Monday, August 31, 2009

Radio !

There are so many new Hindi releases of Shreya coming up and because of my hectic schedule,I am not able to post the information on time.Sorry for that.Lets discuss about the songs now.

As I wrote in the previous post,Shreya has 4 duets with Himesh Reshammiya who is more known for his nasal voice these days,though his music is good mostly.He has given some great songs to Shreya.How can we forget the beautiful Om Namah Shivaya from Banaras?

Lets select the songs randomly.First one is “Jaaneman” which was the first track I heard after the music release.The track runs for 4 minutes approximately.The song starts with a slow tune played on Gitar and Himesh starts with the song(what he usually does).Its has both the qualities of a sad and romantic song.The song is very lovely.Sadly,Shreya has very less to sing.I have a complain to Mr.Reshammiya that he always gives ne or two lines to the female singers.The antaras are also very soothing.Finally,we get to hear Shreya in the last stanza.What can I say about Shreya when she is rendering a romantic song?She sings few lines in the antara beautifully like always.I have heard this song many times because it has a lovely tune and I forward the song to the last antara to hear Shreya’s singing only.

Next track in the album is “Shaam Ho Chali Hai”which runs for 5 minutes 44 seconds.Its again a romantic track which starts with western beats supported by electric gitar.Again,Himesh starts with the song as usual.This song is about one word i.e. “HOPE”.Hope of getting back his love.So,it has to be in a little sad tone too.Thankfully,Shreya sings in both the stanza but again,just two lines just like Aashiq Banaya Apne.Even if she sings less lines in the song,they are woth listening.I am still and will always be the fan of those lines she sang in Ashiq Banaya Aapne.

Third track is titled “Koi Na Koi Chahe”.This track is my favourite track followed by the other three ofcourse.The song starts with the beautifully tune played on Shehnai.Himesh has used Tabla and Shehnai wonderfully after the mukhda which repeats before the second stanza also.Its a sad song.Himesh starts with the song again.Shreya comes in the ending of first stanza.She sings in low scale to match Himesh’s voice.She sings the second antara in normal scale with so much emotions that again,I don’t feel like hearing Himesh’s lines.But this time,he is not sounding nasal frankly,but not appealing too,otherwise he is a brilliant composer and he should stict to composing only because he is great at it.

Last track in the album is “Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasmaan”.Finally,we can call it as a Shreya track as she has more to render as compare to the above songs.This time,Himesh has 2 – 3 lines to offer.The track runs for 4 minutes 21 seconds.It starts with a soothing tune played on Piano.Shreya starts with the song this time.Its a romantic track but little fast when compared to the above three.The song is short and the line “Teri Meri Dosti…” repeats many times in the song and Himesh sings in high scale as usual.The humming after Himesh’s lines “Jaane Kahan” is very appealing.The antaras are mindblowing.Himesh has used violin before the stanza in a different way.

The songs are really great.Great melodies.Recently,Shreya herself said that the songs are superb and believe me,if we see Himesh as a composer,then he is no less than Pritam or Vishal – Shekhar.He is very versatile in his compositions.

ps:Will write about her new telugu song with Mani Sharma tomorrow.Shreya has two more songs in Main Aurr Mrs.Khanna,one is a duet with Wajid and other one is a sad version(solo) of Don't Say Alvida.Will update very soon !

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