Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chelluvina Chilipili

I was waiting to hear a Kannada song by Shreya and here they are.I knew that Chelluvina Chilipili songs would be out in two days or so.Shreya has two tracks in the movie.One is a solo and other is a duet with Chetan.Music is composed by Mickey J Mayer and after searching about him,I got to know that he is the only composer after Ilayaraja and AR Rahman who has done eight year course from Trinity College of Music,London.Anywayz,lets get to the tracks now.I guess Shreya is working for the first time with him.

First track in the album is “Yaavudo”which is a solo.Its a 5 minutes track.Its a slow sensous melody and the composer has not used many instruments in the song.I was completely spellbound after hearing the track and mesmerizing voice of Shreya.Hats off to Shreya for rendering the song with so much feel.I guess this is the title track of the movie(Correct me if I am wrong).The song has a lot of Carnatic feel.Tha antaras/stanzas are simply mindblowing Note Shreya’s singing between 2:03 – 2:06.Shreya renders each word with so much emotion as if she is completely aware of the female character in the movie(though singers are given some hint about the characters but still..).She takes small small harkats in the song very easily as usual.This song may seem easy but its very difficult to sing.It has so much of feel,emotions,etc which Shreya has easily put in the song.The lines rendered by chorus also adds up greatly in the song.I would say this is one of the best Kannada song of Shreya.

Next track in the album is “Sye Sye Chikora” sung by Shreya and Chetan.Previous one was a mesmerising solo and this one is a peppy kind of a duet.The track uns for 4 minutes 42 seconds.It begins with Shreya's soothing humming.The composer has used Viloin at many places in the song.Shreya sounds very cute when she pronounces Chakora.Chetan has also done a good job.Note the way the singers sings one after another in the stanzas.Shreya has also sung in a low note(2:20) in the song as well as in high note(1:17) perfectly.I felt it was not Shreya's humming between4:11 - 4:15.Btw,will anyone tell me the meaning of Sye Sye Chakora?

Overall,both the songs are great but Yaavudo is very special and unique.I really enjoyed it.

ps:Recently,Shreya sang for AR Rahman in a Tamil Movie "Puli"


supreet said...

its not the title track. .

supreet said...

sye sye chakora means cool cool fellow . . .its a kind of phrase.