Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nanna Preethiya Gelaya

Here comes another Kannada song of Shreya in 2009.I think its the record now.Can anybody tell me if Shreya had more Kannada releases in any year as compare to 4 months of 2009?I guess NO.Good going Shreya!And for those who think that Shreya is not singing in Hindi.Let me clear their doubts.Actually,producer'strike is going on since one and a half month and is still continuing.Thats the reason there is no new Hindi release of Shreya.But I must have informed you about her new Hindi releases like Kambakkht Ishq,Blue,Maruti Mera Dost.

Anywayz,lets talk about the song.Its titled "Nanna Preethiya Geleya" from the movie Olave Jeevana Lekkachara.Its a duet and after O Chandamama,her duet partner is Rajesh Krishnan again who sounds like SP Balasubramaniam if I am not wrong but he has a quality of its own.Well,it has been quite long that Shreya has done a song with Mano Murthy.Last song was Odi Bandenu which continues to be my favourite.I have always loved Mano-Murthy combination.It has always rocked.The song runs for 5 minutes 10 seconds.Mano Murthy songs have a unique touch of its own but this song is slightly differenr as compared to the other songs of Shreya-Mano combo.Am i right?The song starts with my favourite instrument Santoor which I think Manohas not used much.But the background instrument(I am talking about the beat) is always similar which I love the most.Rajesh Krishnan has given a good support to Shreya.What should I say about Nightingale Shreya?She is as usual mindblowing.Its not the song which I would categorise in TODAY'S SONG CATEGORY.This can't be categorised in YESTERDAY'S SONG CATEGORY too.I am so confused.Anywayz,as I said its somewhat different as compared to the previous song of Shreya-Mano combo,this song does have a Mano Murthy touch.Hear it and share your views.

ps:Shreya has one more release in Kannada and Kiran Raj informed me about it.I have heard the song 2-3 times but I want to hear it more so that I'll be able to write the review.I hope you all fans are voting for Shreya here:

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