Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dil Bole Hadippa !

I wanted to write about Ishq Hi Hai Rab yesterday only but there were already two posts,so I didn’t want my readers to get confused with three posts.Dil Bole Hadippa had been one of the most awaited movies of 2009.Its a Yashraj movie and I am glad that finally,they have started promoting their movies well.It stars Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kumar.Coming back to the song,the song is composed by Pritam and is sung by Shreya and Sonu Niigaam/Sonu Nigam.

The track runs for 5 minutes 22 seconds.Since the movie is Punjabi based,so the song will obviously has some Punjabi flavour to it.The song starts with a great harmony played on flute.The song is about “India”.Here,the actress is describing India by singing “Tu door jitna jaye,ye paas utna aaye”.Pritam has used Indian instruments like Dhol(commonly used in Punjabi songs).Backing vocals done by chorus singer singing “Desh Mera” and “the humming part in the starting is very appealing.The song somehow reminded me of Beetey Kal se,though both the songs are completely different(may be because Beetey Kal Se was the last song Shreya sang for Rani.It was the last movie of her though).Its a duet but I am happy because Shreya gets to sing full mukhda and antara of the song.Sonu Nigam comes in the last stanza.Do I need to say anything about Shreya?She,as usual sounds very sweet in the song.This song may be counted as one of her best songs of 2009.

.I hope the channels promote the song well.

ps:I just got to know that Chelluvina Chilipili is the Kannada version of Telugu Movie Kotha Bangaru Lokum and Yaavadu is the Kannada version of Nenai Neevani for which Shweta Pandit recently got Filmfare.I heard Telugu version today.It was good but beleive me,Kannada version of Shreya was far ahead in terms of feel,voice,emotions,pitch,etc.I wish Mickey opted Shreya for the Telugu version too.

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