Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sandesa Sandesa - Well Done Abba

Next song I am going to write about is the one for which I was waiting for quite a long time.I read about the song somewhere 4 months ago but the music got released some days before only.Its titled "Sandesa Sandesa" from the movie "Well Done Abba".It has music by Shantanu Moitra.

The track is sung by Shreya and Rupankar.It runs for 5 minutes approximately.The track starts with a beautiful piece played on a instrument(I don't know the name).Shreya starts with the song singing "Sun Zara Sun Zara".The line "Hawa Mein Ud Ud Ke Aaya Hai" is so lovely and the way Shreya has sung it is amazing.I have never heard Rupankar before.He has a nice voice but wish it was a solo of Shreya.You may find the shades of the song Bhai Re in between the song.The piano piece in the first interlude is fabulous.The antara has a full Shantanu Moitra touch.Shreya is sounding so sweet in the song.Thew notes of the line "Rog Lage Humein Jaaned Kaisa" are lovely.I must say Shantanu has his own unique style which I have never heard before or may be we will never hear that type of music by any other musician.Hats off to Shreya - Shantanu combination !! :)

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