Monday, March 22, 2010

Jodi Ek Din

Finally, I am writing about the songs of Jodi Ek Din. The songs of this movie was out many days ago.Shreya has sung three tracks in the movie.She has one solo and two duets.I remember Shreya tweeting about these songs some months ago.Music is composed by Joy Sarkar.Some days ago , I saw an interview of Shreya in some studio where she was recording these songs.She was telling that these songs are going to be huge.Lets come to the track.

Firstly I'll talk about my favorite song from the album titled "Khola Chithi" which is a solo by Shreya.I remember Shreya saying that this song would be one of the best songs of her career and I was eagerly waiting for this track and when I heard this for the first time and believe me , I was completely spellbound."Khola Chithi" means open letter.It runs for 5 minutes 44 seconds.The song starts with a beautiful Piano piece and Shreya starts with the song taking you to another world.Its a sad song.Even if you do not understand the track , its going to make you cry for sure.The line "Tomar Shopno...." is the main part of this track.Probably this line will make anyone cry.The way Shreya has rendered it.....ufff..truly amazing.Each and every part of this track is mind blowing.I am not able to find suitable adjective to praise legend Shreya.Anyways, I am not even capable of describing her talent.The interlude is amazing supported with a beautiful piece played on violin.The line in the antara "jara megh sheje..." is very sweet.Even more attractive part of this track is the way scale changes at the last.I request you all to please hear this track atleast once.Honestly saying , Shreya deserves her 5th National Award for this song.Hats off to Shreya and Joy Sarkar for giving us a gem.

Next track is a romantic one titled "Aaj Roddur" sung by Shreya and Arnob Chokroborty.It runs for 6 minutes 17 seconds.It starts with a beautiful romantic humming by Shreya and Arnob followed by a very unique instrument piece starting from 00:31. Shreya starts with the song first.Its a romantic melody.Though I dont understand this song , but I guess it also includes little ched-chad/one-on-one.Shreya completely overshadows Arnob in the track.Shreya is sounding, as usual , very mishti(in bengali).

Last song is titled "Offur Belaye" .Its sung by It runs for 5 minutes 29 seconds.The song starts with a harmony by chorus folllowed by a humming sung by Shreya.Suddenly, the male singer starts with his unique singing.Shreya has sung 40% of this track and 60% by the male singer.The lines of the male singer reminds of a folkish tune and the theme completely changes when Shreya starts with the track.

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Arjyesh said...

The singer in the song 'Offur Belaye' is Soumitra Ray. He is the lead singer of the very popular bengali band Bhoomi...