Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Indian Butterfly

These days,classical music is getting ignored.May be because the youth does not like it.What I think is that its misunderstanding of some people that the Gen Y does’nt like classical music.There are many of them who like to hear classicak or semi classical based songs.There are many singers and musicians who still sings and composes for the lovers of classical music .And myself,being a fan of classical music eagerly awaits for a classical song by Shreya ofcourse.Its not a big deal because Shreya usually gives us 3 – 4 classical songs every year.Its more than enough if we see the current situation of music industry where nore priority is given to item numbers and less priority given to romantic and classical numbers.Shreya is back with semi classical numbers in an upcoming Hindi Movie "The Great Indian Butterfly" which has music by Deepak Pandit.Shreya has two beatiful semi classical numbers(solo) in the movie.Lets come to the songs.

The first track in the album is "Meera".Most of you can guess the theme of the song after seeing the track list.Yes,its the song sung for Meera who is expressing her emotions and feelings for Lord Krishna(though there is no mention of Lord Krishna but its understandable).The song runs for 5 minutes 21 seconds.Shreya starts with the song after beautiful light harmony(ringing bells,voice of birds,etc).The song is a semi classical number.It does have lot of variations,full of emotions and feel and we know our Shreya is best at it.Shreya is extraordinary,so is this song.The track has lot of deep meaning.There is a line in the last stanza which goes like "Meera ke dukh,jab hi mitenge,vaid saawariya hoye which means the sadness of Meera will be cured only after the doctor is Lord Krishna.The lyricist has done amazing work.The track has mindblowing backgroung music.The composer has also used some western instruments in the track just like Bhor Bhayi from Morning Walk but here,the composer has used them very lightly.There's a line at the end "Sawan Awan Keh Gayo" which was also there in the song "Dekhe Akele" from "Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi".I hope most of you remember that.I don't have anything to say about Shreya's voice.She is the queen of all in rendering these type of songs.Amazing singing by Shreya and great music by Deepak Pandit.

Second and last track of Shreya is titled "Kangana" which happens to be my favourite(Meera is equally good though).The track runs for 5 minutes 46 seconds.We can call this song as a "thumri".I wonder if its Meera again who is singing here.Just like the previous song,this one also starts with light harmony.Shreya is as usual mindblowing in the track.I wish we could get atleast 10 classical tracks by Shreya every year.Since its a thumri,its obvious that it would be having lot of classical touch in it.This one is even more classical based than the previous one.The composers have used great hindustani classical music like Tabla,flute,sarangi.Violin is used very beaifully in the song,specially at the end of the song,the harmony piece is wonderful.Shreya has sung a wonderful alaap in the second stanza.Hats off to Shreya for rendering this song amazingly.

A very nice album,specially for the lovers of classical music.I would request every fan of Shreya to hear these songs atleast once.These are gems which comes rarely these days(though its not tha case with our Shreya).

ps:Eagerly waiting for the music of Blue.Though,the promo of "Aaj Dil" is awesome.Its great and very fresh.Hope the music releases soon !

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