Monday, December 6, 2010

Isi Life Mein

Isi Life Mein comes from Rajshri Productions House!! It has four songs by Shreya. Music has been composed by Meet Bros Anjan Ankit. Shreya has sung four songs in it. Lets come to the songs!

The first song is Ramji 24*7 sung by Shreya, Kavita Seth & Debojit. It runs for 4 minutes 15 seconds. Its a very different type of song which I have never heard before. It starts with chorus singing by kids, followed by Shreya's cute humming. Kavita Seth starts with the song and the way Shreya sings "nai nai nai.. " is very very sweet, specially the one after "Pizza ka swad bhula dena". I guess this is a song made for kids. Its a nice celebration track. There are very cute hummings like "oye hoye" by Shreya in between. Both the antaras are sung by Shreya with some support by Kavita and Debojit.

Next song is an romantic track titled "Tere Pyaar Mein". Shreya has sung this song with Kunal Ganjawala. It runs for 7 minutes approximately. Its an amazing romantic track with full of emotions and feelings. The first interlude continues for a minute and Shreya starts the song with her angelic voice. The first line itself is very soothing. The line "main khili...tere pyaar mein" gives me goosebumps. The background music is also superb! Kunal has given good support. Interludes between antaras are very nice. The lyrics are nice as well. Instrumentation is very soulful. Shreya has completely rocked the song!!

The other two songs are Isi Umar Mein and Lol (Live Out Loud). Shreya hardly has two lines in both the songs.So, I wont talk about those songs but still, both the songs are peppy!!

ps: Posts about Sanju Weds Geetha and 2 bangla tracks coming in few hours!!


Anonymous said...

Nishant! Shreya has more than 2 lines in the song LOL - Live out loud! Shreya rocked this song, so I feel, you should talk about it

Nishant said...

There are very less lines.. Thats why I said its better not to tok I said its a peppy track!