Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dhoni (Tamil)

I am starting with the newly released Tamil songs of Shreya! They released just today.

The movie is titled “Dhoni”.Music is composed by Ilayaraja.

Hope you guys remember the unforgettable songs of Sri Rama Rajyam in which Shreya sang 4 songs for Ilayaraja!

Shreya has sung two songs..one duet with Naresh Iyer and other is a solo!

1.Vilayatta Padagotty (Solo)

This track is a solo by Shreya. The song has a duration of 4 minutes 47 seconds. It’s a typical Ilayaraja song. The track starts with chorus singing. Shreya has changed her voice according to the need of the song. The instrumentation has been kept very light. Its a slow peaceful song. It seems to be a typical village track sung in Tamil Nadu (just guessing). Both the interludes are superb, especially the second interlude containing violin piece. The antaras are sung by Shreya are amazing as well.. I really wish I could understand Tamil. I would have been able to understand the mood of the song better. To all music lovers, do not miss this track! :)

2. Chinna Kanniley (Duet by Shreya and Naresh Iyer)

The track runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds. Its a duet with Naresh Iyer. As far as I could understand, its a romantic track. The song starts with Shreya singing with light piano piece playing in the background. The instrumentation is superb in this song as well. I really like the way Ilayaraja manages both the voice and instruments. I really liked the way chorus entered into the scene at 0:40 just after Shreya ended her lines. Naresh enters after the first antara and sings the first few lines of second antara but according to me, he has not been able to do justice with the feel Shreya has put into the song.His voice sounded a bit low..no offence

Both are beautiful songs. After a long time, I got to hear those beautiful instrumentation of Ilayaraja with Shreya singing the songs!

Ps: The awards Shreya has won so far in this year has been updated in “Awards in 2012” bar!

Sorry for the absence

Hello friends.I am back!!

Sorry for the absence..I stopped for some while because majority of fans were active in the fanclubs I have created in Twitter and Facebook.

But I have finally made up my mind to start with blogging again!!

Meanwhile, there are quite a few songs I have not reviewed..I’ll start with newly released songs of Shreya now..

Hope you guys didn’t miss the masterpieces sung by our Nightingale..Some of my favorites are Nee Mohisu, Usiro Bido, the songs from Aparajita tumi,etc ..The list is endless..and how to forget Chikni Chameli and Ooh La La!!!

I am starting with reviewing with my next post! :)

I expect good activeness of fans here :)


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