Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to Shreya and her fans! :)

Hello friends.Wishing Shreya di and all her fans a very Happy New Year

May this year brings lot of happiness, success and good health in everyone’s life

God Bless u all

And yes, I have not posted the reviews of many recent songs because of my final exams. I need to write good reviews which needs time.I am tweeting in the fanclub though. So, please cooperate guys :)


Vishal said...

hi nishant
Happy New Year to you too..
Hope we get to listen more melodious songs

by the way, I'd like to suggest couple of sweet marathi tracks to you.

1. Nusate nusate dole bhartana from the movie 'Samantar'. The song is soft sad like,full of nostalgic expressions. It also has many typical marathi pronounciations which Shreya masters. Sharmila Tagore has acted in the movie so it must have been picturised on her-fingers crossed!
Please dont miss it!

2. Dohale purava from movie 'Isshh'
kinda folk, girly and naughty song. Shreya expresses just perfect.

Nishant said...

Hello Vishal :)

Thank u but I am already aware of those songs :)..I am an encyclopedia of Shreya na ;) :P ..hehe

Nuste Nuste is one of my favorite songs by Shreya :)..If u can, then please tell me the meaning of dis song :)

Afeef K said...

HappY NeW YeaR Nishant...!
Write abt new Malylm songs..

Vishal said...

yeah sure...........

have you listened dohale purva?

i like shreya's naughty voice in the song...

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Nishant 8^) Please keep up bringing great posts throughout 2011!

Nishant said...


Obviously I hv :)

Same to u :)

shanoj.k said...

do you hav any info about those 2 malayalm songs sung by shreya 2day. Shreya has tweeted about it..

Nishant said...

Sorry, no idea