Saturday, November 7, 2009

Premism Premism

Wanted to write about the latest released Kannada songs of Shreya yesterday but gave myself one more day to hear the songs. Anyway ,lets talk about the first song “Premism Premism”

The song is from the movie “Premism”.It has music by Hamsalekha. Shreya has worked many times with Hamsalekha before. Premism is a duet with Rajesh Krishnan.It runs for 4 minutes 50.I won’t say it’s a peppy track nor I would say it’s a romantic track.Its a mixture of both. Feel of love arranged with slight western tunes at some places.Rajesh starts with the song and Shreya is back in her peppy avtar in this track.As I said,the song is a mixture of both peppy and romantic feel, the starting lines of the song is melodious and changes into higher notes starting from “Premism Premism”.Antaras are made beautifully.Shreya is sweet in the song,as always(I think I am writing this in every post but this is the fact!).Rajesh has given good company to Shreya.Hamsalekha has done a good job by mixing western and classical instruments.The female voice starting from 4:17 is not of Shreya’s.

Hope you enjoy the track.

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