Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oru Nila Oru Kulam - Ilangyan

This post is for a new Tamil song of Shreya. Its titled “Oru Nila Oru Kulam” from the move “Ilangyan”. Music has been composed by Vidyasagar.

The track runs for 4 minutes 50 seconds. It starts with a beautiful piece having a typical Vidyasagar touch. It’s an outstanding track which can fall in the same category of Nenjathilae composed by the same composer and sung by Shreya. Anyway, the song has a nice carnatic flavor. The instrumentation is outstanding, like previous Vidyasagar – Shreya songs. Shreya starts with the song first, followed by a nice piece played on a Guitar like instrument. Karthik is a nice singer but here, I felt that that he was singing with a lot of cough and cold in his voice which was restricting him to touch higher notes easily. You guys felt the same? The first interlude has been kept very light, starting a beautiful flute piece. The antaras follows a superb pattern like that of Nenjathilae. You will get to know what I mean after you hear the song. Do I need to say that Shreya, like always takes the song to other level? There’s a very beautiful small alaap by Shreya at 2:48. It’s just a 2 second alaap but adds a classic touch to the song. Its one of the best Tamil songs of Shreya!!

Sau Baar - Yamla Pagla Deewana

Finally I am writing about Sau Baar. It’s a new song by Shreya and Nauman from the movie “Yamla Pagla Deewana”. Music of this particular song has been composed by Sandesh Shandilya.

The track runs for 4 minutes 13 seconds. Its a light romantic track. The male singer has a voice texture like Atif Aslam.. don’t know whether others feels the same! Anyway, the song is nice but Shreya starts singing from the first antara. The track starts with a nice flute piece followed by a guitar piece and Nauman's singing (which didn't impress me much). The interlude before the first antara is nicely made. Shreya, in her mesmerizing voice starts singing with "Aankhon mein dekha jo tune.... " giving a 70's touch to the song. The second antara follows the same tune. Ending of the track is nicely rendered by our Shreya followed by alaaps by the male singer's alaap!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dhinaku Dhin (Telugu)

This post is about Shreya’s new Telugu song “Dhinaku Dhin” from the movie "Mirapakay". Music has been composed by Thaman S.

The track is a duet by our Nightingale Shreya and Shankar Mahadevan. It runs for 4 minutes 45seconds. Its a beautiful blend of Carnatic and slight western music. It starts with a beautiful lines sung by Shreya amazingly. Those lines are my most favorite part of this track. Then the awesome piece is played on saxaphone and Shankar Mahadevan continues with the song with western beats in the background. Shreya sings "Dhinaku Dhin" in a low scale to suit the theme of the track. The lines "sumashyamala" repeats in the song many times. The first interlude by the chorus is a music hear. Thaman S has done a wonderful job. The antaras are fab as well.

Overall, this track is mostly based on Carnatic song.

Shehar Ki Rani - Tera Kya Hoga Johnny

I am back with the bang guys!! I was busy with my final exams, so couldn’t review the new songs.Two exams are still left but I couldn’t stop myself from posting.Its quite late already.Anyway, coming to the track, its titled “Shehar Ki Rani” . Its a solo by Shreya. Music has been composed by Abhishek Ray.

The track runs for4 minutes 10 seconds. Its a full on peppy track and usual music lovers will surely not recognize the voice of Shreya. She is totally rocking and again, this song is a slap on her critics and those who say that she cannot sing fast numbers must hear this, along with few other numbers! Sometimes, people follow the same mindset for years even if they are noticing the change.

Talking about the song, Abhishek Ray has done a fantastic job with teh composition. Wonder why this song was not promoted. It really hurts. Shreya has done sucha mindblowing job and the producers didn't promote it. The interlude in between are of arabic style. Hope people doesn't ignore this song without hearing!