Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tere Liye - Prince

Next song I am going to write about is Tere Liye from the movie Prince. Its track listing was out 2 months ago and I was quite sure that it was fake. I was right to an extent. Shreya definitely has a song in it but the track list had Shreya’s name 4 times. She has only sing Tere Liye in the movie.Its a duet with Atif Aslam(whom I never liked much.Sorry to his fans).Its the first time Shreya has sung with him.Music is composed by Sachin Gupta with lyrics penned by Sameer.

Its a 4 minutes track.Before proceeding,let me tell you that this song has emotions,sadness,romance and energy and its perfectly supported with western instruments( great combination ah?) .Its a westernised track with romantic lyrics.Shreya starts with a song singing "Jaagi Jaagi soyi na main Tere Liye"...Shreya has completely modulated her voice in this song , specially in the antaras.I am sure people who listen to songs just for fun will not be able to recognize her voice in this track.As I said,I never liked Atif much but he sounds quite better in this song but I don't like he pronounces the words , specially "da".Anyways, Shreya sounds even more different in the antaras.I have been hearing this song continuously everyday.

I bow to your versatility Shreya :)

ps:There are many songs lined up.I'll write soon about them.


saq said...

Hi Nishant

Yaar i quite liked their combo and hope after their concert they do more songs together.

saq said...

Hey Nishant, i recently came across this wonderful interview of Shreya. Dont know if u hv already seen it. Just wanted to share with u.

Nishant said...

I have seen it Saq :) ..Its and old interview..
Thanks for posting it here :)