Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shehar Ki Rani - Tera Kya Hoga Johnny

I am back with the bang guys!! I was busy with my final exams, so couldn’t review the new songs.Two exams are still left but I couldn’t stop myself from posting.Its quite late already.Anyway, coming to the track, its titled “Shehar Ki Rani” . Its a solo by Shreya. Music has been composed by Abhishek Ray.

The track runs for4 minutes 10 seconds. Its a full on peppy track and usual music lovers will surely not recognize the voice of Shreya. She is totally rocking and again, this song is a slap on her critics and those who say that she cannot sing fast numbers must hear this, along with few other numbers! Sometimes, people follow the same mindset for years even if they are noticing the change.

Talking about the song, Abhishek Ray has done a fantastic job with teh composition. Wonder why this song was not promoted. It really hurts. Shreya has done sucha mindblowing job and the producers didn't promote it. The interlude in between are of arabic style. Hope people doesn't ignore this song without hearing!


Aysha Fatima said...
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Nishant said...

Hey..Thats really very sweet of u Aysha... And dnt worry, u have never disturbed me :)

And as far as the events and concerts are concerned, you cn get those type of updates in the fanclub on Twitter which I have created for Shreya.. Its link is

Keep reading my blog..God Bless u :)

Aysha Fatima said...
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