Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thenralum Maruthu - Valmeeki

I was suppose to write about Shreya's new Kannada and Telugu song but since I am very very busy with my exam preparation,I hardly get time to write the post.
Though I was little shocked to see the track listing of Naanavanu(Kannada movie which has music by Ilayaraja) where Shreya had no songs whereas Bela Shinde got four songs in the movie.Bela also has two songs in Valmeeki too.Its sad that Ilayaraja didnt give even one song in Naanavanu.Anywayz,I am feeling relaxed as Shreya has got a solo to sing in Valmeeki which is a Tamil Movie.The song is titled "Thenralum Maruthu".It runs for 5 minutes approximately.The song starts with a kid's voice rendering "Pinki Pinki Ponkey".I was very angry when I heard the first line of the song as its not sung by Shreya.I thought that the song is not by Shreya.But i felt relaxed when Shreya started with the song with the line "Poo Poovai".I don't know what was the reason to give the first line to some other singer.Anywayz,Shreya is the main singer in this song as the other singer has got only first line to sing.Ilayaraja,as usual,has used his "seems to be favourite" instrument "Violin"very beautifully song.The song is a different kind of a melody.The stanzas(alaap) of the song are very catchy and reflects the Ilayaraja touch.I don't understand why Ilayaraja gave the first lint to the other singer when Shreya has rendered the song amaizingly as usual.The line "Sirpi kulle mutte"(I hope I spelled it right). at the end of the first stanza is very catchy.Ilayaraja uses many different instruments which we never got to hear in Bollywood,thats why I don't understand how to explain the use of instruments.The song is little different from what Ilayaraja usually composes.Overall,I am completely thrilled with the song.Ilayaraja - Shreya combo has always been my favourite and I hope they will keep giving us masterpieces.

ps:Shreya has again joined hands with Yuvan Shankar Raja in the Telugu Movie Oy.Happy to see them back and I am very very sorry as I awill be one or two days late in posting the reviews of songs as my 1st year examinations are going to start very soon.Thanks for your cooperation.


Kuki said...

Thanks!. Why do you worry about first line, it may be because of the scene, may be like some one was getting choosen to sing a song by 'pinky pinky ponky'.

Nishant said...

I just meant that those lines would have sounded good in Shreya's voice?
Btw,is this song sung by two actresses?

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hardik said...

very nice song....