Monday, August 31, 2009

Radio !

There are so many new Hindi releases of Shreya coming up and because of my hectic schedule,I am not able to post the information on time.Sorry for that.Lets discuss about the songs now.

As I wrote in the previous post,Shreya has 4 duets with Himesh Reshammiya who is more known for his nasal voice these days,though his music is good mostly.He has given some great songs to Shreya.How can we forget the beautiful Om Namah Shivaya from Banaras?

Lets select the songs randomly.First one is “Jaaneman” which was the first track I heard after the music release.The track runs for 4 minutes approximately.The song starts with a slow tune played on Gitar and Himesh starts with the song(what he usually does).Its has both the qualities of a sad and romantic song.The song is very lovely.Sadly,Shreya has very less to sing.I have a complain to Mr.Reshammiya that he always gives ne or two lines to the female singers.The antaras are also very soothing.Finally,we get to hear Shreya in the last stanza.What can I say about Shreya when she is rendering a romantic song?She sings few lines in the antara beautifully like always.I have heard this song many times because it has a lovely tune and I forward the song to the last antara to hear Shreya’s singing only.

Next track in the album is “Shaam Ho Chali Hai”which runs for 5 minutes 44 seconds.Its again a romantic track which starts with western beats supported by electric gitar.Again,Himesh starts with the song as usual.This song is about one word i.e. “HOPE”.Hope of getting back his love.So,it has to be in a little sad tone too.Thankfully,Shreya sings in both the stanza but again,just two lines just like Aashiq Banaya Apne.Even if she sings less lines in the song,they are woth listening.I am still and will always be the fan of those lines she sang in Ashiq Banaya Aapne.

Third track is titled “Koi Na Koi Chahe”.This track is my favourite track followed by the other three ofcourse.The song starts with the beautifully tune played on Shehnai.Himesh has used Tabla and Shehnai wonderfully after the mukhda which repeats before the second stanza also.Its a sad song.Himesh starts with the song again.Shreya comes in the ending of first stanza.She sings in low scale to match Himesh’s voice.She sings the second antara in normal scale with so much emotions that again,I don’t feel like hearing Himesh’s lines.But this time,he is not sounding nasal frankly,but not appealing too,otherwise he is a brilliant composer and he should stict to composing only because he is great at it.

Last track in the album is “Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasmaan”.Finally,we can call it as a Shreya track as she has more to render as compare to the above songs.This time,Himesh has 2 – 3 lines to offer.The track runs for 4 minutes 21 seconds.It starts with a soothing tune played on Piano.Shreya starts with the song this time.Its a romantic track but little fast when compared to the above three.The song is short and the line “Teri Meri Dosti…” repeats many times in the song and Himesh sings in high scale as usual.The humming after Himesh’s lines “Jaane Kahan” is very appealing.The antaras are mindblowing.Himesh has used violin before the stanza in a different way.

The songs are really great.Great melodies.Recently,Shreya herself said that the songs are superb and believe me,if we see Himesh as a composer,then he is no less than Pritam or Vishal – Shekhar.He is very versatile in his compositions.

ps:Will write about her new telugu song with Mani Sharma tomorrow.Shreya has two more songs in Main Aurr Mrs.Khanna,one is a duet with Wajid and other one is a sad version(solo) of Don't Say Alvida.Will update very soon !

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Latest Hindi Releases of Shreya

Shreya sings 4 songs in "Radio" which has music by Himesh Reshammiya.Last movie of Himesh was Karzzzz and Shreya had a song in it and this time she has four songs..quite interesting.

Here are the songs:

1.Janeman - Shreya Ghoshal & Himesh Reshammiya
2.Teri Meri Dosti Ka Asmaan - Shreya Ghoshal & Himesh Reshammiya
3.Koi Na Koi Chahe - Shreya Ghoshal & Himesh Reshammiya
4.Shaam Ho Chali Hai - Shreya Ghoshal & Himesh Reshammiya

I feel I should hear the songs few more times to write about the songs.We have few more songs from Shreya lined up.

Here are they:

Movie:Tum Mile

Song:Tum Mile – Sad

Singers:Shreya Ghoshal & KK


Movie:Tum Mile

Song:Dard Hai Ki Tanhai

Singers:Shreya Ghoshal & Vijay Prakash


Movie:Main Aur Mrs.Khanna

Song:Don’t Say Alvida

Singers:Shreya Ghoshal & Sonu Nigam

Music:Sajid - Wajid

Will keep you updated about her more recent releases soon !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"We Lived in his World"

The video of “Tribute to Michael Jackson” is out and as we know,Shreya features in the video.Music of the video is given by and sung by Shreya , Shaan , Shankar Mahadevan , KK & Vishal – Shekhar themselves.The song is titled "We Lived in His World"All her fans were curious to see Shreya in her album.Finally,the wait has ended but this time,its not her album,it’s the video having lot of stars giving tribute to the King of Pop “Michael Jackson”.Shreya is looking very confident and cute in the song.Its no surprise if she gets lot of acting offers.The song is very well composed by Vishal Shekhar and Shreya features many times in the video.Dnt miss the video !

Here is the video:

Rest in Peace Michael.

Do Knot Disturb

It’s the end of last day and Shreya’s next Hindi release is out.Before Blue,we have something more to enjoy and that is the songs of “Do Knot Disturb”.Shreya has sung in this Govina starrer movie which has music by Nadeem – Shravan.They have given some great songs to Shreya.How can we forget the evergreen songs of Tumsa Nahi Dekha.All the female songs were rendered by Shreya in Tumsa Nahi Dekha.She sang many songs for them after Tumsa Nahi Dekha too but they stopped composing for some years and they are back with Vashu Bhagnani’s “Do Knot Disturb” with Shreya.She has two songs in the movie.Lets get to the songs.

First track in the album is “Don’t Ever Leave Me” sung by Shreya and Shaan.Its a short track having duration of approximately 3 and a half minutes.Its a romantic song but supported by western beats.Shaan sings the whole mukhda and Shreya has 1st antara/stanza to sing.Shreya has modulated her voice and shown her versitality again in this song by rendering this song in a western style.As the name suggests,the song also has some English subtitles fitting perfectly in the song.As I told you,the composers has used western instruments like electric gitar,drums,etc.

Second track is “Mere Naal” sung by Shreya , KK , Jigar Saraiya & Nitika Kanwar.Its a 5 minutes track and is a full on dance number.The song has a lot of energy.Its totally filled with Punjabi flavour.The composers have used all the Punjabi instruments perfectly.The negative point about the song is only that Shreya has very less to sing.She sounds great in this song.I wish we could hear more of her in this track.The song also has some Punjabi words after the first antara spoken by Nikita Kanwar.Shreya,as usual sings according to the mood of the song.This song is gonna be a big chartuster !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Songs in Blue !

We knew that Shreya has sung in Blue but frankly telling,I didn’t expect Shreya to have three songs in the movie becaese she has always had 1 or 2 songs(rarely) in the music of AR Rahman but I was very happy when I saw the track listing of Blue.Here are the songs.

1.Rehnuma – Shreya Ghoshal & Sonu Nigam

2.Aaj Dil – Shreya Ghoshal & Sukhwinder Singh

3.Fiqraan – Shreya Ghoshal & Vijay Prakash

It’s a Ganesh Chaturthi gift from hreya to all her dear fans ;).I just cant wait more to hear the songs.I am expecting both romantic and peppy songs by Shreya in this movie.Expectations are always very high when AR Rahman is the composer.

Hope for the best !

Oru Killi - Leelai

Here comes one more song by Shreya,this time a Tamil one from the movie “Leelai”.I was desperately waiting for a Tamul song by Shreya.So lets come to the song.

The song is titled “Oru Killi” which is a duet between Shreya and Satidh Chakrovarthy who is the composer of the song too.Lyrics are also written by Satish.The song runs for 5 minutes 40 seconds.I have not heard any songs by Satish before.This is the first time I am getting aware with his singing and composition.Beleive me,I was completely spellbound when I heard the starting of the song.The song is excellent,even excellent is a very small word for this song.Its a soothing melody and Shreya sings very very very sweetly and puts the correct emotions in the song which is a very easy thing for Shreya.The song has a Carnatic flavour to it.I must say,the composer seems to be a very talented guy,though this is the first time I am hearing his song.Look at the way he has used the instruments.The stanzas are made beautifully.I just loved the lines between 2:02 – 2:10 and it repeats again at 2:20 – 2:27.Its a masterpiece.I have no words to say anything about the song neither do I think that I can say anything about the voice of the Nightingale.

It will be no surprise if the song gets a Filmfare Nomination next year but the song must be promoted well.

Dnt miss it !

Zara Sa Halka Sa - Love Khichdi

I have been waiting for this song since last month.I got to know about the song and I was very excited to hear the next song of Shreya – Pritam combo after Dil Bole Hadippa.Well,lets talk about the song now !

The track is titled “Zara Sa Halka Sa”.Music is composed by Pritam and it’s a solo by Shreya…interesting !.The song runs for 5 minutes approximately.Its a unique romantic melody.Its very different as compared to other romantic songs from Pritam.He has tried something fresh this time and that has come out greatly.The song starts with impressive beats taking you to some other world.The song also has some Sufi touch(only touch).The song also has some variations in the mukhda.Pritam has used the instruments amazingly here.Shreya is sounding very sweet as usual in the song.I repeat this line in every song though.Look out for the flute piece after the second stanza ends.Both the stanzas(specially second one) are supported by great percussions.Just loving the song.

A great masterpiece after Tum Jo Ho Kareeb !!.

You all will love it.

ps:My schedule has become hectic after the college has started again.Please cooperate if,by chance,I get late in posting the information.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tum Jo Ho Kareeb

One more Hindi song of Shreya releases after Dil Bole Hadippa.This time the song is from “Three:Love,Lies and Betrayal starring Nausheen Ali Sardar, Ashish Chowdhry and Akshay Kapoor directed by Vikram Bhatt.Music is composed by Chirantan Bhatt.

Shreya has a solo titled “Tum Jo Ho Kareeb”.Its a solo of Shreya and it runs for 5 and a half minutes.Its a romantic track sung beautifully by Shreya.Lyrics are also very meaningful.I liked the song just after watching the trailer.The track is very well composed.It starts with a tune played on Piano.Shreya is at her best in the song.She has modulated her oice to suit the mood of the song.Her humming “Aaaha Ha” is very impressive and repeats many times in the song.This song is surely to become a chartbuster for Shreya fans.The composer has used light instruments like Gitar,Piano etc to suit the theme of the song.The stanzas are also fabulous.I dnt know what words should I use for this song.The “Na Na Na Na” part also fits perfectly in the song.The track has got the same feel of Ek Pal Ke Liye from Ankahee.Shreya puts in so much feel in the whole song,specially the antaras are worth listening.Hats off to Shreya !!!

I am sure you all will love this song.

Shreya,along with other artists plays tribute to the King of Pop "Michael Jackson"

For his birthday on August 29, they have put together a tribute song. Shahrukh Khan is a huge MJ fan. He cried when he heard about his shocking death. So when the creative heads at Red Chillies pitched the idea, he was all for it and put together an impressive team for the song. Musical duo Vishal-Shekhar has composed the song which has been sung and written by Vishal Dadlani.

Other singers like KK, Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal also feature on the song. Trust SRK to put together a star-studded video that will feature Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapur, Hrithik Roshan, Kangna Ranaut, Harman Baweja, Yuvraj Singh, Prabhu Deva aong with himself. Samar Khan, the director of Shaurya is directing the video which is being shot in low light and has a unique mood.

The song called ‘We lived in his world’ will air across channels on August 29.

ps:That’s a great news for all the fans including me.Finally,Shreya features in an video after Haath Se Haath Mila,though she appeared only for 2 – 3 seconds,that too in a group.Waiting eagerly for the song.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now I make informed choices - Shreya

Shreya Goshal, the singer with a silken voice, has come a long way. Here for the audio release of Yograj Bhat’s Manasare, she says it’s no longer running from one studio to the other; now she makes informed choices .

This is one art form where no amount of hard work helps. A mellifluous voice is a gift from God, but what you do with it makes for individual talent. Shreya Goshal is among the few contemporary singers who makes music an emotional experience. Her pr onunciation in Kannada and Tamil is perfect and embellishments apt.

Mano Murthy’s residence is a clutter of knick knacks with the walls crowded by typical family portraits shot in American studios. Shreya is there to meet a few from the press and also to gorge on generous helpings of bisibelebath. Of course, she’s mainly here for the audio release of the Yograj Bhat directed film, “Manasare”. “That’s a different medium,” she says when someone asks her the usual question as to why she’s not acting.


You’ve worked with the best like Ilaiyaraja who’s very sure about what he wants and Rahman who improvises till the end. Tell us about Mano Murthy.

It’s easier to work with him. Once he’s tuned the song he gives the singer full freedom. He turns into a listener. After having understood the song, I like to enjoy it when recording.

I like to give inputs about variations in the songs graph. He enjoys that like a lover of music rather than a music director. He’s very appreciative and comfortable to work with. The best part is that he’s a very knowledgeable music director. He composes and writes the entire song. Once he’s done that he lets the singer fill the colours. I think it’s a completely different school.

As long as you are in a reality show you are more like a mimicry artiste singing something which has already been rendered. How difficult is it when you have to interpret a composition in your own style?

Yes, that’s the most difficult thing. Many singers who’ve sung beautifully on the show have not been able to deliver when offered an original. That’s a good point. It also happens because they’ve trained to sound like the singer of the original or close to it. I believe that when they sing on the show they need not try to imitate the original. It’s good to sing in your own style.

When you are given a song do you briefly contemplate how Lata or Asha would have sung that song?

Ummm… yes, this used to happen earlier. I’m a big fan of these two icons and it’s very possible that I get influenced by their styles. I think about how she would have nuanced the song. I’ve got over it now. There’s a subconscious that works when I’m singing. I do use her throw of words.

You are talking about Lata?

Yes. She’s the personification of singing. I use her style when a music director understands and is a fan of hers too. Most of today’s compositions need a casual approach to the singing.

Previously singers would try and see that their voice suited the stars in the film. Is that possible today?

No it’s not. Recently I sang for Sharmila Tagore. She’s been one of the most beautiful actresses, but is no longer young. Since I had to sing for the heroine too who’s a teenager I had to modulate my voice and make it sound heavier. I did not try anything technical but I thought of myself as an old person and it came across. Do you have a gift for languages? The acid test is Ilayaraja, who’s very particular about pronunciation and enunciation.

Absolutely. It was a learning process for me. Learning the song at Prasad studio from 10 a.m. and recording right in front of him in the singer’s room is scary because he’s right there and you don’t want to make mistakes. I’ve never felt he’s as strict as he’s made out to be. He loves music and the whole process. He’s so sure about what he wants and doesn’t like the singer to improvise much. He feels if the song is sung in pitch correctly, expressions will come naturally.

There was a time when a duet was sung together……

I think that was an amazing period. There’s a rush and hurry now. Very few directors do one film at a time. The competition is cut throat and the requirements are commercial. I wish I were a part of that era if not as a singer at least as a witness to the process of recording.

Ideally would you like more time to prepare for a recording?

Sometimes yes. I no longer rush from studio to studio. I sing one song a day. I’ve reached a point where I can take it easy. I’m not anxious about my song going to someone else.

After ‘Manasare’ you’ve sung a lovely song in ‘Suryakanthi’ too.

Thank you. All credit to the music directors. That’s the reason I love singing in the South. There’s so much melody in Kannada film music. All the hits are not item numbers. Melody still rules here. That’s missing in mainstream Bollywood.

Singers are the least fussy among creative people. Have you ever refused a song?

No. If at all I have it’s because the track played to me has been sung beautifully and I insist they retain it.

I feel the singer has already done justice to the song. I’ve done this twice and have been able to convince the music director to retain the voice of the track singer.

Januma Janumadallu

I informed you about “Januma Janumadallu” few days back but could not post it soon.I am sorry for that.Anywayz,as I told you,Shreya has two songs in the movie and again,the music is composed by Mano Murthy.Shreya has one solo and one duet with Kunal Ganjawala.

Lets discuss about the solo first.Its titled Thumbali and runs for 5 minutes 20 seconds.Its different from usual Mano Murthy’s compositions.Its one of the beautiful melody composed in recent times.The song starts with a beautiful tune played on flute.Shreya starts with a beautiful harmony and the background has usual Mano Murthy touch to it.Mano has also use one of my favourite instruments “Santoor” in the song.

Things to note in the song: 1:Shreya’s sweet harmony after the common lines of the song.

2:Shreya’s smile at 2:25

3.Shreya’s singing from 3:07 – 3:32

Next track in the album is a duet with Kunal Ganjawala titled “Alangisu” which runs for 4 minutes 53 seconds.The song is neither a peppy duet nor a romantic melody.Its a mixture of both.The track is supported by western beats,may be that’s why we cannot categorise it as a romantic melody.Note the way Shreya sings Nee Nannannu at 1:25 which is also repeated many times in the song.Stanzas are also made accordingly to the feel of the song.Shreya,obviously dominates Kunal Ganjawala,which she does in every duet.

Overall,a great album to hear after the melodious Manasaare.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I was very excited when Kiran Raj told me about Manasaare.It comes from the same team of Mungaru Male.Every fan of Shreya who follows her regional songs also,must be knowing that Mungaru Male had some unforgettable songs of Shreya.It had Araluthiru and Ivanu Geleyanalla by Shreya.Even today if you hear Araluthiru,it sounds fresh.Its one of the classic compositions of Mano Murthy and I am happy that Mano chose Shreya to render Araluthiru as she could only do justice with the emotions of the song.On the other hand,Ivanu Geleyanalla was a sad song(I guess) which is again one of the best Kannada songs of Shreya.Its no surprise if anyone waits for the same team to come back with the magical songs.As I told,Manasaare comes from the same team,so its obvious that Mano Murthy composes the music and Shreya sings in it.Again,Shreya has two songs in the movie,one being a solo and other one a duet with KK.Lets see if the team again gives us some memorable songs.

First track in the album is titled “Na Naguve Modalene” sung by Shreya.It runs for 4 minutes 33 seconds.The song starts with a romantic harmony played on Mano’s favourite instrument “saxophone”.I would have taken this song as a sad song if Kiran Raj had not told me that it’s a romantic one.Romantic song with sad tune???interesting.The song is mesmerizing,beautifully sung by Shreya and beautifully composed by Mano Murthy.Saxophone is a trademark in Mano’s songs which suits perfectly in his compositions.I have no words to describe this song.The first word came to my mind after hearing this song was “Araluthiru – 2nd.I may sound funny but that’s what I think.Shreya has put so much emotions in the song even though she does’nt understand the language.Note the way Shreya smiles between 1:30 – 1:31.

Next track in the album is “Kanna Haniyondige” sung by Shreya and KK.Shreya gets to sing both the mukhda and the antara/stanza.Last stanza is sung by Shreya.I named previous one as “Araluthiru – 2nd”,so will u be surprised if I name this one as "Ivanu Geleya Nalla – 2nd”?You wont be,after hearing the track.The song runs for 5 minutes 10 seconds.The song starts with a mesmerizing tune played on Gitar.Its a sad song(hope I am correct this time).Shreya has put in perfecr feel to the song.Anataras are made beautifully by Mano Murthy.Tabla sounds perfect in the stanzas.Note the way Shreya sings Beedade(did I spell it correctly?) at 2:10 – 2:12.Last stanza is sung by KK.He is good in the song but not great.It could have been better if the compose had chose Rajesh Krishnan or Karthik.

Must hear songs!!!!..Dnt miss !!!

Ps:Music of Kannada Movie Januma Janumadallu is out.Music is again composed by Mano Murthy and Shreya has one solo and one duet.Will post tomorrow about it !

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shreya releases the Music of Manasaare

She made her way into the hearts of thousands of Kannadigas when she crooned Araluthiru in the super hit Mungaru Male. And now she’s back to sing for music director Mano Murthy for his latest composition in Yograj Bhat’s next film Manasare. Bollywood’s popular singer, the soft-spoken and lovely Shreya Ghoshal, who was in town for the music launch of the film, says, “I’ve sung a song called Naa Naguva Modalene. It’s a beautiful melody — a classic Mano Murthy composition.”

Apart from singing for Kannada films, Shreya has lent her voice to Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies as well. How does she manage considering she doesn’t know any south Indian language? “I would really like to learn these languages. I’m always surrounded by Hindi-speaking people, so I need to be in the company of people who know these languages in order to learn them,” says Shreya who writes down the lyrics of all the songs in Hindi. “I can recognise the languages as I know a few words from each language. I jot down the meaning of each stanza so that I know the mood of the song,” she adds.

The lady with a mesmerising voice not only bagged a popular award in Bollywood for her song Teri Ore, but also won the same award in the South for her song in the Kannada film Mussanje Maathu. “I don’t aim for awards when I sing, but getting one is a sign that you’ve done a good job and people expect more from you,” she says.

Some of the south Indian singers she admires include Chitra, Hariharan and SP Balasubramaniam. Having made it big in the industry despite coming from a small town, Shreya says, “Those who don’t belong to a big city and don’t have too much exposure, should use this as an advantage as they will have fewer distractions. You should do your riyaaz well so that when the right opportunity comes your way, you can make it big.”

Having sung in all the south Indian languages, the singer has many more projects down South. “I recently sang for a Malayalam movie called Banaras. This is a language I don’t sign in often and getting the diction right was quite difficult,” says Shreya who has biggies like Blue, Three Idiots and My Name is Khan in the pipeline in Bollywood.

Credit:Kiran Raj

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dil Bole Hadippa !

I wanted to write about Ishq Hi Hai Rab yesterday only but there were already two posts,so I didn’t want my readers to get confused with three posts.Dil Bole Hadippa had been one of the most awaited movies of 2009.Its a Yashraj movie and I am glad that finally,they have started promoting their movies well.It stars Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kumar.Coming back to the song,the song is composed by Pritam and is sung by Shreya and Sonu Niigaam/Sonu Nigam.

The track runs for 5 minutes 22 seconds.Since the movie is Punjabi based,so the song will obviously has some Punjabi flavour to it.The song starts with a great harmony played on flute.The song is about “India”.Here,the actress is describing India by singing “Tu door jitna jaye,ye paas utna aaye”.Pritam has used Indian instruments like Dhol(commonly used in Punjabi songs).Backing vocals done by chorus singer singing “Desh Mera” and “the humming part in the starting is very appealing.The song somehow reminded me of Beetey Kal se,though both the songs are completely different(may be because Beetey Kal Se was the last song Shreya sang for Rani.It was the last movie of her though).Its a duet but I am happy because Shreya gets to sing full mukhda and antara of the song.Sonu Nigam comes in the last stanza.Do I need to say anything about Shreya?She,as usual sounds very sweet in the song.This song may be counted as one of her best songs of 2009.

.I hope the channels promote the song well.

ps:I just got to know that Chelluvina Chilipili is the Kannada version of Telugu Movie Kotha Bangaru Lokum and Yaavadu is the Kannada version of Nenai Neevani for which Shweta Pandit recently got Filmfare.I heard Telugu version today.It was good but beleive me,Kannada version of Shreya was far ahead in terms of feel,voice,emotions,pitch,etc.I wish Mickey opted Shreya for the Telugu version too.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Zindagi Zindagi - Fox

Here’s one more Hindi song from the movie Fox.This time,for a chance,the duet is with Kunal Ganjawala instead of Shaan.The song is titled “Zindagi”.Music is composed by Monty Sharma.

Shreya’s last two releases with Monty Sharma were great.Be it Saawariya or Chamku.The songs of Saawariya still gives me goosebumps.On the other hand,Aaja Milke still continues to be one of my favourites.Well,here is one more duet of Shreya with Kunal Ganjawala.It runs for 4 minutes 41 seconds.The song is a slow romantic number.The song starts with Shreya’s humming and Kunal starts with the song then.The song is good but since Monty Sharma is the music director here,so I expected a little more from him and Shreya has only the second stanza to sing.However,it’s a male oriented song I guess.Look for Shreya’s western humming in the song where she completely spellbounds us with her magical voice,It’s a very different kind of a romantic song .I dnt to which category should I put this song.Hope you people enjoy the song !

Ps:Don’t forget to read the “Dil Bole Hadippa” post which I am gonna post soon.

Pps:Hear an devotional album by Shreya:

Dil Leke - Wanted

Many fans must have been waiting for a Hindi song to release.Well,here it is.Shreya has sung a duet with Shaan titled “Dil Leke” from the movie “Wanted” starring Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia.Music is composed by Sajid – Wajid.

Sajid – Wajid seems to have become the favourite of Salman Khan.They are continuously giving music in his films.Anywayz,the track is titled “Dil Leke” which runs for 4 minutes 35 seconds.The track is a simple romantic and a typical Sajid – Wajid number.You may find some similarities with Tumko Dekha from God Tussi Great Ho which was also sung by Shreya and also had music by Sajid – Wajid.Shaan starts with the song first and he sings the whole mukha/starting of the song.Shreya comes in the stanza singing Humne to socha na tha….I hope it was a solo of Shreya.She sings every song with so many emotions but I am sorry to say this but Shaan does not sounds good in this song,specially the first stanza but Shreya,as usual,sounds mesmerizing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chelluvina Chilipili

I was waiting to hear a Kannada song by Shreya and here they are.I knew that Chelluvina Chilipili songs would be out in two days or so.Shreya has two tracks in the movie.One is a solo and other is a duet with Chetan.Music is composed by Mickey J Mayer and after searching about him,I got to know that he is the only composer after Ilayaraja and AR Rahman who has done eight year course from Trinity College of Music,London.Anywayz,lets get to the tracks now.I guess Shreya is working for the first time with him.

First track in the album is “Yaavudo”which is a solo.Its a 5 minutes track.Its a slow sensous melody and the composer has not used many instruments in the song.I was completely spellbound after hearing the track and mesmerizing voice of Shreya.Hats off to Shreya for rendering the song with so much feel.I guess this is the title track of the movie(Correct me if I am wrong).The song has a lot of Carnatic feel.Tha antaras/stanzas are simply mindblowing Note Shreya’s singing between 2:03 – 2:06.Shreya renders each word with so much emotion as if she is completely aware of the female character in the movie(though singers are given some hint about the characters but still..).She takes small small harkats in the song very easily as usual.This song may seem easy but its very difficult to sing.It has so much of feel,emotions,etc which Shreya has easily put in the song.The lines rendered by chorus also adds up greatly in the song.I would say this is one of the best Kannada song of Shreya.

Next track in the album is “Sye Sye Chikora” sung by Shreya and Chetan.Previous one was a mesmerising solo and this one is a peppy kind of a duet.The track uns for 4 minutes 42 seconds.It begins with Shreya's soothing humming.The composer has used Viloin at many places in the song.Shreya sounds very cute when she pronounces Chakora.Chetan has also done a good job.Note the way the singers sings one after another in the stanzas.Shreya has also sung in a low note(2:20) in the song as well as in high note(1:17) perfectly.I felt it was not Shreya's humming between4:11 - 4:15.Btw,will anyone tell me the meaning of Sye Sye Chakora?

Overall,both the songs are great but Yaavudo is very special and unique.I really enjoyed it.

ps:Recently,Shreya sang for AR Rahman in a Tamil Movie "Puli"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shreya sings in Aladin !

Since last year,I have been waiting for Aladin’s track listing as I got the news of Shreya’s presence in it.Just like Dil Bole Hadippa , Aladin is also an most awaited movie of the year.The star cast includes Amitabh Bachchan , Sanjay Dutt , Juhi Chawla ,etc.So,we can expect a a lot from the track.The song which Shreya has sung is titled “O Re Saawariya” which is sung by four singers i.e.Shreya Ghoshal , Amitabh Bachchan , Shaan & Sudesh Bhosle.Music is composed by Vishal – Shekhar.The music is expected to release soon !

ps:Shreya has also sung for Sajid - Wajid in Wanted - Dead Or Alive.She has sung a duet with Shaan titled "Dil Leke".

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shreya sings in Dil Bole Hadippa !

One of the most eagerly awaited movie of the year “Dil Bole Hadippa” is going to release on 17th September.And guess what,Shreya has a song in it.I knew that Shreya would have a song in Dil Bole Hadippa.The movie stars Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kapoor in the leading roles.Its a Yashraj movie produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Anurag Singh.The movie has lot of expectations.

Shreya has sung one duet with Sonu Nigam titled “Ishq Hi Hai Rab”.I am expecting a lot from this track.It seems to be a romantic number.Eagerly waiting for the music release.Hope for the best !

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shreya wins South Filmfare Award - Kannada

Hearty Congratulations to the Nightingale for winning her 1st Kannada Filmfare Award for “Ninna Nodalento”.So,Shreya adds one more award to her kitty.Wish her with more and more such trophies.

I am sad that she didn’t win Telugu and Tamil Filmfare,though Merupula was very deserving.Anywayz,I am very happy for Shreya.

God Bless Shreya !!!1

Ps:I am sorry for posting late.