Monday, December 6, 2010

Tees Maar Khan

As I announced on Twitter and Facebook, I was having some problem with font of the blog. So , it was another reason for not posting before! Finally, its resolved and I am relieved!

So, let me start with the review of Shreya’s songs from Tees Maar Khan which is making waves among everyone. Music has been composed by Vishal - Shekhar. Shreya has two songs in this movie… one being a qawwali and other is a duet with Sukhwinder Singh. Lets discuss about the qawwali first!

The qawwali is titled “Wallah Re Wallah”. Its sung by Shreya, Kamal Khan, Shekhar and Raja Hassan. It runs for 5 and 5 minutes 30 seconds. As I had already guessed, Shreya has less lines in the song as there are many singers.Its a male dominated song. Shreya comes in the last antara. So, I'll say just a few words. Vishal - Shekhar has done a nice job but they use a lot of technology and that sounds quite artificial. I don't know if many people agree with me but sometimes, I feel that. Shreya has done a mindblowing job with her lines at the end. Her lines are an great addition to the song! Versatile Shreya can sing anything!

Next song is Bade Dilwala sung by Shreya & Sukhwinder. Its a peppy song with funny lyrics. Thankfully, Shreya has more lines to sing here. Shreya sounds totally amazing here. The way she gives her own touch in this peppy song is amazing. The last antara is sung by Shreya. The lyrics are "volume dhadkan ka badne laga hai..fever sa jaise chadne laga hai...." Funny song with amazing rendition by Shreya and the male singer as well!!

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