Friday, March 5, 2010

Arikilumilla Nee - Ennenum(Malayalam)

Well, I am very late in posting about the latest songs of Shreya and you all know the reason. For those who don’t know it yet, I again repeat that I wanted the post “Met My God-2” on the top for some days. Anyways, I am here with the new Malayalam song of Shreya which I’ve been hearing continuously everyday since two weeks. Hold on, Its not from any Malayalam movie. Its from an album titled “Ennenum” which is produced by East Coast Studios. The album is made in 5 languages. Shreya has sung in Kannada and Malayalam. The Kannada version of this song is titled "Sanihavu Illavu".The album includes many singers from all over the country.Lets talk about the song now !

As the titled of the post suggests, the song is titled "Arikilumilla Nee".Music is composed by Vijay Karun.Its a solo track by Shreya.Its a 6 minutes track.The song starts with a beautiful harmony by Shreya singing "Priyane".The starting of the song just melts your heart.As I have heard the Hindi version also,so I can tell that its a sad song.Shreya has put small harkats in every world of the song.No singer could have even thought of putting such variations.The song is supported by various traditional instruments like Sitar , Tabla,etc.The charnams (stanzas/antara) are perfectly made.Shreya has put so much feel into the song.Both the interludes are beautiful.I just hope that the song gets what it deserves !!.


suresh said...

thank nishant ...
pls tell me any latest shreya ghoshal tamil songs?
"thillalangadi" movie shreya ghoshal present or not?

Nishant said...

No,it will release soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is it possible you can write the lyyrics for this song. I really love this song.

Nishant said...

Hey..I am so sorry

Hope U knw that I live in Delhi and my mother tongue is Hindi..I am not aware of Malayalam at all but as u know , I am a devotee of I hear every song of Shreya in every language :)

I am so sorry :( ....but still I'll try to find out d lyrics :)

Keep Visiting :)

Anonymous said...

Its ok. But thanks for replying back. My mother tongue is Tamil so Malayalam words are alittle difficult to distinguish between Tamil.
I am also a great fan of Shreya Ghoshal and listen to her songs in all the different languages.
Once again, thank you.

Also, I enjoy browsing your website. Keep up great work!