Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shreya sings for Ilayaraja in Suryakanthi(Kannada)

After singing three songs in Bhagyadha Balegaara,Shreya has again recorded a song for Ilayaraja in an upcoming Kannada Movie Suryakanthi.I got to know this from some article.I am posting some lines of the article here.

“There’s one song which’s like a sixties Broadway musical. Shreya Ghoshal and Kunal Gunjawala who’ve sung the song say they’ve never heard anything like this in Indian film music,” says Chaitanya.

I am very excited about this song !

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Naresh Iyer about Shreya Ghoshal

Recently Naresh Iyer told that it has been a great fun recording with our Shreya for him.

"Favorite contemporary singers…
There are so many good singers in our country that I just like to listen to each of them and learn from them. Among the current lot, I love KK and Shreya Ghoshal. I've sung a few songs with Shreya and it has been great fun."

Recently,90 year old Manna Day praised Shreya by saying that she is very good at present.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shreya sings for AR Rahman again !

As I informed you about Shreya singing a track in the most awaited Hindi Movie "Blue",the news is confirmed now.

Some lines from the article in "":

The other songs of this thriller are sung by international pop star, Kylie Minogue (a sure-fire chartbuster, according to insiders), Sonu Nigam (for Akshay), Shreya Ghoshal (for Lara Dutta) and Rashid Ali (for Sanjay) besides Udit Narayan (for a background song). Two songs have yet to be recorded and shot, including one that will feature Katrina Kaif.

I am sure the song will rock !

Shreya - Yuvan combo is back !

Finally,the day has come when I am writing about the song from a great combo which was absent for the past 2 years.Thought I am again late in writing about the song,I am happy to announce that Shreya has sunga solo track in an upcoming telugu movie "Oy" which has music by Yuvan Shankar Raja.Shreya has sung some every type of song with Yuvan.Be it the melodious "Ninaithu Ninaithu",be it the folkish "Dhavanipotta Deepavali" or be it the peppy "Enthakutharaiyin Varuva".Songs which Shreya has sung for Yuvan till now has a unique speciality as all comes in different categtory/genre.Ninaithu Ninaithu is one of my favourite Tamil songs of Shreya.Well,lets come to the point.

The track is titled "Anukoledenadu" which runs for almost 4 minutes 25 seconds and as I said,its a solo.We cannot call this song a peppy number nor we can call it a melodious number.Thats why I said every song of Yuvan - Shreya combo has some new to offer.The song is a happy celebration number if I am not wrong.It did remind me of Enthakutharaiyin.No,the song does not come in the category in which Enthakutharaiyin falls.The instruments used in "Anukoledandu" song is quite familiar to the other one.I was impressed by the song when I heard it first time,specially the beats n the starting of the song is quite impressive.Shreya once again proves her versitality in this song.

I hope we will get to hear more and more songs from this combo !

Male Barali Manju Irali

I am quite late in writing about the songs of Male Barali Manju Irali.What to do?Exams have come on a very wrong time.Anywayz,I informed you about Shreya's presence in Male Barali.... in my last to last post I guess.Well,Shreya has two songs in the album,one being a solo and other one a duet with Sonu Nigam.Music is given by Mano Murthy who always gives a song to Shreya in his album.Lets talk about the songs one by one.

Gelathi Neenu(Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam) - Well,Mano Murthy - Shreya combo has delievered some evergreen compositions.Araluthiru tops the list followed by Ade Bhoomi,Odi Bandenu,Ivanu Geleyanalla,Male Ninthu Hoda Mele,etc.Does "Gelathi Neenu" spread the same magic?Lets see.

The track runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds.The song starts with a romantic tune played on Guitar.Sonu Nigam starts with a song and it reminded me of the songs made in 70s,specially when Shreya sing Kampisu......sihi mounava.There's a harmony after the first line sung by Shreya which is also repeated by Sonu after Shreya sings.Overall,a song is a nice melody which is slightly different compared to other melodious songs of Shreya.Btw,I sometimes feel that Sonu Nigam goes little nasal whenever he tries to put more emotions in the song.I don't think you all will agree with me.I felt that more in Chinna Hele Hegiruve.May be its his unique style.I don't find it appealing anywayz.

Ondu Ninna(Shreya Ghoshal) - Here comes the solo.The track runs for 5 minutes approximately.The song starts with a sweet tune played on Santoor.As far as I could get,its a happy track.Mano Murthy has used Hindustani Classical instruments like Tabla,Santoor,flute,etc.Its more like a Bollywood song.I have never heard this type of a song by Mano Murthy before.Shreya is as usual sounding melodious and I like the "Yay Yay" in the song which repeats often in the song.

Hope to hear more songs from Mano-Shreya combo!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tripple treat for us !

After a gap of less than 3 days,Shreya and Ilayaraja have joined hands again in an upcoming Kannada Movie Bhagyadha Balegaara.She has sung three songsa.All the songs are duets,two with Ilayaraja and one with Kunal Ganjawala.Lets get to the songs.

Balegara Balegara(Shreya and Kunal) - This song is rendered by Shreya Ghoshal and Kunal Ganjawala which starts witha flute like instrument.Ilayaraja has used instruemnts like Shehnai,Tabla,etc.Shreya starts with the song and the tune attracts in first hearing.This song is a mixture of Carnatic and Hindustani music as fasr as I could understand.At the end of the song,Shreya renders something like Ku Ku which makes the song perfect

Chendulli Chendulli(Shreya and Ilayaraja) - This track is rendered by Ilayaraja and Shreya.Well,this song has something different to serve.It has a little naugtiness where Shreya adapted perfectly.The way she sings "Aaha Minchulli........" is really outstanding.Raja Uncle(thats what i call Ilayaraja sometimes) has used instruments which suits the song perfectly.

Nannanne(Shreya and Ilayaraja) - Wow.....wat a song......thats what i said when i heard it.Its a romantic melody and has a very refreshing feel.Shreya renders the song mellifilously and gives great feel to the song.This one if my favourite among the two.

Must hear songs!!!!!!!!

ps:I'll update about Shreya's songs in Oy and her new Kannada song tomorrow as soon as I get time.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thenralum Maruthu - Valmeeki

I was suppose to write about Shreya's new Kannada and Telugu song but since I am very very busy with my exam preparation,I hardly get time to write the post.
Though I was little shocked to see the track listing of Naanavanu(Kannada movie which has music by Ilayaraja) where Shreya had no songs whereas Bela Shinde got four songs in the movie.Bela also has two songs in Valmeeki too.Its sad that Ilayaraja didnt give even one song in Naanavanu.Anywayz,I am feeling relaxed as Shreya has got a solo to sing in Valmeeki which is a Tamil Movie.The song is titled "Thenralum Maruthu".It runs for 5 minutes approximately.The song starts with a kid's voice rendering "Pinki Pinki Ponkey".I was very angry when I heard the first line of the song as its not sung by Shreya.I thought that the song is not by Shreya.But i felt relaxed when Shreya started with the song with the line "Poo Poovai".I don't know what was the reason to give the first line to some other singer.Anywayz,Shreya is the main singer in this song as the other singer has got only first line to sing.Ilayaraja,as usual,has used his "seems to be favourite" instrument "Violin"very beautifully song.The song is a different kind of a melody.The stanzas(alaap) of the song are very catchy and reflects the Ilayaraja touch.I don't understand why Ilayaraja gave the first lint to the other singer when Shreya has rendered the song amaizingly as usual.The line "Sirpi kulle mutte"(I hope I spelled it right). at the end of the first stanza is very catchy.Ilayaraja uses many different instruments which we never got to hear in Bollywood,thats why I don't understand how to explain the use of instruments.The song is little different from what Ilayaraja usually composes.Overall,I am completely thrilled with the song.Ilayaraja - Shreya combo has always been my favourite and I hope they will keep giving us masterpieces.

ps:Shreya has again joined hands with Yuvan Shankar Raja in the Telugu Movie Oy.Happy to see them back and I am very very sorry as I awill be one or two days late in posting the reviews of songs as my 1st year examinations are going to start very soon.Thanks for your cooperation.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shreya sings for Ilayaraja in Chal Chalein

Shreya - Ilayaraja combo is back in Bollywood after Cheeni Kum.Shreya's songs in Cheeni Kum were huge hits,specially the title track and Jaane Do Na.And Shreya is also singing in Ujjwal Singh's Chal Chalein for Ilayaraja again.I got to know this from the official site of the movie.You can hear Shreya's humming.The only thing you have to do is check out the official site:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aayegi Nindiya Akhiyon Ke Ghar

As I mentioned about Shreya's upcoming Hindi releases,I also told you about Maruti Mera Dosst also.Its an animated movie starring Chandrachud Singh and Ritika Shrivastava.The music
of the movie is out and Shreya has one duet with KK titled “Aayegi Nindiyan”.Music is by Kartik Shah.For more information,Maruti is among the 108 names of Lord Hanuman.

The song runs for 3 minutes 48 seconds.Its not a peppy song,not a romantic number,not even a sad number,then what is it?Its a lullaby as far as I could understand.Since the language is Hindi,so my guess could be correct.The song starts with KK’s humming.He continues with the song singing “Aayegi Nindiyan Akhiyon Ke Ghar”.Shreya starts after 1st line of mukhda(starting of the song) by KK and she’s sounding extremely sweet in this song,infact more than that.The way she has rendered this song is very cute,specially the lines “Kehna Unse O Meri Gudiyan”.The composer has not used many instruments in the song since its a lullaby.He has used flute in most of the places in the song.The song reminded me of “Baat Kehne Ko” from the movie “Strangers”,though the tune is totally different.The only similarity is that both the songs are for kids. Its a very very cute song.Hope you all will love it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shreya sizzles at Doha show

Bollywood singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal recently entertained a large gathering at Doha Cinema with a mesemerising concert hosted by Bangiya Parishad.The expatriate forum which had brought the singer three years ago for a show at the same venue had enough reasons to be happy about its latest effort as the singer succeeded in producing yet another entertainer for the music buffs in the Indian Community.In an event that lasted a little over three hours,the singer enthralled the sportive audience with a series of numbers that went down well with the listeners.Shreya gave an rollicking start to the event,attended by different communities with her "Silsila Ye Chahat ka" from the film Devdas.
The hall reverberated with the poignant voice and vibrant melody of Shreya received thumping applause from the audience at regular intervals.The crowd almost went freezy as the singer rendered Piyu Bole,Pal Pal Har Pal,Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai and other popular numbers.Her co-singer Saptak Bhattacharya added glamour to the scintillating performance as he ably joined Shreya for the duets.
Shreya returned after the break in a dazzling outfit and carried the audience with the few peppy songs leaving the crowd stunned with amazement and excitement.The singer finally drew down the curtain on the performance with an exhilarating rendition of her "Dola Re Dola" from Devdas.

ps:Hey friends.Are u voting for Shreya for IIFA Awards na?Here is the link to vote for her:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Un Perai Sollum - Angadi Theru

Last Tamil release of Shreya was Marayadhai and Unnai Ninaithaen has become one of my favourite songs of hers.Shreya has again joined hands with GV Prakash in the upcoming Tamil Movie Angadi Theru dirceted by Vasantha Balan who also director Veyil was the first movie of GV Prakash as a music composer(please correct me if I am wrong) and Shreya had an unforgettable song in it titled "Uruguthey Maruguthey".Is Un Perao Sollum falls in the same category as Uruguthey Maruguthey and Poovinai?Lets see.

Well,the song is rendered by Shreya and Suresh Iyer(I've not heard of him before).It runs for approximate six minutes.The song is a unique romantic number.Though the song does not sound like the ones in Roja but it took me back to my old memories of childhood,because when Roja came,I was just a 2 year old boy.Anywayz,the song has an ARR touch to it,specially the flute piece before the second stanza gives you the feel of ARR songs.The song starts with an instrument called Earthenware pot(mostly used as a instrument in Carnatic Music.Its also called as Ghatam in classical language). Suresh starts with the song and just after hearing the first line,you will fell that the track is very special,fresh and a masterpiece.After some flute piece,Shreya continues with the song and the beats becomes louder and sounds mindblowing.GV Prakash has used many instruments like flute (which you will hear before the starting of both the stanzas{antara}).The way musicians have played the flute before the starting of second antara is worth listening.It continues in the same tone for some time.He has also used Violin which suits perfectly in thest type of songs.The singers sings Ooohhh after the starting lines(which also repeats between the lines of antara)which adds more freshness to the song and is very appealing.Well,I am very touched by this song.This song is one of the best Tamil songs of Shreya.

Mindblowing singing by Shreya and also by Suresh Iyer but Shreya is obviosuly the one who makes the song more special.Thanks to GV Prakash for making the superb compostion.
Don't miss it frnds!

ps:Its really sad that Shreya was not present at the Jai Ho Concert of AR Rahman.I don't know what is the reason.May be the websites gave wrong information.Some of my friends told me that Yuvan's Canada Concert is postponed and Shreya is not the part of the concert now.Well,its not a confirmed news.I hope its not true.