Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Coming from Bhatt’s Productions, I was quite sure that Shreya would have some tracks in an upcoming flick Kajraare and that turned out to be true ! Shreya has sung two songs in Kajraare and both are duets with Himesh Reshammiya.

Before talking about the songs, I would like to say that as usual, Himesh has sung 80% of the track and rest of the track is by Shreya.

Talking about the first track which is titled “Teriyan Meriyan” , it has 90’s feel to it. Himesh is a very good composer. He always keeps Indian feel in the songs but sorry , I would not like to comment anything on his singing. As a composer , he is really good (in some songs). I badly wish that Shreya had sung atleast 50% of the track but sadly , Himesh repeats what he has been doing since Ashiq Banaya Aapne i.e. giving hardly 2-3 lines to his duet partners. I would not comment much about the track because Shreya has sung only two lines in the whole song.But still , the composition is great (here I am not talking Himesh’s singing) and our Shreya rocks as usual.

Second and the last track is "Tujhe Dekh Ke Armaan Jaage" which is sadly , again dominated by Himesh's voice.The song is a romantic number but Himesh gives it a very bad starting.The song is supported by great traditional instruments like Sarangi. Shreya starts singing from the antara's first line and the song is again , dominated by Himesh . Just like the previous song , Shreya has only two lines in the song.But still , we Shreya fans will hear this song just for her angelic singing.

The songs are really great but you all know what I didn't like in the song.

1.Himesh's singing but we cannot comment anything on that as he himself is the lead star in the movie.

2.Shreya is given just two lines to sing and I am not at all happy with that !


Anonymous said...

yes nishant
i will agree with you
Shreya is given just two lines to sing and I am not at all happy with that

Arunima said...

yes nishant you rare right. it's a fantastic singer and she diserves 80% of the song not himesh. the song sounds good only when shreya sings.we wll shreya fans aren't happy