Thursday, January 7, 2010

Noor-E-Khuda (Shreya's first song of the year)

First of all, wishing Shreya and all her fans a very Happy New Year. May God bless Shreya and you all with loads of happiness, success and good health. Hope this year brings lots and lots of great songs by Shreya.

This is my first post of 2010 and its for a new Hindi song of Shreya. I always wanted Shreya to sing in a Karan Johar movie. Though she sang in Dostana and Kurbaan, those were just produced by him. Finally, she sings in his movie titled “My Name is Khan” starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol.In a recent interview, Shreya was asked about her upcoming projects and I was quite amazed to see this movie in the list.Its the most awaited movie by all the critics and all Shahkrukh fans.

Shreya has a song titled “Noor-E-Khuda” which is sung by couple of singers: Shreya , Shankar Mahadevan & Adnan Sami. Music is composed by the superbly talented trio Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy.The track starts with a beautiful humming by Shankar Mahadevan(It was my luck that I met him too,when I went to meet Shreya.Though he was in a hurry,I touched his feet too and took his blessings,all thanks to the Nightingale) which directly touches the heart.The song is all about search of God/Khuda.There's devotion and sadness in the song.Adnan Sami sings in his as usual,in a disticnt way.It has great meaningful lyrics by Niranjan Iyengar.The composers have used instruments like Viloin,Tabla,Guitar,etc.The chorus singing "Noor-E-Khuda" is amazing too.

Now let me come to the best part of the song i.e.ofcourse Shreya's lines.Though she comes after the completion of one antara,her lines are the most appealing part of the song.She starts with a beautiful alaap followed by a small sargam(touching your heart directly).She sings the line "Ujde Se Lamhon Ko Aas Teri...". asking questions to God.I think he will also come down to earth after hearing the lines by Shreya.I read some lines in a music review and I completely agree with them.I am posting them here: "Noor-E-Khuda wants to be gospel until Shreya Ghoshal segues into the track at four minutes of enduring both Shankar Mahadevan and Adnan Sami trying to reach out to God in their feeble pop-ish attempt. Must be something about Saraswati being in the ‘kanth’ of a woman; it’s only when Shreya pitches in that the track begins to take a prayer to the skies."

I second the reviewer's line.Shreya really adds extra power in the song.I am completely bowled by her singing which is soothing as always.

Well, a great start of year 2010.Hope this continues.If you all remember,then the first song of Shreya in 2009 was also by S-E-L i.e. Tere Naina from Chandni Chowk.

ps:Information about a new Punjabi song is coming soon !

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