Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shuruvagide - Maleyalli Jotheyalli

Finally, it’s the time to write about that pending Kannada song which I was talking in the previous post. The song is titled “Shuruvagide” from the movie “Maleyalli Jotheyalli”. Is sung by Shreya and Shaan.Music is composed by V.Harikrishna.

Well, the track runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds. Its a romantic song but it has a feel of little naughtiness too(guessing from the tune, not lyrics).You may guess that the song could be a peppy one after hearing the guitar piece in the starting.Shreya sings after the first line by Shaan.The song is a usual romantic number.The composer has used instruments like saxaphone,guitars,etc.Shreya gets to sing the last lines of each antara.The song also has a humming by a chorus singer which is quite impressive.Mostly,the lines are sung by the male singer but Shreya's lines are as always, delight to hear. I don't have much to say about the song as Shreya doesn't have much to sing(don't compare with Shukraan Allah , Soniyo,etc)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Anuraga Vilochananayi - Neelathamara(Malayalam)

Finally, Shreya’s 5th Malayalam song releases. Her Malayalam songs have been mindblowing.I would have posted about this song 3 days ago but didn’t get much time as I am preparing a very special thing for a very special person(will let you know aftee I complete it)..ahh,most of you must be knowing what I am talking about.Anywayz,let me come back to the song.

As the title of the post suggests, the song is titled “Anuraga Vilochananayi” from the movie “Neelathamara”.Its sung by Shreya and P.Sreekumar.It has music by Vidyasagar.Shreya’s previous association with Vdyasagar(Tamil and Hindi) have been great. I am glad that Shreya has sung for him in Malayalam too.The song runs for 4 minutes 35 seconds.Its a melody. The track starts with a lovely tune played on flute.The male singer starts with the song.Shreya comes later in the mukhda singing in her honey - soaked voice.The lines which Shreya sings in the mukhda are outstanding as the notes changes after the male lines(hope you got it).Somehow,I felt the background was similar to that of Rafta Rafta from Hulchul,though it also had music by Vidyasagar but Anuraga Vilochananyi has completely different to offer otherwise.In one of the music reviews,I read that Shreya has pronounced the words even better than the malayalam singers.Well,its not a hard thing for Versatile Shreya.The antaras of the song are beautifully made,with beautiful instruments giving company to it.There's a beautiful humming by Shreya before the second stanza starts.Don't miss it.Its very impressive and I need to say anything about Shreya's singing here after because I don't think I am capable of doing that.Still,I have only one word to say: "Shreya is the best and very versatile".

I am sure you all are going to love this song.

ps:One Kannada song is also lined up.Will post it soon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zoobi Doobi - Three Idiots

Here comes the most awaited song of Shreya of 2009.Since last year,I have been eagerly waiting for this song.Its directed by Rajkumar Hirani(the one who directed Munnabhai Series) and produced by Vidhu Vinod Copra(Parineeta,Munnabhai Series).Shreya has had great songs with the previous movies of these directors.Be it Munnabhai MBBS or Parineeta or Lage Raho Munnabhai,all songs are counted as one of the best hindi songs of Shreya.

When Shantanu Moitra is the composer,then its obvious that Shreya is going to have a song(s) in that movie.Since its more of a male oriented film,so we could not expect more than one female song.It has already created a buzz among the bollywood freaks as a "rain song".Its again sung by Shreya and Sonu.Last year,we didnt see much of Shreya - Sonu duets but we got to hear many duets by them on later half of this year.The song comes from the same team of Shantanu - Swanand - Shreya.

This track has everything in it,from romance to naughtiness,etc.Shreya starts with the song singing "Gungunati Hain Ye Hawayein..........Aalam".After the slow motion lines,the singers starts with Zoobi Doobi having a touch of oldies.You may remember "Ye Nigahein"(not sung by Shreya) from Khoya Khoya Chand after hearing the track.Its a full on rain song.Versatile Shreya has again spread her magic in the song.The song has background like songs of 60s.It has a feel of OP Nayyar compositions.Shreya has modulated her voice amazingly in the song.I liked the way she sang Zoobi Doobi in different styles.It has some funny lyrics in between like "pagal stupid man".I am sure the song will be promoted well and its expected to be aierd this Saturday.The stanzas of the song are perfectly made according to the theme.

My verdict - One of the best songs of Shreya in 2009.

Aaramaghe - Gokula

I wrote in the previous post that I would write about Aramaghe the next day but sadly,I was so pressurised by exams that if I had written about the song that day,it would have been a very short review and I didnt want that with such a lovely track.Lets come to the track.

The song is titled "Aramaghe" which is from the Kannada movie "Gokula".Its sung by Shreya and Sonu.Music is composed by Mano Murthy.Shreya has had many beautiful Kannada songs this year and Aramaghe is definitely one of them.The song is of 5 minutes aproximately.Its a beautoful romantic track.It has Mano Murthy touch but still very unique.The song starts with a beautiful tune played on Gitar(seems to be the favorite of Mano Murthy).Shreya starts the song with her soothing vocals after a little sargam by chorus.The track has amazing notes in it.the song is a usual romantic number but still,very unique and refreshing.Sonu Nigam has done a good job too.It seems Mano Murthy is a big fan of Shreya - Sonu duets.The percussions are amazing.The antaras are rocking.Its one of the best romantic songs I have heard in recent times.The song has an amazing feel to it.Mano Murthy has used Santoor,Gitar,etc.The santoor played between the last stanza sounds amazing.

I am completely addicted to the song.This song can surely be added in the "Best Kannada songs of Shreya".

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doora Swalpa Doora

I am here with my second post. This time it’s a solo which we fans always wait for. Remember Olave Brahmana??Its one of the best Kannada songs of Shreya composed by Sadhu Kokila and she is back with Sadhu in an upcoming Kannada Movie “Devru”.Shreya has one song titled “Doora Swalpa Doora”.

It runs for 5 minutes. As I told, it’s a solo by Shreya. Before I go ahead with the explanation part, let me tell you, this song is a masterpiece and sure to become a chartbuster if its promoted well. The track has a slight carnatic touch and is very very melodious.This one falls in the same category of Yaavudo and Hoovina Badadante.The composer has used light instruments.Flute is perfectly used in the song.My previous post was about a peppy song and this one is soothing.Shreya is so versatile !

Antaras are made beautifully,specially the high notes in the last lines of the stanzas are very appealing.Great orchestration.And I am no one to say anything about our Diva’s singing.She is the best as usual.

A must listen !

ps:Will post about other Kannada song tomorrow,with some Marathi songs.

Premism Premism

Wanted to write about the latest released Kannada songs of Shreya yesterday but gave myself one more day to hear the songs. Anyway ,lets talk about the first song “Premism Premism”

The song is from the movie “Premism”.It has music by Hamsalekha. Shreya has worked many times with Hamsalekha before. Premism is a duet with Rajesh Krishnan.It runs for 4 minutes 50.I won’t say it’s a peppy track nor I would say it’s a romantic track.Its a mixture of both. Feel of love arranged with slight western tunes at some places.Rajesh starts with the song and Shreya is back in her peppy avtar in this track.As I said,the song is a mixture of both peppy and romantic feel, the starting lines of the song is melodious and changes into higher notes starting from “Premism Premism”.Antaras are made beautifully.Shreya is sweet in the song,as always(I think I am writing this in every post but this is the fact!).Rajesh has given good company to Shreya.Hamsalekha has done a good job by mixing western and classical instruments.The female voice starting from 4:17 is not of Shreya’s.

Hope you enjoy the track.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Naangu Kangal

Firstly, I am very sorry for posting a bit late. Could not give many hearings to this song. Thanks to my college assignments. But finally gave 2 -3 hearings today and here I am with a new post.The song is a tamil one titled “Naangu Kangal” from the movie "Naan Avan Illai".Its sung by Shreya and Javed Ali. Music is given by D.Imman.Lyrics are penned by Pa.Vijay.

The track runs for 4 minutes 38 seconds.It has a typical D.Imman touch.I have heard only three songs by D.Imman so far(Unnai Mathiri and Aaradi),this one being the third one and I found a similarity between all the three songs i.e.the background.Talking about the song,its a romantic track(though I don't understand the language,can assume it through the tune).Shreya starts with the song after a haunting tune.Javed Ali has given good company to Shreya.The track has small small alaaps in between(starting of the stanzas).You will surely find a similarity between Unnai Mathiri and Naangu Kangal.The track also has a slight classical touch.Shreya,as always is soothing in the song.It also has a beautiful alaap at the end of the song by Shreya.Overall, a very melodious song and has a very strong touch of D.Imman.Hope to hear more Tamil songs by Shreya this year.

Hope you enjoy the track !

ps:The music of Three Idiots is about to release in some days.I am eagerly waiting for this one !