Friday, December 10, 2010

You Are My Love - Kellafateh (Bangla)

Hello friends. I am back with a new post. Its for another Bangla track. The track is titled "You are my love" from the movie "Kellafateh". Its sung by Shreya and some chorus singer (don't know his name). Music is by Jeet Ganguly again!

The track runs for 4 minutes 47 seconds. Its a nice melody with a slight western touch at places (I am talking about the male singing here). It starts with a soothing sound made by bells, followed by the lines by the chorus singer! Shreya starts at 0:51 with her soothing voice. The English lines by the other singer adds a new touch to the song. The interlude before the first antara is very sweet. The background music in the antaras are very impressive and do I need to say that I am spellbound by Shreya's singing? Her voice, emotions makes this song more lively.

Overall, a very nice romantic track! :)

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