Sunday, January 31, 2010

Magar Kuch To Hai from Prem Ka Game

Shreya’s new Hindi track is out.Its from the movie "Prem Ka Game" starring Arbaaz Khan & Tara Sharma.In the last article of "Upcoming Projects", I mentioned about Prem Ka Game.Actually,the music of this movie was released on Jan 19 but I just found the songs in,the song is titled "Magar Kuch To Hai" sung by Shreya and Sonu Nigam.Music is composed by Raju Singh(who also composed Soniyo from Raaz -2).

Its a sweet romantic track which runs for 4 minutes 15 seconds. The starting lines of the song are quite similar to "Pyar Ki Dastaan" from Luck By Chance.Its a simple romantic track and Shreya is very sweet as usual in the song.She completely overshadows Sonu Nigam in the song.She renders every single line of the antara in a different way.The track has a beautiful use of Piano and Guitar.Note the way Shreya sings "Jo Hawa Hai Chali"(I hav marked the word "hai" specially.You'll get to know the reason after hearing it).Lyrics are good.Instrumentation in the track is good too.I wonder if the song gets its due because I don't think anyone is going to watch this movie just because the actors are not famous.It really feels sad when the song doesn't gets its due if the movie.

A great romantic track with soothing singing by Shreya.Hope you all shower some views about this song.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Upcoming Projects of Shreya

I was simply surfing the net and just got an idea to write about Shreya's "upcoming movies" in 2010.Infact, I sent them to Shreya in Twitter first.Hope she has seen it.I am posting the movies here too:

Prince Its showtime,Ravan(Tamil) , Phaans , Kuch kehna Hai , Love You Maa , Pazhassi Raja(Hindi)

Well Done Abba , Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai , Mumbai Cutting , Bengali movie Iti Mrinalini

1:800 Love , 24x7 Raftaar , Chehere , Bengali movie Jor jar muluk tar , Chase ,Telugu movie puli

Movie Anubhav , Beng. movie: Pa Ma Ga Re Sa , Beng . movie: Prothom bhalobasha , Prem Ka Game , Mr Singh Mrs Mehta

Tumse Pyar Ho Gaya , Tumse Milkar , Beng film tomar jonn , beng movie Kaalpurush , Bhvano Ko Samjho , The Hiss

Tamil movie Pudhiya Vaarpugal , Freinds Forever , Marathon , Love in India

Sunglass , Jai Jagannath 2 , Sanam Hum Aapke Hain , Ki Ka Ku(duet with Priyanka Chopra’s father) , Ekbar Bolo Uttam Kumar ,Aashayein

ps:I can't assure you that all these movies are going to release in 2010 but 80% of them will definitely release this year itself.


The second Tamil song of 2010 by Shreya is finally released.I heard it two days ago but couldn't give much hearings to the song and hence, I am posting little late.As the title suggests, the song is titled "Yaaradi" from the movie "Thambikku Indha Ooru". Its a duet with Hariharan.Music is composed by Dharan.I have seen his name in many Tamil CDs but never heard his songs.So,can't comment anything on him.

Before I heard the song,I was totally confused about the song as it had two versions.Some said Shreya has sung only alaaps in the song and some said Shreya has sung quite a few lines in the song.Its only after I heard the song that I came to the conclusion that the song has two versions.In both the versions,mukhda is sung by Shreya and the first version is almost sung by Hariharan(except few last lines in antara and Shreya's harmony at the end) and Shreya has sung more in the second version as compared to the first one.Both the versions are same.Its only that Shreya has sung little more in the second version..Ahh , confused you?So,lets come to the mood of the song then.Its a 5 minutes track starting with a romantic piece played on Guitar supported by slow western beats.Hariharan starts with the song.I couldn't understand the theme of the song in first few hearings.Its a westernised romantic song(I just named it).The song has a beautoful carnatic alaap in the first interlude but sadly,its not by Shreya. Its the part of the song which I loved the most.It was tailor made for Shreya.Anywayz,she starts with the antara singing in a little westernised style.Like always,Shreya applies her own superbs harkats in the antara in between.The second interlude is quite well composed.Again,Shreya is rocking in the second antara.Note the way Shreya singings rockingly in low scale from 3:53.The main thing to look in the song is the "westernised jugalbandi" (again I just named it) by Shreya and Hariharan at the end.

Thats what I can say about the song.Hope you'll enjoy it !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

National Award made me conscious : Shreya Ghoshal

She's won the National Award for the second consecutive year.And its by no means a small achievement for the 25-year-old.

This is also her fourth National Award. Predictably, Shreya Ghoshal is still over the moon after the announcement. “It definitely feels great. But you know what? I’m really nervous. That’s because now, there is more responsibility on me,” said the singer when Hyderabad Times spoke to her. “Now, I have to keep delivering better music everyday. I can’t be laidback and let it all slip through. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.”

But the award is more special to the velvet voiced singer since she has won it for not one but two songs — Jiv Dangla from the Marathi film Jogva and Pherari Mon from the Bangla movie Antaheen. “Today one finds melody missing in most numbers. But these songs only prove that there are melodious tunes in movies too,” says Shreya.

On winning the award for songs in regional languages, Shreya says, “Bollywood film music composers are under a lot of pressure to add elements of disco or bhangra or any other flavour currently popular with the youth. But when it comes to regional films, composers are given a free hand and they compose music they believe in. I think it’s a matter of great pride to be singing such soulful tunes,” she says.

And when she’s not busy at the recording studios, Shreya is doing a weekend television show, Music Ka Maha Muqabala. Apart from exercising her vocal chords the singer has presented herself as a young, stylish and vibrant individual before her audience. “It’s fun to break stereotypes. I like being myself and my outfits reflect that. As far as performances are concerned, I connect best with the audience at live concerts. For those who can’t come to see me perform live, this show gives them an opportunity to catch me singing on stage. Trust me I just love it,” she confesses.

So what next? “Well, the National Award has made me more conscious about the choices I make in life. And no matter what language I sing in —Tamil, Telugu, Bangla or Bhojpuri — my aim will be to give it 200 per cent.”

Courtesy – Times of India

Phir Mile Sur

First of all,Happy Republic day to all the fans of Shreya and every Indian.

Shreya tweeted about shooting on double decker bus for the song “Phir Mile Sur” which is a sequel of the very famous song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”. They had planned to release the song on Republic Day. Ofcourse,Shreya is the part of the song as it stars young artists.Shreya’s lines are “Sur ki nadiyan har disha se behke sagar mein mile , badalon ka roop lekar, barse halke halke….Mile sur mera tumhara . You can see Shreya singing at 3:14. Her voice is picturized on Aishwarya Rai.

Here is the video:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nightingale wins her 4th National Award !! :)

It was October 2009 that Shreya got her 3rd National Award for Ye Ishq Hai.Just after three months,Shreya has got her 4th National Award for not one but two songs i.e.Pherari Mon from Antaheen(Bengali) and Jiva Rangala from Jogua(Marathi).

Many Many Congratulations to Shreya.I don’t have words to express my happiness.
4 National Awards in just 7 and a half years of career..Its WOW !!..

The award was given "for her wide ranging rendition of human emotions".
Both songs are my favorite and one of the best songs of Shreya. Infact yesterday I recommended Kiran Raj to hear the songs of Antaheen yesterday.Once again,she made us proud.

God Bless Shreya with more and more awards.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Manju Mazha

I am here with the review of Shreya’s new Malayalam song “Manju Mazha”.Firstly, a very big sorry to all my dear blog readers for posting the review late. I was so busy with college assignments. I couldn’t even get time for Twitter which has become like my second home now.Anywayz,let me proceed with the song now.

As you already know,the song is titled “Manju Mazha” from the movie “Aagathan”.Music is given by Ouseppachan and lyrics are penned by Kaithapram.The song runs for 5 minutes and its a solo by Shreya,though it has some hummings by Karthik.Shreya starts with the song beautifully after a humming and a chorus part.Malayalam language is a complete alien language to me (as if I understand tamil) but as we know,music has no barriers for languages.I would have written better about the song if I was even little aware of the language.I have heard very very less of Malayalam songs except the 6 songs of Shreya and other 2 malayalam songs.The way the humming part starts after Shreya ends the last line of the mukhda ia really great.This melody has a full Kerala flavor to it.And needless to say,Shreya is sweet as always.

Hope you all enjoy the track and hope Shreya continues with Malayalam songs.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mannipaaya - Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Shreya’s first Tamil song of the year is released.Yes,the wait has finally ended.The audio of Vinnaithandi Varuvaya was released today at Chennai.Some days ago,we got preview of all the songs,just of 30 seconds duration.After hearing the preview of Mannipaaya,I couldn't understand the song fully.Anywayz,as the audio has released,I am here to write about the song.As you all know,the song is titled "Mannipaaya" and is a duet with AR Rahman and the music is ofcourse by the Oscar Winner "AR Rahman".

Before proceeding,let me give a big thanks to Nightingale Shreya for showering her wishes on my birthday 11th January.I am really thrilled by her down to earth nature.She already gave me a gift on my birthday....any guesses??Well,its Mannipaaya.The song I was eagerly waiting since the day Shreya tweeted about its recording.What else a devotee could have wished as a gift for his birthday !

Before writing anything about the song,let me frankly tell that I always get problem in explaining the songs of AR Rahman - Shreya combo.They are so magical that you don't get words for praising them.Anywayz,let me start with the duration.Few things which made me jump from my seat are : Shreya's name on the CD's label, a long 7 minutes track & having a duet of Shreya with Rahman .I always wished to have their duet,though we heard them together in Tu Hi Meri Dost but we got to hear very less of them.I couldn't write anything about this song without knowing the main theme.Asked my friends and the word came was "forgiveness".Particularly,the word "Mannipaaya" means "Will you forgive me?".Since the song is all about forgiveness,the song has to be sad but its not so.It has little shades of both sadness and romance.Shreya starts with the song with her honey soaked voice followed by beautiful light percussions and amazing humming by Shreya and Rahman.Shreya is sounding extremely sweet in the song(You have to hear her rendition to understand my words).The scale of the song changes a little when Rahman begins with the song.Well,thats the speciality of his compositions.The song is supported by beautiful percussions.Its really amazing to see Shreya rendering the word "Mannipaya" in different styles.After the mesmerising interlude,Shreya starts with the first stanza.The stanzas are magic !!.Mark thw word :magic".I can;t write anythinbg else about the stanzas.The song is a pure magic.I won't call it as a second Munbe Vaa but its "first Mannipaya".Both the songs are completely different.After the first stanza,the chorus starts and the tune is really haunting and firs perfectly in the song.The way chorus starts after Shreya ends the word 'Mannipaaya" is really out of the world.I just loved the chorus part,sepcially starting from 4:27 .The second stanza starts after the chorus part followed by beautiful percussions(do i have to mention it everytime?Well,its so magical that you can't stop yourslf).Shreya ends the song with a beautiful song.

This song will definitely take place in the "Best songs of Shreya Ghoshal"

Shreya is pure magical in the song.Million thanks to Shreya and Rahman.God Bless them for making such a wonderful song.Hope to hear more of their combo.

ps:I have also posted the lyrics of Mannipaaya along with their translation in my previous post.

Mannipaaya Lyrics with Translation

I am posting the lyrics of Mannipaaya along with the translation.Thanks to Abdul from AR Rahman's community.

kadalinil meenaaga irundhavaL naan
unakkena karai thaandi vandhavaL dhaan
thudithirundhen tharaiyinile
thirumbivittEn en kadalidame

[I was a fish in the ocean and
I crossed the shores for you
I was struggled on the land
and returned back to my ocean]

oru naaL sirithEn, maru naaL veruthEn
unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithEnE
mannipaaya mannipaaya.. .

[One day i smiled, the next day i was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me. Will you forgive me]

thadumaari thadumaari nadandhEn
noolilaana mazhai aagi ponen
unnaal dhaan kalaignanaai aanenE

[I struggled to walk
I became a rain made of thread
I became an artist because of you]

tholai dhoorathil veLicham nee
unai nokiye enai eerkiraaye
melum melum urugi urugi
unai eNNi Engum idhaiyathai enna seivEn
Oh unai eNNi Engum idhaiyathai enna seivEn

[You are the light at a distance..
You draw me towards you
What do i do to the heart that
melts at the thought of you]

Odum neeril Or alai dhaan naan
uLLe uLLa eeram nee dhaan
varam kidaithum naan thavara vittEn
mannipaaya anbE

[I'm a wave in the running water (and)
You are the moist within me
I missed the blessing that i got
will you forgive me love]

kaatrilE aadum kaagidham naan
nee dhaan ennai kadidham aakinaai
anbil thodangi anbil mudikkirEn
en kaalam varai ???

[I'm the paper that floats in the air
You made me into a letter
I start and end with love
Until my lifetime ???]

oru naaL sirithEn, maru naaL veruthEn
unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithEne
mannipaaya mannipaaya.. .

[One day i smiled, the next day i was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me. Will you forgive me]

anbirkum undo adaikkumthaazh aarvalar
punkaNeer poosal tharum

This is a verse from Thirukural:
[Affection cannot be confined by shutters;
Uncontrollable tears will roll down spontaneously when one sees the sufferings of loved ones]

anbilaar ellaam thamakkuriyar anbudaiyaar
enbum uriyar pirarku

Another verse from Thirukural:
[One who doesn't love is possessive about everything;
One who loves would even be willing to part their bones]

En en vaazhvil vandhaai kaNNa nee
povaayo kaanal neer polE thondri
anaivarum urangidum iravenum neram
enakkadhu thalaiyaNai nanaithidum eeram

[Why did you come into my life my dear
Will you vanish like a mirage
Night is the time when everyone sleeps
But thats the time for me to wet the pillows with tears]

oru naaL sirithEn, maru naaL veruthEn
unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithEne
mannipaaya mannipaaya.. .

[One day i smiled, the next day i was frustrated
I buried you without killing you.
Will you forgive me. Will you forgive me]

thadumaari thadumaari nadandhEn
noolilaana mazhai aagi ponen
unnaal dhaan kalaignanaai aanenE

[I struggled to walk
I became a rain made of thread
I became an artist because of you]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shreya wins another Apsara for Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai !


Many Many Congratulations to our Nightingale for winning the Apsara Aeard for the very deserving “Tujhme RabDikhta Hai”.

You must be thinking that I recently posted that she won Apsara Award for Teri Ore.Actually,Apsara awards for 2008 was delayed and that’s why there was not much gap between 2008 and 2009 awards,though Tujhme Rab came in 2008.The other nominated song of Shreya was Aaj Dil Gustakh from Blue.

Once again hearty congratulations to Shreya. . God Bless her.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rabba from the movie Sukhmani

As said, I am here with another song of Shreya. This time it’s a Punjabi song.Her Punjabi songs have always been great.Be it the unforgettable songs from Mohobattan Sachiyan or be it the her last Punjabi song “Pyaar”(even Shreya loves it) composed by Sandesh Shandilya.Now,let me come to the new track.

The track is titled "Rabba" from the movie "Sukhmani - Hope for Life".Its a solo by Shreya.Music is composed by Jaidev Kumar and lyrics are penned by Gurdaas Maan.It runs for 4 and a half minutes approximately.Its a romantic track.Its such a beautiful track and with Shreya singing it,its icing on the cake.Though I never liked Punjabi songs,but after I heard Shreya singing them,I started liking them(only her songs).They have a unique touch.Anywayz,the track starts with a beautiful Santoor piece followd by Shreya singing "Rabba Haye Rabba" .The first line itself makes a great impression on you.We can't even imagine that a Bengali girl is singing the Punjabi song with great accents.The song is all about a girl singing a song for her lover.Shreya puts such a nice feeling in the track.It may remind you all of her last Punjabi track "Pyar".The whole track is supported by great instruments like santoor,tabla,dholak,etc.It has great lyrics.The best part of the song is the "antaras".Its so beautifully made.Note the way Shreya ends the line "Mere andar di".No one could have done justice to the song except our Shreya.

Overall, a very nice track.Even if you don't like Punjabi songs,just give it a try.You will surely love it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Noor-E-Khuda (Shreya's first song of the year)

First of all, wishing Shreya and all her fans a very Happy New Year. May God bless Shreya and you all with loads of happiness, success and good health. Hope this year brings lots and lots of great songs by Shreya.

This is my first post of 2010 and its for a new Hindi song of Shreya. I always wanted Shreya to sing in a Karan Johar movie. Though she sang in Dostana and Kurbaan, those were just produced by him. Finally, she sings in his movie titled “My Name is Khan” starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol.In a recent interview, Shreya was asked about her upcoming projects and I was quite amazed to see this movie in the list.Its the most awaited movie by all the critics and all Shahkrukh fans.

Shreya has a song titled “Noor-E-Khuda” which is sung by couple of singers: Shreya , Shankar Mahadevan & Adnan Sami. Music is composed by the superbly talented trio Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy.The track starts with a beautiful humming by Shankar Mahadevan(It was my luck that I met him too,when I went to meet Shreya.Though he was in a hurry,I touched his feet too and took his blessings,all thanks to the Nightingale) which directly touches the heart.The song is all about search of God/Khuda.There's devotion and sadness in the song.Adnan Sami sings in his as usual,in a disticnt way.It has great meaningful lyrics by Niranjan Iyengar.The composers have used instruments like Viloin,Tabla,Guitar,etc.The chorus singing "Noor-E-Khuda" is amazing too.

Now let me come to the best part of the song i.e.ofcourse Shreya's lines.Though she comes after the completion of one antara,her lines are the most appealing part of the song.She starts with a beautiful alaap followed by a small sargam(touching your heart directly).She sings the line "Ujde Se Lamhon Ko Aas Teri...". asking questions to God.I think he will also come down to earth after hearing the lines by Shreya.I read some lines in a music review and I completely agree with them.I am posting them here: "Noor-E-Khuda wants to be gospel until Shreya Ghoshal segues into the track at four minutes of enduring both Shankar Mahadevan and Adnan Sami trying to reach out to God in their feeble pop-ish attempt. Must be something about Saraswati being in the ‘kanth’ of a woman; it’s only when Shreya pitches in that the track begins to take a prayer to the skies."

I second the reviewer's line.Shreya really adds extra power in the song.I am completely bowled by her singing which is soothing as always.

Well, a great start of year 2010.Hope this continues.If you all remember,then the first song of Shreya in 2009 was also by S-E-L i.e. Tere Naina from Chandni Chowk.

ps:Information about a new Punjabi song is coming soon !