Thursday, April 9, 2009

O Chandamama

This year Shreya have had more Kannada releases as compare to Hindi releases.Am i right?Thats really good but I want her hindi songs in the same proportion.The reason is very obvious.This year,till now,there has not been any good movie.The flood of Shreya's hindi songs will start after some days.Just wait and see.

Well,lets talk about her next Kannada release "O Chandamama" from the movie "Muniya.Its a duet with Rajesh Krishnan(the one who sang the melodious Merupula with Shreya) and music by G Abhimaan Roy.The track is very soulful and fresh.It runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds.Shreya is sounding remely sweet in this song as usual.Rajesh Krishnan has also given great company to Shreya.The composer has used soulful instruments like flute,violon,etc which makes the song more melodious.Rajesh starts with the song and Shreya rendering the second lines after Rajesh.Violins between the song sound amaizing.The singers end the song with a slight classical touch.This song is one of the best Kannada songs of Shreya.

ps:I'll paste about her next kannada release tomorrow.

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