Monday, September 28, 2009

O Re Saawariya - Aladin

Its been quite a long time since I posted something about the new songs of am I with a new Hindi song of Shreya.I think I have already informed all the readers about Shreya’s song in Aladin.Finally,the music has released. Music is composed by Vishal – Shekhar.Lets come to the song.

The song is titled “O Re Saawariya”. The song is sung by Shreya , Shaan , Amitabh Bachchan & Sudesh Bhosle.Since the track is sung by four singers, I expected every singer to have equal set of lines but thankfully,Shreya has more to sing in this one. Well, let me tell you that this song is not what Vishal – Shekhar usually composes and I am happy that they are using Shreya in almost every movies. The track runs for 4 and a half minutes. Its a one-on-one/ched-chad kind of a song(that’s what I expected).This track will surely remind you of Amitabh Bachchan’s old songs like Mere Angne Mein.The song starts with Shreya’s classic vocals. As you all know, Sudesh Bhosle is known as the voice of Amitabh Bachchan,so you may get confused between the voice of Amitabh Bachchan and Sudesh’s voice.Shaan also has some lines in the song.Shreya is mostly everywhere in the song. She has sung a beautiful sargam before the 1st antara/charnam.Shreya’s lines have a slight classical touch.Awesome singing Shreya , as usual :)

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Shreya winning Filmfare for Ninna Nodalento(Kannada)

Finally,the video is uploaded in youtube.Shreya is so humble and down to earth person.She rocks!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Music director Uttam Singh praises Shreya !!

Recently Honour Killings song “Dholna Main Bhi Kujh Bolna” was recorded in voice of bollywood’s versatile singer Shreya Ghoshal.

According our close sources, “She was very glad to sing Punjabi song under music director Uttam Singh for the film honour killings which is based on the UK’s burning problem. Mega hit Zakhmi Aurat’s Director Avtar Bhogal is venturing on this burning issue with International casts. Famous Music Director Uttam Singh was speechless to see Shreya’s professional approach”.

According a close source, Uttamji says, “Shreya is a very versatile singer. She can sing bollywood as well as regional songs very well. I am really impressed with her professional approach. She has no need any retake during songs recording.”

JAI HO Shreya :) :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


The music of the most awaited movie “Blue” was out some days ago.Most of you would have heard the songs.I wanted to take some time to say anything about the songs because its one of the unique compositions by AR Rahman,something which I have hardly heard before in Shreya’s voice.I won’t say much about the songs because I don’t know how to describe them.Thats the case with me if it’s a Maestro composition.Lets get to the songs.

Let me talk about the song of which we are already aware and that’s “Aaj Dil Gustakh”.The video of this song was out after that Chiggy Wiggy song.The song is sung by Shreya and Sukhwinder Singh.I think this is the second duet of Shreya with Sukhwinder Singh.The track runs for five and a half minutes.The song has a latin touch if I am not wrong.Since the movie is all about stunts in water,Rahman has composed the track according to the theme.The song starts with some sargams sung by Sukhwinder.Shreya is the best versatile singer I have ever come across.Compare Bhor Bhayo from Delhi 6 with Aaj Dil from Blue….truly amazing..hats off to Shreya.The chorus part in the starting is interesting which also repeats in the song many times.The stanza of the song is mindblowing.It has a western classical touch.I am sorry for such a bad review of the song but this is what I feel for the song.Note Shreya singing sargams at the end.

Next song in the album is “Rehnuma” sung by Shreya and Sonu Nigam.This is the first time we are hearing Shreya – Sonu duet in a AR Rahman composition.Before saying anything about the song,let me tell you,this song is my favourite among the other two(Aaj Dil and Fiqrana) songs.This is something Shreya has hardly sung before.Its a jazz based composition.If you have the title track of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na by Rahman,then you would definitely associate it with Rehnuma.The beats at the starting are quite similar to that song.Shreya starts with the song modulating her voice to a sensuous mood(like Jaadu hai Nasha Hai).There’s a line “Qatil Ada” in the song…God…Cant say anything about the line.Shreya has done wonders.I wish it was a solo of Shreya.Sonu Nigam sounds nasal at times in the song.AR Rahman has used electric gitar as the main instrument in the song,though the keyboard also plays a important role in the song.The line “Zulfon Ki Kaid Mubarak” is just WOW….must hear song!!!!..There is a song titled “Jaan Hai” from the movie “James”.sung by the same set of singers.Rehnuma has same kind of feeling like Jaan Hai.I would request you to hear Jaan Hai before attempting this song.

Last track by Shreya is “Fiqarana”.Its again a duet,this time with Vijay Prakash.I wont say much about the song because Shreya hardly has 3 songs in the track.Its a nice peppy track.Great attempt by Vijay.Shreya has sung 1 line in between the antaras.

Overall,a very different attempt by Shreya.She again proves her versitality here.Hats off to Shreya and AR Rahman !!

Shreya at Radio City

Shreya was recently called at the Radio City Studio in a show called "Musical-e-azam.

Shreya talks about her 3rd National Award and lots of funny talks.

Shreya was interviewed by RJ Archana.

Here's the video:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'll even work harder - Shreya Ghoshal

A chat with TOI, National Award winner Shreya Ghoshal talks about the importance of winning and being choosy about work...

You must be excited at winning the National Award for the third time?
More than excited, I’m grateful to God. I didn’t know that I had won the award because I was recording and my cell phone was switched off. My mom was trying to get in touch with me frantically to break the news. Only when I got back home did I come to know about the award.

The song for which you won the award was a chart-topper for a long time.
That’s the beauty of the song. When I recorded Yeh Ishq Hai for Jab We Met, I knew that it would strike a chord with a lot of people. It has a beautiful vibe to it and the composition was amazing. In fact, when I was recording the number everything fell into place. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

So how important is a National Award?
This is my third National Award and I feel over the moon! It’s always good to be recognised for the hard work you have put in. As far as converting it to work is concerned, that’s not a point of concern. I’ve always had my kitty full with some good projects.

Are you going to be extra choosy now about the kind of songs you sing?
You know, composers have always approached me with good work. And they will continue to do so in future as well. I have no complaints. I have always put my heart and soul into singing a number. I’ve always strived to better myself with each song. If anything, this award will make me work even harder instead of being choosy.

You have also won awards for the songs you have sung in regional films.
The reason I like to sing in regional films is because it’s creatively satisfying. There are times when I don’t get to do certain things in Hindi films. That’s where regional cinema comes in and I get a lot of creative satisfaction. So far I’ve understood the nuances of the various South Indian accents. But I need to work hard on my Malayalam.

There has also been a drastic change in image. You have become more stylish.
I don’t know about the image, but yes, I love dressing up. At home and at my recordings, I’m dressed casually. But when I make a public appearance I like putting a fashionable foot forward. My sense of style is completely mine — be it the toga style gown or the short churidaars that I wear. I don’t have a stylist because it’s a drag to find a good one. I think with the ever growing scrutiny from the media — one tends to get a little conscious. But I see nothing wrong in being stylish.

Any plans of celebrating your win?
Well, as of now I haven't made any plans. Honestly I don't want to throw a party or anything. I would prefer to take a long break and go on vacation instead. That would be a great way to celebrate.

ps:Don't miss my previous post "Shreya at Radio City"

pps:I assume most of you must have heard the songs of Blue.I'll update tomorrow after a few hearings.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna

I had informed you all about the track listing of Shreya’s upcoming post some days ago and “Main Aurr Mrs Khanna”.Its music is out now. It stars Salman Khan,Sohail Khan and Kareena Kapoor.So,Shreya sings for Kareena Kapoor again after the National award winning song Ye Ishq Hai.Music is by Sajid – Wajid.Recently,Shreya sang “Dil Leke from them.

Lets talk about Tumne Socha first. Its a duet sung by Shreya and Wajid of Sajid – Wajid duo.It runs for 5 minutes 50 seconds. Its a romantic track,qute similar to the song from God Tussi Great Ho(GTGH).I got the same feeling when I heard Dil Leke.It starts with chorus humming and Wajid begins with the song with his husky voice. The beats are quite similar to Tumko Dekha from GTGH.Shreya begings at 0:48 with her sweet melodious voice. The composers has used western beats in the song.Shreya has two lines to sing in each stanza.Wajid is mostly singing in high pitches in the antaras.Shreya has little more to sing in the mukhda and ending of the song. Its a typical Sajid – Wajid number

Next track in the album is “Don’t Say Alvida” which is already making waves among the audience.This song is promoted very well.Its sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam.Its a romantic track again,which does have a little touch of 90s.Shreya has got second stanza and some lines at the first stanza of the song.Sonu Nigam has sung the mukhda and first antara of the song.The composers have used traditional instruments in the song.Shreya comes at the last in the second stanza taking the song to a even greater level.The song is very cute and highly melodious.

It also has a sad version which is sung by Shreya only(thankfully).Though the duration of the song is that of Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.I got the same feel when I heard Tujhme Rab for the first time.Shreya is,as usual,the best in the song.

Hope you’ll enjoy the album.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shreya gets her 3rd National Award

As expected,Shreya has won her 3rd National Award for “Ye Ishq Hai” from “Jab We Met”.The awards were announced recently at Delhi.

Hearty Congratulations Shreya .God Bless You :)

I feel very proud of being your fans

There are many more National Awards yet to come…fingers crossed !

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Indian Butterfly

These days,classical music is getting ignored.May be because the youth does not like it.What I think is that its misunderstanding of some people that the Gen Y does’nt like classical music.There are many of them who like to hear classicak or semi classical based songs.There are many singers and musicians who still sings and composes for the lovers of classical music .And myself,being a fan of classical music eagerly awaits for a classical song by Shreya ofcourse.Its not a big deal because Shreya usually gives us 3 – 4 classical songs every year.Its more than enough if we see the current situation of music industry where nore priority is given to item numbers and less priority given to romantic and classical numbers.Shreya is back with semi classical numbers in an upcoming Hindi Movie "The Great Indian Butterfly" which has music by Deepak Pandit.Shreya has two beatiful semi classical numbers(solo) in the movie.Lets come to the songs.

The first track in the album is "Meera".Most of you can guess the theme of the song after seeing the track list.Yes,its the song sung for Meera who is expressing her emotions and feelings for Lord Krishna(though there is no mention of Lord Krishna but its understandable).The song runs for 5 minutes 21 seconds.Shreya starts with the song after beautiful light harmony(ringing bells,voice of birds,etc).The song is a semi classical number.It does have lot of variations,full of emotions and feel and we know our Shreya is best at it.Shreya is extraordinary,so is this song.The track has lot of deep meaning.There is a line in the last stanza which goes like "Meera ke dukh,jab hi mitenge,vaid saawariya hoye which means the sadness of Meera will be cured only after the doctor is Lord Krishna.The lyricist has done amazing work.The track has mindblowing backgroung music.The composer has also used some western instruments in the track just like Bhor Bhayi from Morning Walk but here,the composer has used them very lightly.There's a line at the end "Sawan Awan Keh Gayo" which was also there in the song "Dekhe Akele" from "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi".I hope most of you remember that.I don't have anything to say about Shreya's voice.She is the queen of all in rendering these type of songs.Amazing singing by Shreya and great music by Deepak Pandit.

Second and last track of Shreya is titled "Kangana" which happens to be my favourite(Meera is equally good though).The track runs for 5 minutes 46 seconds.We can call this song as a "thumri".I wonder if its Meera again who is singing here.Just like the previous song,this one also starts with light harmony.Shreya is as usual mindblowing in the track.I wish we could get atleast 10 classical tracks by Shreya every year.Since its a thumri,its obvious that it would be having lot of classical touch in it.This one is even more classical based than the previous one.The composers have used great hindustani classical music like Tabla,flute,sarangi.Violin is used very beaifully in the song,specially at the end of the song,the harmony piece is wonderful.Shreya has sung a wonderful alaap in the second stanza.Hats off to Shreya for rendering this song amazingly.

A very nice album,specially for the lovers of classical music.I would request every fan of Shreya to hear these songs atleast once.These are gems which comes rarely these days(though its not tha case with our Shreya).

ps:Eagerly waiting for the music of Blue.Though,the promo of "Aaj Dil" is awesome.Its great and very fresh.Hope the music releases soon !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mogindi Jeganta - Banam

Last song which Shreya did with Mani Sharma was “By Birthe” which was a Telugu one.She is back with Mani Sharma in an upcoming Telugu movie “Banam”.Shreya has a solo track titled “Mogini Jeganta” which runs for 5 minutes 51 seconds.Solos of Shreya are always special.Lets see what Shreya has for us in the song.

Its a melody,what she usually does for Mani Sharma.The song starts with Shreya’s humming and kickstarts the song at 0:53.Tthe song has little sadness in it which is clearly seen in Shreya’s voice.Mani has used traditional Cranatic instruments in the song.The harmony after the mukhda(starting) of the song is mind boggling,specially the instrument piece between 2:13 – 2:25.The antaras of the song are supported by dholaks.Last line of both the stanzas(3:18 - 3:32 and 5:15 - 5:27) add more colours to the song.Overall,a very nice melody.I would like Shreya to work with Mani more.I loved the way Mani has used instruments here.It would stay for a long period in my Ipod.

Hope you all will like it.