Friday, August 7, 2009

Zindagi Zindagi - Fox

Here’s one more Hindi song from the movie Fox.This time,for a chance,the duet is with Kunal Ganjawala instead of Shaan.The song is titled “Zindagi”.Music is composed by Monty Sharma.

Shreya’s last two releases with Monty Sharma were great.Be it Saawariya or Chamku.The songs of Saawariya still gives me goosebumps.On the other hand,Aaja Milke still continues to be one of my favourites.Well,here is one more duet of Shreya with Kunal Ganjawala.It runs for 4 minutes 41 seconds.The song is a slow romantic number.The song starts with Shreya’s humming and Kunal starts with the song then.The song is good but since Monty Sharma is the music director here,so I expected a little more from him and Shreya has only the second stanza to sing.However,it’s a male oriented song I guess.Look for Shreya’s western humming in the song where she completely spellbounds us with her magical voice,It’s a very different kind of a romantic song .I dnt to which category should I put this song.Hope you people enjoy the song !

Ps:Don’t forget to read the “Dil Bole Hadippa” post which I am gonna post soon.

Pps:Hear an devotional album by Shreya:


RUBAI said...

the song is soulful:)as usual shreya has taken it to a different level altogether

Hardik said...

ya the song is totally indian touch. pritam knows the real talent and so he selects shreya only for complicated songs and we are going to play it for a function of our college.