Sunday, August 16, 2009

Januma Janumadallu

I informed you about “Januma Janumadallu” few days back but could not post it soon.I am sorry for that.Anywayz,as I told you,Shreya has two songs in the movie and again,the music is composed by Mano Murthy.Shreya has one solo and one duet with Kunal Ganjawala.

Lets discuss about the solo first.Its titled Thumbali and runs for 5 minutes 20 seconds.Its different from usual Mano Murthy’s compositions.Its one of the beautiful melody composed in recent times.The song starts with a beautiful tune played on flute.Shreya starts with a beautiful harmony and the background has usual Mano Murthy touch to it.Mano has also use one of my favourite instruments “Santoor” in the song.

Things to note in the song: 1:Shreya’s sweet harmony after the common lines of the song.

2:Shreya’s smile at 2:25

3.Shreya’s singing from 3:07 – 3:32

Next track in the album is a duet with Kunal Ganjawala titled “Alangisu” which runs for 4 minutes 53 seconds.The song is neither a peppy duet nor a romantic melody.Its a mixture of both.The track is supported by western beats,may be that’s why we cannot categorise it as a romantic melody.Note the way Shreya sings Nee Nannannu at 1:25 which is also repeated many times in the song.Stanzas are also made accordingly to the feel of the song.Shreya,obviously dominates Kunal Ganjawala,which she does in every duet.

Overall,a great album to hear after the melodious Manasaare.

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