Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poochandi Kannazhagi - Rettachuzhi (Tamil)

I remember Shreya updating about her new song with Karthik Raja and she even confirmed that it was for Rettachuzhi. Didn't knew it would release so soon.Shreya's earlier associations with Karthik Raja have been great and unique.Let me come to the track

The track is titled "Poochandi Kannazhagi" and sung by Shreyaa and Hariharan.It runs for 4 minutes track.The track starts with a great instrument piece and Hariharan starts with the song.The song is peppy.You may remember the song "Solla Varthaigal" from the movie "Mercury Pookal" after hearing this track.There's a tune which comes again and again in the song.I have heard that instrument in many of Ilayaraja's songs too.I would like to know the name of that instrument.The moment you start hearing the track , you will get to know that its composed by Karthik Raja. "Queen of Versatility Shreya" makes you dance a little in this track and as usual is the reason that I like this song :).The way she sings "Poo Poo" after the first antara is really great.Kudos to her !!.Hope to hear more songs from this combo.

ps:Will post about her new songs in Devdas(Remake in Pakistan) tomorrow.

Sargoshiyon Ke Kya Kya Silsile Hain - Sadiyaan

Hi friends.I am back with another new song of Shreya which came out many days ago.Its titled “Sargoshiyon Ke Kya Kya Silsile Hain” from the movie "Sadiyaan" .Its sung by our Shreya and Raja Hassan. Music is composed by Adnan Sami.

Shreya has worked with Adnan Sami many times , be it Mumbai Salsa , Khushboo,etc.Lets talk about her song in Sadiyaan.The track runs for 5 minutes 33 seconds.The track has Adnan Sami's stamp all over.You'll get me if you hear his old albums.Shreya starts with the song and I am really impressed by the echo of her alaap.Raja Hassan continues with the song.The track also has little 90's flavor in it.The first interlude is very appealing starting with a superb piece played on Piano followed by saxaphone.Shreya starts with the antaras and the moment you hear her voice , you would feel completely lost in the song.Note the way Shreya sings "Madhoshiyon Mein Do Dil Mile Hain" in first antara.The composer has used dholak(trademark of Adnan Sami's songs) , santoor , etc.Needless to say , Shreya is as usual mesmerising and Raja has given a good company as well !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jodi Ek Din

Finally, I am writing about the songs of Jodi Ek Din. The songs of this movie was out many days ago.Shreya has sung three tracks in the movie.She has one solo and two duets.I remember Shreya tweeting about these songs some months ago.Music is composed by Joy Sarkar.Some days ago , I saw an interview of Shreya in some studio where she was recording these songs.She was telling that these songs are going to be huge.Lets come to the track.

Firstly I'll talk about my favorite song from the album titled "Khola Chithi" which is a solo by Shreya.I remember Shreya saying that this song would be one of the best songs of her career and I was eagerly waiting for this track and when I heard this for the first time and believe me , I was completely spellbound."Khola Chithi" means open letter.It runs for 5 minutes 44 seconds.The song starts with a beautiful Piano piece and Shreya starts with the song taking you to another world.Its a sad song.Even if you do not understand the track , its going to make you cry for sure.The line "Tomar Shopno...." is the main part of this track.Probably this line will make anyone cry.The way Shreya has rendered it.....ufff..truly amazing.Each and every part of this track is mind blowing.I am not able to find suitable adjective to praise legend Shreya.Anyways, I am not even capable of describing her talent.The interlude is amazing supported with a beautiful piece played on violin.The line in the antara "jara megh sheje..." is very sweet.Even more attractive part of this track is the way scale changes at the last.I request you all to please hear this track atleast once.Honestly saying , Shreya deserves her 5th National Award for this song.Hats off to Shreya and Joy Sarkar for giving us a gem.

Next track is a romantic one titled "Aaj Roddur" sung by Shreya and Arnob Chokroborty.It runs for 6 minutes 17 seconds.It starts with a beautiful romantic humming by Shreya and Arnob followed by a very unique instrument piece starting from 00:31. Shreya starts with the song first.Its a romantic melody.Though I dont understand this song , but I guess it also includes little ched-chad/one-on-one.Shreya completely overshadows Arnob in the track.Shreya is sounding, as usual , very mishti(in bengali).

Last song is titled "Offur Belaye" .Its sung by It runs for 5 minutes 29 seconds.The song starts with a harmony by chorus folllowed by a humming sung by Shreya.Suddenly, the male singer starts with his unique singing.Shreya has sung 40% of this track and 60% by the male singer.The lines of the male singer reminds of a folkish tune and the theme completely changes when Shreya starts with the track.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bahusha Vo Chanchala (Telugu)

Next song lined up is a Telugu one.Last Telugu song of Shreya was "Vintunnava"(Telugu version of Mannipaaya) which is creating waves all over.The new track is titled "Bahusha Vo Chanchala" from the movie "Varudu".Its sung by our Shreya and Sonu Nigam and music is composed by Mani Sharma.

The song starts with a quite a big and beautiful interlude(runs for 1 mnt 27 sec).Sonu Nigam starts with the song first.Its a very very beautiful melody supported with great traditional instruments.The song is divine and is surrounded with purity all over.Shreya puts emotions in every single word she sings.Hats off to Shreya.I don't know what to say about her.She is GOD.The first interlude is so lovely.I don't have words to express about it.It has such a beautiful piece played on Tabla and Santoor.The interlude from 3:12 is haunting.The antaras are amazingly made.Every single line is special and melodious.The song also has a little classical flavor in it.Even the lines of the antaras are very haunting.The second interlude is even more lovely.It has beautiful sargams by chorus.How Lovely !!..First interlude was in pure Hindustani Classical Music and second interlude in Carnatic flavor.Mani Sharma is a really talented musician and when Shreya sings songs likes this , its like "sone pe suhaga" (hope you people got it).

Please don't miss this track !..Its a masterpiece.

ps:Will post about Shreya's new Bengali songs tomorrow.

Dekho Raste Mein - Hum Tum Aur Ghost

Its been quite a few days that I posted about Shreya’s new songs.The reason is the same.I don’t want to write many posts simultaneously as it may confuse the readers.Anywayz, the nect song I am going to write about is “Dekho Raste Mein” from “Hum Tum Aur Ghost”.The movie stars Arshad Warsi and Diya Mirza.

The song is sung by Shreya and KK and music is composed by Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy. Noor-e-Khuda from the trio and Shreya is still topping the charts.I am very happy the way the song was promoted.The lines which Shreya sang touched everyone's heart.Let me come back to the song I was writing about.The song runs for 5 minutes.Its a soft romantic melody and has Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy stamp all over.The way Shreya starts with the song singing "Mera Vaada Hai" is so mesmerizing.She is sounding extremely sweet in the track.Just like other melodies by the trio , this one is also very fresh and melodious.The humming by Shreya and KK after the interlude(which repeats many times in the track) is very appealing.The stanzas are perfect.The way the track molds itself from the line "Tumko Hai Kitna Sach Batana....." is very interesting.The song is very well promoted these days but because of the "not so well" star cast , the song may not get its due but anyway,good songs always reach music lovers.

Hats off to Shreya for rendering this song so amazing like always :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sandesa Sandesa - Well Done Abba

Next song I am going to write about is the one for which I was waiting for quite a long time.I read about the song somewhere 4 months ago but the music got released some days before only.Its titled "Sandesa Sandesa" from the movie "Well Done Abba".It has music by Shantanu Moitra.

The track is sung by Shreya and Rupankar.It runs for 5 minutes approximately.The track starts with a beautiful piece played on a instrument(I don't know the name).Shreya starts with the song singing "Sun Zara Sun Zara".The line "Hawa Mein Ud Ud Ke Aaya Hai" is so lovely and the way Shreya has sung it is amazing.I have never heard Rupankar before.He has a nice voice but wish it was a solo of Shreya.You may find the shades of the song Bhai Re in between the song.The piano piece in the first interlude is fabulous.The antara has a full Shantanu Moitra touch.Shreya is sounding so sweet in the song.Thew notes of the line "Rog Lage Humein Jaaned Kaisa" are lovely.I must say Shantanu has his own unique style which I have never heard before or may be we will never hear that type of music by any other musician.Hats off to Shreya - Shantanu combination !! :)

Agar Hum Tum Ko

Well,its been quite a long time since I posted something about Shreya's songs.I am back with the next Hindi song of Shreya which was back quite some time ago.Its titled "Agar Hum Tum Ko" from the movie "Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke" .Its sung by Shreya Ghoshal & Neeraj Shridhar.

Its a very short song which runs for 3 minutes 28 seconds.The song starts with the beats which are 90% similar to the song "Chor Bazari" from the movie "Love Aajkal".The theme of the song is also same.But the main content of the song is different ofcourse.The lyrics are very funny and unique.Shreya is sweet as usual.Neeraj has given good company to Shreya.There's a beautiful humming by Shreya after the mukhda.The lyrics turn even more funny in the antaras.Though the film is not a high budget track , they are promoting this track quite well.I don't have much to say about the track.Its simple and cute.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Many Many Happy Returns of the day to our legend "Shreya Ghoshal"

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to "OUR QUEEN - SHREYA GHOSHAL"

May Lord Shiva bless you always with loads of happiness , success and good health.

May you get whatever you wish for.

Some lines dedicated to Shreya - "Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai Yaara Main Kya Karoon"?

Yes Shreya , I see God in you.You are my God.

Your Devotee

Nishant :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amma Naanu - Crazy Kutumba (Kannada)

Finally , I am writing about the song “Amma Naanu” which was pending from quite a long time.Well,recently,there were so many new releases by Shreya , so I didn’t want to join the rat race.Well,talking about the song,it’s the second Kannada song of the year after Yello Jhingiruva.Its from the movie “Crazy Kutumba”.Its a solo by Shreya and music is composed by Rickey Khej.

The song runs for 5 minutes and 42 seconds.The solo tracks are always special for every Shreya fan and I always wait to hear a classical track from Shreya and finally , the wait has ended .Amma Naanu has become one of my favorite Kannada songs of Shreya.Its a Carnatic music based song.It will surely remind you of Mere Dholna because of the beautiful sargam by the chorus.The song starts with a beautiful flute piece followed by the chorus singing.Then Shreya starts with the song amazingly and supported by beautiful instruments like mridangam.It has beautiful notes(as they say in hindi: utaar and chadav).The mukhda of the song will take you to another world.The stanzas are made perfectly to suit the mood of the song.The track is supported by my favorite instruments like Sitar , mridanga and flute.The flute piece starting from 3:00 is amazing.Note the way Shreya starts with the first stanza after the first interlude ends.I am completely addicted to the track.Hope you all will love it too !

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bajai Basha(Bengal)

I am here with next new release of Shreya. Its the song from Shreya’s mother tongue i.e. Bangla of course.Many people may not know but Shreya gave many chart busters in her Bengali albums. Not to forget, she got her 4th National Award for Pherari Mon which is one of my favorite Bengali songs of Shreya.

Music is composed by Jeet Ganguly.Shreya has done some great songs with Jeet. From the under rated Dolna to the classic Bhor Bhayo(both from the movie Morning Walk). The track is titled “Bajai Basha”from the movie “Thana Theke Aschi”.Its a 4 minutes 30 seconds track.The song starts with a beautiful harmony by Shreya.Its a slow song supported by light instruments.It has got the shades of the songs from Antaheen.The line "Ei shorey......bhalo bashe" is very mesmerizing.Both the interludes are amazing and Shreya's voice gives peace to the mind.There is only one stanza in the song and it blends perfectly with the theme of the song and what can I say about our Nightingale?As usual,she has put her heart and soul into the song.Her alaap at the end of the song and the background music playing at the back is great.Don't miss this song !

Arikilumilla Nee - Ennenum(Malayalam)

Well, I am very late in posting about the latest songs of Shreya and you all know the reason. For those who don’t know it yet, I again repeat that I wanted the post “Met My God-2” on the top for some days. Anyways, I am here with the new Malayalam song of Shreya which I’ve been hearing continuously everyday since two weeks. Hold on, Its not from any Malayalam movie. Its from an album titled “Ennenum” which is produced by East Coast Studios. The album is made in 5 languages. Shreya has sung in Kannada and Malayalam. The Kannada version of this song is titled "Sanihavu Illavu".The album includes many singers from all over the country.Lets talk about the song now !

As the titled of the post suggests, the song is titled "Arikilumilla Nee".Music is composed by Vijay Karun.Its a solo track by Shreya.Its a 6 minutes track.The song starts with a beautiful harmony by Shreya singing "Priyane".The starting of the song just melts your heart.As I have heard the Hindi version also,so I can tell that its a sad song.Shreya has put small harkats in every world of the song.No singer could have even thought of putting such variations.The song is supported by various traditional instruments like Sitar , Tabla,etc.The charnams (stanzas/antara) are perfectly made.Shreya has put so much feel into the song.Both the interludes are beautiful.I just hope that the song gets what it deserves !!.