Thursday, April 30, 2009

IIFA Awards 2009 Nominations

Hi friends.As we expected,Shreya is nominated for Teri Ore from Singh is King.But atleast,I expected to IIFA to keep one more nominaton for Shreya i.e.U Me Aur Hum title track.One of the member informed about the nominations in Orkut Community.

Here are the nominations:

Best Playback Singer(Female)

Shreya Ghoshal - Teri Ore(Singh is King)
Sunidhi Chauhan - Desi Girl(Dostana)
Bela Shinde - Manmohana(Jodha Akbar)
Monali - Zara Zara Kiss Me(Race)
Shilpa Rao - Khuda Jaane(Bachna Ae Haseeno)

Among all the nominations,I see only Shreya a deserving singer.Shreya will win the awards for sure.

All the best Shreya :)

Kudinotave Manmohaka

As i said yesterday,Shreya's next Kannada release is Kudinotave Manmohaka from the movie "Parichaaya"It has music by Jassie Gift.I got to know about Shreya's track in Parichaya two months back.I didnt write about it here as I had information only about Shrey's track in this movie.I didnt knw the title of the song nor it was available on Internet.Anywayz,lets talk about the song.

It runs for 4 minutes 30 seconds.Its a solo and the male version of the song is recorded by Shaan.Its a easy going slow melody and I loved it in first hearing just like other songs of Shreya.Jassie Gift has done a good job.Kudinotave Manmohaka(only these two words) reminded me of the song Ek Ladki Ki Tumhe Kya Sunaoon Dastaan from the movie Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai .I am not talking about the whole song.Only one line "Woh pagli hain sab se juda" of the song is similar to Kudinotave Manmohaka(only these two words).Jassie has used simple instrument which suits the best to the song.I don't have much to say about the song.I loved it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nanna Preethiya Gelaya

Here comes another Kannada song of Shreya in 2009.I think its the record now.Can anybody tell me if Shreya had more Kannada releases in any year as compare to 4 months of 2009?I guess NO.Good going Shreya!And for those who think that Shreya is not singing in Hindi.Let me clear their doubts.Actually,producer'strike is going on since one and a half month and is still continuing.Thats the reason there is no new Hindi release of Shreya.But I must have informed you about her new Hindi releases like Kambakkht Ishq,Blue,Maruti Mera Dost.

Anywayz,lets talk about the song.Its titled "Nanna Preethiya Geleya" from the movie Olave Jeevana Lekkachara.Its a duet and after O Chandamama,her duet partner is Rajesh Krishnan again who sounds like SP Balasubramaniam if I am not wrong but he has a quality of its own.Well,it has been quite long that Shreya has done a song with Mano Murthy.Last song was Odi Bandenu which continues to be my favourite.I have always loved Mano-Murthy combination.It has always rocked.The song runs for 5 minutes 10 seconds.Mano Murthy songs have a unique touch of its own but this song is slightly differenr as compared to the other songs of Shreya-Mano combo.Am i right?The song starts with my favourite instrument Santoor which I think Manohas not used much.But the background instrument(I am talking about the beat) is always similar which I love the most.Rajesh Krishnan has given a good support to Shreya.What should I say about Nightingale Shreya?She is as usual mindblowing.Its not the song which I would categorise in TODAY'S SONG CATEGORY.This can't be categorised in YESTERDAY'S SONG CATEGORY too.I am so confused.Anywayz,as I said its somewhat different as compared to the previous song of Shreya-Mano combo,this song does have a Mano Murthy touch.Hear it and share your views.

ps:Shreya has one more release in Kannada and Kiran Raj informed me about it.I have heard the song 2-3 times but I want to hear it more so that I'll be able to write the review.I hope you all fans are voting for Shreya here:

Click on VOTE UP to increase the votes.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vote for Shreya

Now,this is the time to make our Nightingale win.There is a competition going on in .Please vote for Shreya there.Click on VOTE UP continuously 10 times instead of waiting for the page to reload.Thats how the fans of other female playback singers has done and they have voted down for Shreya.So,please if you are a Shreya fan,then do vote for her.

Here is the link:

Thanks !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enthaga - Romeo

I am extremely sorry friends.I could'nt post the review of Shreya's new Telugu song due to some reasons.I have not been coming online much .I got the news about this song 5-6 days ago.I wanted to post the information that day itself but could ot due to various reasons which I think is not appropriate to state here.

Anywayz,lets get to the point.Its the fourth Telugu song of Shreya this year.The song is titled "Enthaga" and the movie is titled Romeo.Music is by Agasthya.The song starts with a refreshing tune played on some string instrument which you also get to hear at the end of the song.The song is very fresh and has a refreshing feel to it.Shreya is sounding as usual extremely sweet in the song.The feel of the song changes when the electric guitar makes it entry in the song before 1st antara but the mood of the song returns when Shreya starts singing the first lines of the antara.I don't have much to say about the song.This song will stay in my player just like Aalapana.Anywayz,enjoy the song!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shreya to perform in Jai Ho Concert 2009(Calicut)

Shreya is going to perform in AR Rahman's Jai Ho Concert 2009 which will be held on 3rd May'2009.This is the first time when Shreya is performing in an AR Rahman's concert .Those who are in Calicut or nearby Calicut are extremely lucky .Enjoy!!!!

For details,check out this:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Gelati - Chellidaru Sampigeya

As said,I am here with the next Kannada post.Shreya is singing so many Kannada songs and hope it will continue in the coming years also.

Lets discuss about the song now.Its titled "Gelati" sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Kunal Ganjawala and music is given by S Narayan.The song runs for 4 minutes 39 seconds.This one is not melodious like Unnai Ninaithaen or O Chandamama but catchy in its own way.The singers start the song with a great harmony which is very unique.The main instrument used in this song is Tabla which is used perfectly after the furst line of mukhda(the same thing repeats in the antaras too).I dont know if its a romantic number.It can be categorised in a new genre.Hope u'll enjoy the song!!!!

ps:I am sorry but I am very bad at reviewing songs of other languages.I wish I could understand all the south indian languages.I would have reviewed the songs much better.But to say the truth,Tamil,Kannada,etc songs are ery close to my heart.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

O Chandamama

This year Shreya have had more Kannada releases as compare to Hindi releases.Am i right?Thats really good but I want her hindi songs in the same proportion.The reason is very obvious.This year,till now,there has not been any good movie.The flood of Shreya's hindi songs will start after some days.Just wait and see.

Well,lets talk about her next Kannada release "O Chandamama" from the movie "Muniya.Its a duet with Rajesh Krishnan(the one who sang the melodious Merupula with Shreya) and music by G Abhimaan Roy.The track is very soulful and fresh.It runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds.Shreya is sounding remely sweet in this song as usual.Rajesh Krishnan has also given great company to Shreya.The composer has used soulful instruments like flute,violon,etc which makes the song more melodious.Rajesh starts with the song and Shreya rendering the second lines after Rajesh.Violins between the song sound amaizing.The singers end the song with a slight classical touch.This song is one of the best Kannada songs of Shreya.

ps:I'll paste about her next kannada release tomorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

By Birthe - Mithrudu

Finally,we get to hear a Telugu song by Shreya after a long time and guess who's the composer??Its Mani Sharma after a long time....I wonder why he stopped using Shreya or may be Shreya didn't have time.Anywayz,lets talk about the song.The song is titled "By Birthe" and I definitely do not know what does it mean.

For those who still think that Shreya can only sing romantic and classical numbers after singing so many fast songs with ease,this song is again an example to prove them WRONG!!!!!.Shreya can sing every type of song with ease.Anywayz,By Birthe is a peppy number and yes,it comes in the category of her last Telugu song Vaade Vaade from Drona.The song runs for 3 minutes 38 seconds.Guitar and Violin gives good company to the westernised beats(not exactly) before the antara.Note the way she sings from 2:04 - 2:13.Must hear song!!!!!!!Hope to hear Shreya in KM Radhakrishnan albums too.

ps:Good news again.Shreya has two new Malayalam songs in the movie "Vande Materam" which has music by Vidyasagar.Will post more as soon as i get more information about the songs.

Amaizing Performances by Shreya!!!!

Here I am posting some videos of Shreya performing in Durgapur(2006) which were recently uploaded on Youtube.