Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tere Liye - Prince

Next song I am going to write about is Tere Liye from the movie Prince. Its track listing was out 2 months ago and I was quite sure that it was fake. I was right to an extent. Shreya definitely has a song in it but the track list had Shreya’s name 4 times. She has only sing Tere Liye in the movie.Its a duet with Atif Aslam(whom I never liked much.Sorry to his fans).Its the first time Shreya has sung with him.Music is composed by Sachin Gupta with lyrics penned by Sameer.

Its a 4 minutes track.Before proceeding,let me tell you that this song has emotions,sadness,romance and energy and its perfectly supported with western instruments( great combination ah?) .Its a westernised track with romantic lyrics.Shreya starts with a song singing "Jaagi Jaagi soyi na main Tere Liye"...Shreya has completely modulated her voice in this song , specially in the antaras.I am sure people who listen to songs just for fun will not be able to recognize her voice in this track.As I said,I never liked Atif much but he sounds quite better in this song but I don't like he pronounces the words , specially "da".Anyways, Shreya sounds even more different in the antaras.I have been hearing this song continuously everyday.

I bow to your versatility Shreya :)

ps:There are many songs lined up.I'll write soon about them.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rang Dalunga Chunari

Hello friends. I aH Hello friends.I am back with my posts. The reason of not posting is that I wanted the article “Met My God -2” to be the first post for some days. That’s what I did when I met her last time. I think I did not post for 10 days then. Anyway, I am back again. Shreya had many new releases in Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada this week.

The song I am goin The song to write about is from the movie “Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein”. The song is titled “Rang Dalunga Chunari”. Music is by Dabboo Malik and sung by Shreya and Udit Narayan.Two other singers have also sung. They don’t have much important role to play in the song. Many of you must have guessed the theme of the song from the title of the song. Yes, it’s a song of Holi celebration .Shreya have sung many Holi songs earlier like Rang Daalo from “Banaras” , Holi Hai from “RGV Ki Aag”. Rang Dalunga is also of the same theme and we can relate all the Holi songs. The beats are mostly same in all the holi songs. This song doesn’t surprise us and gives us the same mood like other Holi songs. The track is full of fun and naughtiness. Also, Holi is on Monday, so I am writing on a correct date. Versatile Shreya sounds very sweet in the song , specially in the dialogues which comes in both the antaras.I don’t have much to say about the song as it has the usual theme which you all have already heard.

Hope you will enjo Hope you guys will enjoy the track and Happy Holi to Shreya and all her fans :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Met My God - Part 2

All of you must be knowing about Shreya's concert in Delhi which happend on Valentines Day after I got the news of her concert , I couldn't do anything except surfing the net for getting tickets or passes.As you all know,I am a devotee of Shreya and getting the news for her concert made me jump off my chair.Finally, I got to know about the pass distribution in some mall.I immediately bought the passes and was waiting for 14th February to come like crazy !

Only one day was left and Shreya was doing a concert in Pune.Suddenly,I saw the news channel and heard that there was a bomb blast in Pune.All fans including me were going mad and only after Shreya confirmed that she was safe,I could breathe.Anyways, instead of talking more about bomb blasts(which makes me worried about those people who lost their closed ones) , I should proceed with my post.

Finally the day came. Just after I woke up , I couldn't think of anything else except meeting with Shreya.I bought a beautiful photo frame from market and put the snap which I had taken the last time I met her. I also bought a birthday card (hoping that I would give if I meet her) for her because her birthday is only one month far. I reached the place with my family where the Nightingale had to perform. Since I had only general passes, I couldn't enter through the VIP Gate. After seeing the tight security, I had completely lost hope that I would meet her. There was so much crowd and I , with my family simply entered the ground which was for the people with general passes. The concert finally started but it was not Shreya who started but some SAREGAMAPA contestant(don't remember his name. Had never seen him on television even after being the regular viewer of saregama).He sang some 2-3 songs and it was just like a filler. Finally, the time came when the host announced the name "SHREYA GHOSHAL" and before entering the stage, she stared with Suniyo Ji singing at the backstage and just after she sang the alaap of Suniyo Ji ,I couldn't control myself and started crying like a kid. For the one who waited for years to sing her live like crazy, crying would be a normal thing I guess. But that’s what we call "khushi ke aasoon". Everyone in the audience including the bodyguards were looking at me. There were mixed emotions. I was happy that I was hearing her live and I was sad because I knew no one would allow me to meet her.Finally she entered the stage and I was spellbound. She began with the song "Silsila Ye Chahat Ka" and needless to say,she sang it amazingly. She continued with the songs like Wada Raha , Agar Tum Mil Jao, Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai , Ishq Hua.I was praying to Lord Shiva that some miracle must happen so that I could meet Shreya. Just after she finished Jaadu Hai , my sister saw Shreya's mother coming and she recognized me and again, she treated me like his own child. She told every bodyguard with little anger that "He's Shreya's biggest fan." and she also said that "Yahi hai vo jo Shreya ko dekh ke rota aur shiver hota hai" (He is the one who cries for Shreya).I was completely shocked. And will you all believe that I came to the first row directly from the last? That’s called "THE MIRACLE OF LORD SHIVA”. Hearing Shreya directly from the first row was the dream come true. Now, I were known to the bodyguard who brought us in with the help of Shreya’s mother. Shreya continued with the songs like Shukraan Allah, Mere Dholna and just after she began Mere Dholna, everyone was screaming “Once More”. The way she was modulating her voice and taking her own harkats were mind-boggling. She took a break of 10-15 minutes and came back again and continued with the songs Barso Re , Ye Ishq Hai , Dhoom Tana , Zoobi Doobi , Jao Pakhi(on the request of bong people) , Gori Gori , Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha and finally she ended the concert with a beautiful medley having songs like Salaam-e-Ishq , Deewangi Deewangi,etc. The way she was singing non stop without any tiredness on her face was great. Finally, the show ended and I ran to the bodyguard but he didn’t allow me to enter. My heart was completely broken into pieces with the gifts in my hand. Suddenly, the bodyguard who was known to me came and he talked to the other person and he finally allowed only me to go to the backstage. I entered the backstage and Shreya was sitting with her mother, Uncle and Aunt.Now,let me start with the conversation.

Shreya: Hi :)

Me: Hello di.I was very very nervous.I touched her feet and took her blessings.

Shreya: How are you Nishant?

Me: I am fine..aap bataiye..

"I gave her the gift I had bought along with the card"

Shreya's Mother: I am opening the gift ok?

Shreya: Ya,I am not good in opening the wrappers.

"She loved the gift so much"

Shreya: Arre..birthday ka card abhi se?..Ya,pata nahi phir kab milenge..

Shreya's Uncle: Oh,you are the one sincere fan.Nice to see you.

Me: Yes :)

Me: This was my first time that I saw you performing live.

Shreya: Ya,it was your first time :)..How was it?

Me: Awesome, like always. How was your concert at Pune yesterday? I was so worried about you.

Shreya:Ya,I got your tweets . *Shreya talks about my tweets I sent to her when I heard the news about the blasts*.

Me: Did you like the lists I prepared for your website?

Shreya:Ya.Its done. I have already mailed it. You are my true fan. You have proved it.

Shreya talking to her Uncle:You know I wanted the list of songs for my website and he prepared it.

Shreya’s Mother talking to her Aunt: He helps Shreya a lot

Me: No,its my pleasure.What more could I have asked for?

Me: Your song Mannipaaya is amazing

Shreya: Oh Ya,someone even posted the translation of that song.

Me. It was me only :)

Shreya: Oh...:)

Me: Heard you sang a song(with KS Chitra) for Yuvan Shankar Raja recently

Shreya: Ya,I must have recorded that song long back.

Me: And what are your upcoming projects with Ilayaraja?

Shreya: Recently nothing happened because when he wanted to call me , I must have not been available.

Me: pic please

Shreya: Sure

"After taking the pic,it was time for her to leave.I touched her and her mom's feet once again and took their blessings.She went outside after meeting with me and sat in the car".

Can u people beleive that it was only me among the 2000 people who met Shreya?

As usual, it was all because of Lord Shiva that I met her.You are the best Bholenath and I love you :).

I can't thank Shreya's mother enough for what she has done for me today.Thank you so so much Shreya di.You are the best singer , performer and ofcourse the most down to earth human being on this earth.

I thank all my friends who prayed for me :)

At the end I would just like to say that if you respect someone from the core of your heart , then even the bodyguards with long moustaches can't do anything (hahaha) ..

Loads of Love


Devotee of Shreya

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ajnabi Hawayein - Shaapit

First of all , Happy Maha Shivratri to Shreya and all her fans.May Lord Shiva bless Shreya and her fans with loads of happiness and good health.

Well, as the title suggests, this post is about Shreya’s new Hindi song titled “Ajnabi Hawayein” from the movie “Shaapit” starring Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal..Music is composed by Chirantan Bhatt who also composed the beautiful “Tum Jo Ho Kareeb”

Talking about Ajnabi Hawayein, it’s a solo by Shreya. The song has a haunting feel to it as the movie is a horror film. The track runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds. It reminded me of a song “Noorie” from the oldies.

The song starts with a haunting noise of wind blowing and Shreya begins with the song singing “Aaja….” .The moment she starts singing, you are assured that the movie is a horror movie. The track is supported by light instruments. Its a very rich composition by Chirantan Bhatt and of course, mesmerizing singing by our Shreya. The way Shreya has sung it is just wow. I am sure the lovers of melody songs are going to get addicted to it. The flute piece in the first interlude is great. The stanzas are perfectly made with great lyrics too. The song also has some great harmony piece by Shreya .She has sung in kharaj(low notes) in some lines like “bekarar aahein” and “chahaton ki baahein” .

I am sure this song is going to make a place in hearts of Shreya fans for long. Day and Night , I am hearing this song. Hats off to Shreya !!..Great effort by the composer too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mehroom - Click

Shreya’s new Hindi song from the movie “Click” was released two days ago and I happened to listen to it the same day.

Its titled “Mehroom Hua Na Dil Kabhi” .Music is composed by Shamir Tandon.I always wanted Shreya to sing for Shamir Tandon, reason being his awesome tunes ofcourse.Its sung by Shreya and Shaan.Its a 5 minutes track.Its a beautiful romantic song with a slight haunting feel to it.Shreya starts with the song after a beautiful humming.The track is supported by westernized beats followed by some light music.Most of the part of the song is sung by Shreya.Note the way she sings Mehroom in a different way as the word repeats.The antaras are beautifully made.Shaan accompanies Shreya in the antaras.The song has a distinct feel to it.With some beautiful Urdu words,the lyrics makes a great impact on the song.

Overall , a very nice melody having flavor of both western and traditional music.

ps:There's one more Hindi song of Shreya lined up.Will post about it soon.