Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dhinaku Dhin (Telugu)

This post is about Shreya’s new Telugu song “Dhinaku Dhin” from the movie "Mirapakay". Music has been composed by Thaman S.

The track is a duet by our Nightingale Shreya and Shankar Mahadevan. It runs for 4 minutes 45seconds. Its a beautiful blend of Carnatic and slight western music. It starts with a beautiful lines sung by Shreya amazingly. Those lines are my most favorite part of this track. Then the awesome piece is played on saxaphone and Shankar Mahadevan continues with the song with western beats in the background. Shreya sings "Dhinaku Dhin" in a low scale to suit the theme of the track. The lines "sumashyamala" repeats in the song many times. The first interlude by the chorus is a music hear. Thaman S has done a wonderful job. The antaras are fab as well.

Overall, this track is mostly based on Carnatic song.

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