Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mogindi Jeganta - Banam

Last song which Shreya did with Mani Sharma was “By Birthe” which was a Telugu one.She is back with Mani Sharma in an upcoming Telugu movie “Banam”.Shreya has a solo track titled “Mogini Jeganta” which runs for 5 minutes 51 seconds.Solos of Shreya are always special.Lets see what Shreya has for us in the song.

Its a melody,what she usually does for Mani Sharma.The song starts with Shreya’s humming and kickstarts the song at 0:53.Tthe song has little sadness in it which is clearly seen in Shreya’s voice.Mani has used traditional Cranatic instruments in the song.The harmony after the mukhda(starting) of the song is mind boggling,specially the instrument piece between 2:13 – 2:25.The antaras of the song are supported by dholaks.Last line of both the stanzas(3:18 - 3:32 and 5:15 - 5:27) add more colours to the song.Overall,a very nice melody.I would like Shreya to work with Mani more.I loved the way Mani has used instruments here.It would stay for a long period in my Ipod.

Hope you all will like it.

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