Friday, June 18, 2010

Pagol Mon Re - Ekti Tarar Khonje (Bangla)

Well friends, I am going to Bangalore for 15 days for some purpose. So I will not be able to update till then. So, thought of posting some more posts before leaving for Bangalore. Hope you all will understand.

I am posting about another new Bangla track of Shreya which got released recently.Its titled "Pagol Mon Re" from the movie "Ekti Tarar Khonje" . Music is composed by Prabuddha. The song has two versions: one is a solo by Shreya and other is a duet by Shreya and Shaan. Just like Kyun from Kambakkht Ishq, Shreya's lines are just added to the duet.Do , if we talk about the duet or the solo , it means the same ! But still I would talk about the solo version.Its very short track which runs for 2 minutes 55 seconds. Its another masterpiece by Shreya ! The song is very complex and is very difficult to grasp but what is difficult for our Shreya? The song gets lucky as its sung by our Nightingale ! The starting itself by Shreya is very impressing. The background music has some shades of Jazz. Look at the way Shreya pronounces every single word differently with emotions. The interlude involves some haunting chorus singing and Shreya continues with the song with her angelic voice.The antara is even more complex than the mukhda. Hats off to Shreya !!

ps: Will miss posting but I'll be back on 4th July..Jai Ho Shreya :)

Trailer of Baar Haan Dil Mein from Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta

I posted the trailer of Baar Haan Dil Mein some days ago but had to delete it as the user deleted the video from Youtube. Well, the video has again been uploaded in Youtube.So I am posting the video here.

I will talk about the song after the music release. Shreya has also one more track in this movie which is titled “Behoshi Nasha”. Music is composed by Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan.

Here is the trailer:

Hariye Jai - Hangover (Bangla)

Hi Shreya fans. I am here to inform you about Shreya’s new Bangla track from the movie Hangover. It has music by Bappa Lahiri. Shreya has earlier worked for him in C Kompany where she sang a duet with KK.

The song is titled "Hariye Jaye" .Its sung by Shreya and Babul Supriyo.It runs for 4 minutes 38 seconds.Its a club number mixed with romance. The song starts with a soothing tune and the song suddenly transforms into a peppy number.Like always ,versatile Shreya sings it with ease.I really liked the humming by Shreya starting from 1:11.

Babul gives a good support to Shreya. Bappa has the shades of her father's composition in this track.Wish I could understand Bangla , I would have understood the song much better.Its a peppy number but the main part of the composition is very Indian.Thats what I can say about this track.Hope you all enjoy the track !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shreya Ghoshal will tour US once again !

Shreya Ghoshal seems to have a huge fan following in the US. Balaji entertainment had organized 10 shows of the Pakistani singer Atif Aslam and the Indian singer Shreya Ghoshal, a few days earlier. The show was a huge success; especially Shreya who got mass acceptance, which inspired the organizers to conduct shows again in six cities of USA and Canada.

This time, two other Bollywood singers K.K and Richa Sharma will accompany the melodious Shreya. The first show will be organized in Chicago on 18th June, where KK will perform with Richa Sharma. The show will continue till 3rd July.

On 19th June, the next show will be held in Seattle. Shreya will captivate the audience of Vancouver on the 20th of June. The singers’ trio will perform in Washington on 25th June, followed by a performance in Columbus on 26th June and in North Alberta on 27th June.

Sharing her experiences of the last show, Shreya Ghoshal said, “The last shows in USA and Canada were very exciting as I received lots of love and applause from the audience. This has inspired me to entertain them again with the hope of getting the same kind of response. I am happy that KK will perform with me, this time.”

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shreya sings in "Matte Mungaru"

Hi friends.In the starting of the video , you can see Shreya talking about her song in an upcoming Kannada Movie “Matte Mungaaru” .Shreya even sings the song amazingly. They even show the glimpse of the picturization of that track but starting from 0:43 doesn’t seem to be Shreya’s voice in the video but its her voice starting frm 1:30.Anywayz , lets wait for the music release.

Milenge Milenge

Finally , the music of Milenge Milenge releases. The production of this movie had been stopped for a long time due to some problems.Now since the music has released , let me tell you that Shreya has a duet in it , again with Himesh Reshammiya. Music is composed by him as well.

Its a title track which has two versions.Shreya has sung the first version with Himesh Reshammiya. It runs for 6 minutes 15 seconds.It starts with a haunting tune played on Piano , followed by a beautiful sargam by a chorus singer.The instrumentation of this song sounds a lot like "Sanam Mere Humraaz:" from the movie "Humraaz".For a change , Himesh sounds too different in this song.To be frank , very less nasal ! The song is about two lovers who are sure that they would meet one day.Its a very different composition with typical Himesh Reshammiya "old" style.Shreya starts singing 1:51 singing "Aap ki kashish ka kya kehna...." and she sounds completely divine.The lyrics are simple which are penned by simple.The antaras flows very well with the theme of the song and I am happy that atleast in this song , Himesh didn't sing whole part of the song.The second interlude is fantabulous which again involves the same sargam which came in the starting.The main lines of the second antara is sung by Shreya.I really liked the ay she ended "Manmoneya" at 4:58.The track reminded me of old Himesh compositions like Kyon Ki , Humraaz , etc.Once again , awesome song by our Shreya !

Hope you all will like the track !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shreya Ghoshal's upcoming concerts !

When: June 19th
Where: The Paramount ,Seattle
More Info: Call NAVDEEP GILL: 253-261-4455

When: June 20th
Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
More Info: Call Kamal Sharma: 604-833-1977

When: June 25th
Where: Gaylord Convention Center, Washington
More Info: Call Darshan: 201-805-9426

When: June 26th
Where: Central Ohio bengali Cultural Association, Palace Theater, Columbus, OH
More Info: Call 614-657-9076

When: June 27th
Where:Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton
More Info: Call Bobby Mehra: 780-427-2760

When: July 11th
Where: Georgia World Congress Center, 85 International Blvd NW, Atlanta, Georgia
More Info: Call 770-265-0183

My voice and singing are my identity: Shreya Ghoshal

Ahmedabad: The Ghosals are 'idiots' as they let their daughter follow her heart — claimed a loving daughter Shreya Ghosal about her family. Bollywood's singing sensation and the only playback singer to have managed four national awards by the age of 26, Shreya shared her views about reality show, her hobbies and much more with DNA.

How do you identify yourself in Bollywood?
My voice and singing are my identity. I do not try too much to keep myself fit but I do all that requires me to keep the quality of my voice intact. One needs to do reyaz (practice) as every art can be perfected through practice only.

Besides singing, what else do you love to do?
I love cooking and make myself busy in the kitchen whenever I get an opportunity. Moreover, I dig fictions. Moreover, I love to plan vacations and go tracking with my friends, which unfortunately never happens. (laughs)

What are your aspirations?
I look out for non-filmy songs. However, it is not that easy as there is not much market for such albums in India unlike in western countries. Still I aspire to do so.

What has been your family's role?
I congratulated Raju Hirani for making Three Idiots as it most relevant in every family. The Ghosals are also 'idiots'! In our colony when everyone aspired to be a doctor or an engineer and many people said deteriorating things when I decided to go for career in singing and did not take up science, my parents never let my moral go down at any point in time. They let their daughter follow her heart!

And your take on reality shows…
Reality shows are popular as people have their say in deciding the results. However, it does not guarantee that the best will win. There are many factors like personality that determine the end results. Moreover, everything in reality show is not scripted, especially the judges comments.

How do you view the Amdavadi audience?
I have visited Ahmedabad many times. Here audience understands music - they enjoy not only dhamal but also soulful songs. The city has produced many a talented singers like Aishwarya Majmudar. I enjoy singing as one can afford to sing songs that are beautifully composed though they may not be very popular.


Dangal - Kushti

Few days ago , I posted the trailer of Dangal and I also said that I would review it only after it releases. Since it has released , so I am here with my new post.

The song is titled "Dangal".Its sung by Shreya and Sreenivas .The song is also composed by Sreenivas. Its a 5 minutes track. As the title of the movie is "Kushti" , so the song has little flavour of that only in the starting but overall , its a romantic song.The instrument used are saxaphone , santoor, etc. The song starts with Shreya rendering "Dangal Dangal" along with the chorus.The antaras are very impressive and Shreya is , as usual , angelic.Both the antaras are sung by her.She has put so much emotions in the stanzas.The second interlude involves an outstanding small alaap by Shreya which fits perfectly to the song and the background beats in the second interlude are amazing.I loved the way Shreya takes small harkats in her every song.for eg.In dis song , she took a small harkat in "koi na jaane" in the line "bebasi meri koi na jaane". Only talented artists can do that !

Hope you all will love the track :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Khuda Mere Khuda

The trailer of Khuda Mere Khuda was out some days ago and I even posted its link in Twitter's fanclub , though the full song came some days ago.Its from the movie "Krantiveer - The Revolution".

As the title suggests , its titled Khuda Mere Khuda .Its sung by Shreya and KK. Music is composed by Saschin - Jigar ( Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar fame) .Since the music is by Sachin - Jigar , I was expecting a melody as the title track of their debut movie was a melody which became a rage all over.Well , Khuda Mere Khuda falls exactly in the same category of that song (though it was not by Shreya).The track runs for 5 minutes 27 seconds.It starts with a beautiful harmony by Shreya. She starts with 'Lamha Ye Khaas Hai......" .Its a romantic track supported by western beats.It gives you a fresh feel.It has small small harmonies by Shreya in between.I am quite surprised with the composers as they have used the same instrument in the song which is only used by AR Rahman in the song Rehna Tu. I am forgetting the name of instrument but it sounds really beautiful and unique.Both the antaras are great.First lines of the stanzas are sung by KK followed by mesmerizing lines by Shreya.

I am completely in love with this track.Hope you all will love it too !

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Coming from Bhatt’s Productions, I was quite sure that Shreya would have some tracks in an upcoming flick Kajraare and that turned out to be true ! Shreya has sung two songs in Kajraare and both are duets with Himesh Reshammiya.

Before talking about the songs, I would like to say that as usual, Himesh has sung 80% of the track and rest of the track is by Shreya.

Talking about the first track which is titled “Teriyan Meriyan” , it has 90’s feel to it. Himesh is a very good composer. He always keeps Indian feel in the songs but sorry , I would not like to comment anything on his singing. As a composer , he is really good (in some songs). I badly wish that Shreya had sung atleast 50% of the track but sadly , Himesh repeats what he has been doing since Ashiq Banaya Aapne i.e. giving hardly 2-3 lines to his duet partners. I would not comment much about the track because Shreya has sung only two lines in the whole song.But still , the composition is great (here I am not talking Himesh’s singing) and our Shreya rocks as usual.

Second and the last track is "Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage" which is sadly , again dominated by Himesh's voice.The song is a romantic number but Himesh gives it a very bad starting.The song is supported by great traditional instruments like Sarangi. Shreya starts singing from the antara's first line and the song is again , dominated by Himesh . Just like the previous song , Shreya has only two lines in the song.But still , we Shreya fans will hear this song just for her angelic singing.

The songs are really great but you all know what I didn't like in the song.

1.Himesh's singing but we cannot comment anything on that as he himself is the lead star in the movie.

2.Shreya is given just two lines to sing and I am not at all happy with that !