Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oru Killi - Leelai

Here comes one more song by Shreya,this time a Tamil one from the movie “Leelai”.I was desperately waiting for a Tamul song by Shreya.So lets come to the song.

The song is titled “Oru Killi” which is a duet between Shreya and Satidh Chakrovarthy who is the composer of the song too.Lyrics are also written by Satish.The song runs for 5 minutes 40 seconds.I have not heard any songs by Satish before.This is the first time I am getting aware with his singing and composition.Beleive me,I was completely spellbound when I heard the starting of the song.The song is excellent,even excellent is a very small word for this song.Its a soothing melody and Shreya sings very very very sweetly and puts the correct emotions in the song which is a very easy thing for Shreya.The song has a Carnatic flavour to it.I must say,the composer seems to be a very talented guy,though this is the first time I am hearing his song.Look at the way he has used the instruments.The stanzas are made beautifully.I just loved the lines between 2:02 – 2:10 and it repeats again at 2:20 – 2:27.Its a masterpiece.I have no words to say anything about the song neither do I think that I can say anything about the voice of the Nightingale.

It will be no surprise if the song gets a Filmfare Nomination next year but the song must be promoted well.

Dnt miss it !


Satish said...

Hi Nishant, Thanks for such a wonderful review of 'Oru Kili..'. I am also a very big fan of Shreya's as she is one of the most musical people i have met in this industry. Can you believe it took her less than 10 minutes to learn this song in the recording. Thanks for your encouraging words. Regards, Satish Chakravarthy/..

Nishant said...

What I am seeing?The composer of the song commenting in my blog???
My God...Thats so nice of you that you visited my blog and commented in it.I am overwhelmed.Oru Keelai has become one of my favourite Tamil songs of Shreya and you have used great instruments in the song.And I am very happy to know that Shreya learnt the song in less than 10 mnts.Its no surprise in case of Shreya :).She is the queen :).Andy you are a great composer but you sing like any other professional singer.Hope to hear more songs from Shreya – Satish combination soon .God Bless u :)

Priya said...

hey nishant great.u rock man.still i didnt hear that song.after listening to tat i'll update.

Priya said...

i feel really happy and proud tat we had a great singer "Shreya Ghoshal" in our generation.No words to explain about tat great,awesome and gorgeous Shreya.

Meera said...

Oru Killi..What a beautiful song. im a die-hard fan of shreya Ghoshal.. I usually select her songs for any occasion to sing.. I heard this song recently and my god i was taken aback to hear such a beautiful composition, hats off to Satish Chakravarthy. I really feel like thanking him for giving such a marvellous song with a superb feeling.!! If i get a chance ill truly do that.

Satish said...

Thanks Meera! That's very sweet of you! Satish

Nishant said...

Thanks for commenting Meera.I completely agree that Satish has composed a beatiful composition.I have no words to say about Shreya.She is the best as usual :)

Btw,it was so nice of Satish that he himself commented in this post :)

Thanks once again Satish :)

Nishant said...

If you don't mind,can u please share more on "working with Shreya"?

NIRMAL said...


She is truely Goddess of Singing !!!
I adore her singing and her tamil diction as well. I dont think any native tamil singers has her voice nor diction!!

Even I agree Leelai songs rocks and i sure once the promos start Leelai will reach out to many more ppl!!

Sathish is apparently from ARR staple so his songs prove it.. First Track "Jillendru Oru Kalavaram" is too good...

you must share her pics in that orkut community !!

Nishant said...

Thanks Nirmal
Sure...I'll share her pics in da orkut community :)