !!

Sorry for posting late but my exams were going on and I didn’t want to post in a hurry , though I was quite active in the Twitter fanclub of Shreya but reviewing the songs needs more concentration.Anywayz , continuing the tradition of the blog , I am here with the next new Kannada release of Shreya. Its from the movie "Naanu Nanna Kanasu".The movie released some days ago but the songs were not available anywhere !.

Shreya has sung a duet with Hemanth Kumar titled "Baluktalamma Nam Kaveri". Music is composed by Hamsalekha.The track runs for 5 minutes 52 seconds.It brings us both the south Indian and punjabi flavor.It starts with Hemanth Kumar singing the Punjabi lines supported by Punjabi beats and the theme of the track completely changes when Shreya starts with "Balukthalamma...." .Hemanth Kumar again sings Punjabi lines in the mukhda.The song is supported by traditional instruments like dholak , matka(used mostly in Karnatic music).As I said , the song is a mixture of Punjab and Bangalore(if I am write) , the theme of the song keeps changing from Punjabi music to Karnatic music and vice versa.The antaras are fantabulous and also quite difficult but what is difficult for our Shreya.She can manage every type of track !.I really liked the way she pronounced "Pacche pacche payirina sogasu" (Please forgive me for wrong spellings).There is hardly any space to take breathe in the antara but Shreya sings it effortlessly.Hats off !!.. The way she holds her voice in the line "Nadiyamba Nariye" is AWESOME !!.. Thats called real singing.

Don't miss the track please. !!

Hats off to Shreya :).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From reality shows to playback stardom - Shreya's journey !

Shreya Ghoshal is all excited about 'Raavan' and talks to Shankaran Malini about music industry, her big inspirations and things that she likes.

Growing up with music

I spent about 13 years of my childhood in Rawatbhata, a small village near Kota, Rajasthan. It was a township, which was cut off from the urban city life. I used to travel 10 KM up and down to Kota to learn music. I learnt classical Hindustani there. In fact, one of my initial achievements was at this place. I was nine years old then. I didn’t get the opportunity to learn Carnatic music. Then 'Sa Re Ga Ma' gave me a lot of exposure. But my first big break was singing for 'Devdas'.

Inspiration from family

My mom is a housewife and my dad an engineer. We Bengalis simply love music. My mother has been my musical inspiration and even today I look up to her opinion — be it criticism or appreciation. I need her guidance forever. But my dad silently appreciates me and whatever I am today is because of him.

Reality shows — then and now?

When I won 'Sa Re Ga Ma', the platform didnt actually become a reality show. It wasn’t that big or commercial. There wasn’t an audience reaction like today. TV itself was not that big those days. Judges in such shows used to be big names from classical music such as Zakir Hussain, Girija Devi and the like. But now the format has changed a lot. People from all over the world watch these shows, therefore the reach is bigger. Audiences make heroes out of their singers. I believe that the scope for classical music still exists, which I realised when I was doing 'Music Ka Maha Muqabla'.

Your take on mobile auditions

It is yet another platform which is commercially beneficiary to audiences. I feel it’s a good move. And as we live in a fast paced world, innovation is the key to success. There was a time when audio cassettes were popular and then audio CDs took over. But now it is the age of Internet downloads and mobile downloads.

Your take on remixes

I haven’t done a remix song as yet although some songs of mine have been remixed. Honestly I liked the original versions better. I'm okay with doing a remix as long as it enhances the song. I feel music enthusiasts do a fantastic job with remixes.

Is the music industry’s still a man’s world?

I would not completely agree with it. It’s a phase. Currently, it is Sufi music that is the trend and that is a male-dominated area. But things will not be the same forever.

About being a versatile singer

All that I can say is I pay close attention to the music director and lyricist when the concept and situation of a song is being explained. I write down the lyrics in Devanagri marking all the places with required accents. I try my best to sing it as perfectly as possible. But there have been occasions when I have made mistakes and I read the reviews on the Internet. I only try to improve myself.

Current projects

My next in Tamil will be 'Endhiran' and 'I Hate Luv Stories' in Hindi.

Role Model

My role model has always been Lataji.

Music director you want to work with?

Harris Jeyaraj. I have sung for 'Anniyan', one of his projects. It so happened that whenever a possibility of a project would come up with him, it would not materialise owing to some reason or the other.

Would love to playback for?

Waheeda Rehman. How I wish I could sing for those B/W movies of hers.

AR Rahman

For me he has always been iconic and always full of surprises. It was for 'Enakku 20 Unakku 18' when I sang 'Azhagiya Askava'. That was my foray in Tamil. After that, it was only for 'Sillunu Oru Kadhal' that I sang 'Munbe Vaa', which went on to become a hit. Following that 'Vinnaithadi Varuvaya' and now 'Raavan'. He never repeats genres in his works and is the only music director whom I have seen working late till night. I have enjoyed working with him. I admire his patience. Thanks to him, I have experimented with so many genres.


I am in awe of the music, the singers and music directors of the city. That apart, whenever I am here, I visit Saravana Bhavan and eat idlis and chutneys from Murugan Idli Kadai. I love the Chettinadu cuisine here.

Rapid Fire:

Can’t live without: My phone, just switched loyalties with Blackberry

Most prized possession: It’s an old Harmonium that I first used when I started to learn music.

Favourite show: How I met Your Mother

Style statement: A pair of jeans and white shirt

Fitness mantra: Treadmill and cardio.

Love to dig into: Thai cuisine, followed by Bengali cuisine and Kongunadu

What are you humming at the moment:

'Jo Dil Mein Kushi', a Lataji and Hemant Kumar composition — my all-time favourite

Favourite book: Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake and The Unaccustomed Earth

Unforgettable lesson at school: It used to be the little quarrels during my school days. I was both the noisemaker and the newsmaker

Your biggest fear: Music should never become a burden

Favourite singers: P Susheela and S Janaki

Lyricists : Gen X lyricists are doing a great job

If not a playback singer: I'd have become a scientist


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shreya wins Suvarna Award for Na Naguva Modalene

Our Nightingale has won Swarna Award (Popular Choice) for my favorite and the very deserving “Na Naguva Modalene” from the movie Manasaare.I am very happy that she got the award for this track.She even retweeted my tweet regarding this information and she replied back to one of my tweets saying "Ofcourse :) " where I asked if she was happy with my blog and other updates :) .I am feeling very satisfied today.Thanks a lot Shreya di for your blessings.

And Hearty Congratulations for the Swarna Award..God Bless u always :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Shreya's old Bangla album "Ekti Katha"

I was simply sitting and thought of hearing some old Bangla classics of our Nightingale which she recorded as a kid and I came through her Bangla album “Ekti Katha” .which I have also heard many times before. The specialty of this album is that the songs are the Bangla versions of old songs from 1960s – 1970s.

I was very delighted to hear Shreya singing those old classics. And I couldn’t stop myself to tell you all about it.

These are the Bangla tracks:

01.Mon Chai - "Ruk Ja Ae Hawa" ; "Shagrid" , MD : Laxmikant - Pyarelal
02. Jibone Mor Hoyo Tumi Shathi - "Jivan Dor Tum Sang" ; "Sati Savitri" ; MD : Laxmikant - Pyarelal

03. Esharae Mon Ki Bhore - "Bechara Dil Kya Kare" ; "Khushboo" ; MD : RDB
04.Shob Asha Diye Nibhaye - " Aaj Socha To" ; "Hanste Zakhm" ; MD : Madan Mohan
05.Jaha Bole Bole Kore - "Haule Haule Chalo Mere Sajna" ; "Sawan Ki Ghata" ; MD : OP Nayyar
06. Ekti Katha - Ashaji'r Bangla gaan'r remake (Hindi version hochhhe "Ruk Meri Jaan", "Bundalbaaz" ; MD : RD Burman)
07. Kato Moru Path Jaye - "Rasme Ulfat" ; "Dil Ki Raahein" ; MD : Madan Mohan
08. O Phuler Dal Amai - Usha Mangeshkar'r gaoa original gaan'r remake; MD : Salil Chowdhury
09.Baloto Arshi Tumi M - Nirmala Misra'r gaan'r remake ; MD : Abhijit Banerjee
10. Gache Je Dur Chole - "Jaaiye Aap Kahan" ; "Kismat" ; MD : OP Nayyar
11. Projapoti Projapoti - Sabita Chowdhury original track ; MD : Salil Chowdhury (Hindi version "Jaaneman Jaaneman" ; "Chhoti Si Baat")
12. Ei Charukeshe - Arati Mukherjee original track; MD : Ustad Sagiruddin Khan

As I couldn’t find any link to hear the songs online , so I am giving you the link to download them:

Shreya nominated in IIFA Awards !!

Our Nightingale has been nominated for her chartbuster track “Zoobi Doobi” from “Three Idiots”. Its sad to see that other songs of Shreya which deserved to be the winner are not even nominated. I can understand it with other award functions but didn’t expect it from IIFA as it nominated Thode Badmash And Mere Dholna once which were not nominated in any other award functions. But we know , Shreya is above all these awards.

And I wish her best of luck for IIFA and all her upcoming songs and concerts.

The nominations are:

Shreya Ghoshal- 'Zoobi Doobi' ( 3 Idiots)
Kavita Seth- 'Iktara' (Wake Up Sid)
Rekha Bharadwaj- 'Sasural Genda Phool' ( Delhi 6)
Sunidhi Chauhan – 'Chor Baazari' (Love Aaj Kal)
Shilpa Rao- 'Moodi Moodi' ( Paa)
Tulsi Kumar-'Hafiz Khuda' (8X10 Tasveer)

Kalvaare Lyrics with translation (Thanks to Kiran Raj)

I am posting the lyrics of Kalvaare with its translation .Its given by a very dear friend Kiran Raj who keeps giving us translations of Kannada songs too.This time , he has tried it with a Tamil song , though he is not much familiar with the language. He is also not sure if the meaning is accurate but still , I am sure he must have done a fabulous job.But please bear with the mistakes , if any :)

Kalvarae kalvarae
Kalvarae kalvarae
Kanpugum kalvarae
Kaikondu Paareero
Kankondu Saereero
Kalai Solli Thaareero

(O Mr.Thief (!!!!)…

Who is immersed in my eyes…

Looking through hands…

Entering through the eyes…

Please teach me that art…)

Ummai Enni Ummai Enni Oomai Kangal Thoongathu
Thalaiva En Thalaiva Agamareveero.. Arulpuriveero..

(Thinking of you…my heart has gone numb…eyes have stopped sleeping…

King (Boss)…My King…Will you bless me…? Will you favour me with a boon…?)

Vaaram Thoarum Aazhagin Bharam
Koodum Koodum Kuraiyathu
Uravae En Uravae Udai Kalaiveero
Udal Aniveero

(Week after week…the weight of the beauty…

Meeting repeatedly doesn’t satiate me…

Love…O my Love…Will you undress me…?

And cover me with your body…?)

En Aasai En Aasai
Naana Solvaen
En Aasai Naana Solvaen
En Aasai Neeyae Sonnal
Kannalae Aamam Enbaenae

(What my desire is…I can always tell you…

But if you can express (guess) it yourself…

I will concur with my eyes…)

Engengae Udathum Poagum
Angangae Uyirum Pogum
Anbala Aalacholvaenae
Valimigum Idangal
Valimigaa Idangal
Thamizhukku Therigindrathey
Valimigum Idangal
Valimigaa Idangal
Thangalukku Therigindrathaa

(Wherever your lips are going…

My breath is following them…

I am asking you to rule me with your Love…

The parts that pain…

The parts that don’t…

Tamil(ian) always knows…

The parts that pain…

The parts that don’t…

Do you know at all…?)

Kalvarae kalvarae
Kalvarae kalvarae
Kanpugum Kalvarae
kaikondu Paareero
Kankondu Saereero
Kalai Solli Thaareero

(O Mr.Thief (!!!!)…

Who is immersed in my eyes…

Looking through hands…

Entering through the eyes…

Please teach me that art… )

Kalvarae kalvarae
Kalvarae kalvarae
Kanpugum Kalvarae
kaikondu Paareero
Kankondu Saereero
Kalai Solli Thaareero

(O Mr.Thief (!!!!)…

Who is immersed in my eyes…

Looking through hands…

Entering through the eyes…

Please teach me that art…)

Kalvare - Raavanan

Finally, I am posting about Kalvaare. Sorry guys but again, the so called exams are on my head now. So, didn’t get time to post before. Anyway, I don’t think I am much late. So, let me continue with the post.

I was very sad that after I saw the track list of Ravan( Hindi) but I knew that she would have a song in Raavanan (Tamil) as Shreya herself told that in Twitter few months ago. Shreya has sung the Tamil version of Khilli Re. I don't understand why Shreya was not there in Raavan. Anyway , continuing with the Tamil version, the song is titled "Kalvare". It is a solo by Shreya. Music is by AR Rahman.

After the mesmerizing Mannipaaya , I was very curious to hear the next song of the fantabulous combo of Shreya and Rahman.They create magic!! . So , lets see if the same magic is created in Kalvaare or they have gone one step ahead of creating miracles. Kalvaare is a short track which runs for 4 minutes 12 seconds.After I heard the track , I just said that "Rahman is back with his old melodies" which I also felt when I heard Mannipaaya. What more you need when Shreya sings this type of a track ? The song starts with a small beautiful interlude and Shreya picks up with the song and the first line itself haunts you.Its an amazing beautiful melody which would take you to another world.Shreya sings every single word with emotions and completely overshadows Reena Bhardwaj who sang the Hindi version. Khilli Re would have been more beautiful if Shreya sang it!!

Coming back to the track , the song has something very special for us - an amazing interlude by chorus after the mukhda.It has amazing alaaps by the chorus supported by flute , tabla which gives peace to the mind.The song has a Hindustani classical music touch. The stanza/antara is fabulous.The way Shreya sings En Aasai Neeye Sonnal will melt your heart. It also has slight zig zag notes when she sings "Valimigum Idangal...Thamizhukku Therigindrathey.

Please don't miss this song thinking that its a Tamil song. As I always say , please hear regional songs of Shreya too.Music has no barrier for languages.

Thank you Shreya and Rahman for giving this masterpiece !! :) ..Hats off !!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mella Mella Ee Preethi

Another Kannada song of Shreya is out.Its from the movie "Nanjangud Nanjunda". As the title of the post suggests , the song is titled "Mella Mella Ee Preethi" .Music is composed by KV Ravichandra. Its a duet sung by our Nightingale Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam.

The track runs 4 minutes 13 seconds.Its a romantic track starts with a amazing interlude. Sonu Nigam starts with the song first and I am quite impressed with his vocals this time ( though I am not his fan to be frank) .As usual, Shreya mesmerises us with her honey soaked voice.This song comes in the category when the couple is dancing together in tha rain ( I am just guessing).The song is supported by many instruments like saxaphone , guitar , etc.The first line "Mella Mella" is very romantic , though i don't understand the language. The stanzas are excellent with a little naughtiness.Saxaphone plays a major role in the track.This reminds me of many rainy songs from late 90s (Bollywood).KV Ravichandra has done an awesome job and needless to say , Shreya rocks like always.

I am sure you all are going to love it !

Gelluba Gelluba - Nooru Janmaku

Finally , I am back with a new post. This time, its about a Kannada song.Shreya has a solo in it.The song is titled "Gelluba Gelluba". Music is composed by Mano Murthy.

The track runs for 4 minutes 34 seconds.Its a Arabic style of a track with amazing arabic beats.Mano Murthy has never tried this style of track with Shreya before. Shreya sounds completely different ( like she sounded in the telugu track Okkasari) and proves again that there is no one like her in rendering different genres. People who are not aware of every song of Shreya will obviously not able to recognise her voice in this track .She has again shut the mouth of her critics. The arabic lines are sung by some other singer.Make anyone hear any romantic track of Shreya and Gelluba Gelluba simultaneously and tell me if they are able to recognise the voice.Thats the specialty of our Nightingale !! Thats all I can say about this track..

ps: Next post coming about another new Kannada song !