Friday, January 29, 2010


The second Tamil song of 2010 by Shreya is finally released.I heard it two days ago but couldn't give much hearings to the song and hence, I am posting little late.As the title suggests, the song is titled "Yaaradi" from the movie "Thambikku Indha Ooru". Its a duet with Hariharan.Music is composed by Dharan.I have seen his name in many Tamil CDs but never heard his songs.So,can't comment anything on him.

Before I heard the song,I was totally confused about the song as it had two versions.Some said Shreya has sung only alaaps in the song and some said Shreya has sung quite a few lines in the song.Its only after I heard the song that I came to the conclusion that the song has two versions.In both the versions,mukhda is sung by Shreya and the first version is almost sung by Hariharan(except few last lines in antara and Shreya's harmony at the end) and Shreya has sung more in the second version as compared to the first one.Both the versions are same.Its only that Shreya has sung little more in the second version..Ahh , confused you?So,lets come to the mood of the song then.Its a 5 minutes track starting with a romantic piece played on Guitar supported by slow western beats.Hariharan starts with the song.I couldn't understand the theme of the song in first few hearings.Its a westernised romantic song(I just named it).The song has a beautoful carnatic alaap in the first interlude but sadly,its not by Shreya. Its the part of the song which I loved the most.It was tailor made for Shreya.Anywayz,she starts with the antara singing in a little westernised style.Like always,Shreya applies her own superbs harkats in the antara in between.The second interlude is quite well composed.Again,Shreya is rocking in the second antara.Note the way Shreya singings rockingly in low scale from 3:53.The main thing to look in the song is the "westernised jugalbandi" (again I just named it) by Shreya and Hariharan at the end.

Thats what I can say about the song.Hope you'll enjoy it !

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