Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Someone who has a day named after her, someone who has won maximum awards, someone who has sung  in mostly all Indian languages (Nepali and French too), someone who is also a household name in South Music Industry. It’s none other than "THE SONGSTRESS “SHREYA GHOSHAL”.

No offense to any other singer, but many singers must have sung in many languages but Shreya Ghoshal is the only singer to have sung so many songs in all the Indian languages, especially down south and has also won several awards for them (including the prestigious National Award for a Marathi song Jiv Dangala and Kerala State Award and many South Filmfares in her kitty).

Now, keeping awards aside, I brainstorm a lot on how can someone be so perfect? How can someone sing in all the languages such perfect pronunciation? Recently, a Malayalam music director suggested the local singers to listen to the way Shreya pronounces Malayalam before taking on the microphone. It’s one of the biggest complements for the hard work she has been doing since the Day 1 she entered the studio. People talk about hard work but if someone really wants to learn what hard work means in music, learn it from Shreya. She grasps Tamil lyrics in few minutes, which any other artist would take hours to be familiar with. No wonder why she is a first choice of every music director not just in Bollywood, but also down south.

People talk about versatility, tell me who is more versatile than Shreya in today’s generation. From thumris (Chale Aao Saiyyan) to hardcore classical ( Bhor Bhayi) to ghazals (Humnasheen) to item numbers (Chikni Chameli) to jazz (Rehnuma from Blue) to romantic Bollywood numbers, she has done it all!Music industry is the luckiest to have got a gem like Shreya Ghoshal in today’s generation.

Shreya Ghoshal is a trained singer, having expertise in all genres. But in some corner of my heart, I feel  that the music in Bollywood has become so contemporary and Shreya’s capability is not fully utilised today. The voice who took such minute harkats in the ghazals of Humnasheen can make even a simple song, a masterpiece. Just imagine the child participant who sang Suniyo Ji and Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya with perfection in a reality show, what would be her capability today? But whatever Shreya is singing today becomes a masterpiece and I am glad that music directors aims at offering best tunes to her.

I feel so blessed to be born in the Shreya Ghoshal era. Shreya, believe me, come what may, your fans will always stand by you. We know a perfectionist like you is VERY VERY RARE and I mean it.

Yours truly,

Encyclopaedia Nishant (as you lovingly call me)


Praveen Balan said...

Yes nishant I ffully agree she sings so well....just hear here malayalam song "kathirinu" it stole my heart .....it's the best

Malik Zia said...

You are my most favorite singer, your voice is amazing and you are the best,, I love you so much Shreya...