Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do Knot Disturb

It’s the end of last day and Shreya’s next Hindi release is out.Before Blue,we have something more to enjoy and that is the songs of “Do Knot Disturb”.Shreya has sung in this Govina starrer movie which has music by Nadeem – Shravan.They have given some great songs to Shreya.How can we forget the evergreen songs of Tumsa Nahi Dekha.All the female songs were rendered by Shreya in Tumsa Nahi Dekha.She sang many songs for them after Tumsa Nahi Dekha too but they stopped composing for some years and they are back with Vashu Bhagnani’s “Do Knot Disturb” with Shreya.She has two songs in the movie.Lets get to the songs.

First track in the album is “Don’t Ever Leave Me” sung by Shreya and Shaan.Its a short track having duration of approximately 3 and a half minutes.Its a romantic song but supported by western beats.Shaan sings the whole mukhda and Shreya has 1st antara/stanza to sing.Shreya has modulated her voice and shown her versitality again in this song by rendering this song in a western style.As the name suggests,the song also has some English subtitles fitting perfectly in the song.As I told you,the composers has used western instruments like electric gitar,drums,etc.

Second track is “Mere Naal” sung by Shreya , KK , Jigar Saraiya & Nitika Kanwar.Its a 5 minutes track and is a full on dance number.The song has a lot of energy.Its totally filled with Punjabi flavour.The composers have used all the Punjabi instruments perfectly.The negative point about the song is only that Shreya has very less to sing.She sounds great in this song.I wish we could hear more of her in this track.The song also has some Punjabi words after the first antara spoken by Nikita Kanwar.Shreya,as usual sings according to the mood of the song.This song is gonna be a big chartuster !

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